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Posted on 06/07/2022 11:16 am
INSS guarantees more technology to speed up service to citizens
The INSS and Dataprev have been working together for 48 years to promote technological solutions to guarantee the recognition of the right and the maintenance of benefits to the population. - Photo: INSS
The instrument enables access to service systems, granting benefits, payroll processing, registration of citizen's labor relations, among other fundamental activities so that the autarchy can fulfill its institutional mission of recognizing rights.
To get an idea of ??this evolution, the new contract represents a savings of 11% compared to the 2018 contract.
Another constant search of the INSS is to guarantee the quality of services, measured by transactions carried out and, therefore, paid only for the actually delivered.
The INSS also signed a new contract with Telebrás on the same date for the provision of internet links. As a result, connections will be faster and more stable at the Institute's service units. The measure will allow that, with each new network point installed, there is a reduction in costs with Dataprev.
For the president of the INSS, Guilherme Serrano, the new contract with Dataprev allows the Institute “a gain with the rationalization of the service, which will reflect in savings for the government”.
“We made progress in making data available to the INSS to monitor compliance with service level agreements. As a result, it generates more transparency for the Institute. These agreements are detailed and focused on providing service to citizens”, reinforced Dataprev's president, Gustavo Canuto.
Side dish
The director of Information Technology at the agency, João Rodrigues Filho, also highlights the autonomy that the new contract ensures to the INSS in monitoring service levels and optimizing the management of cybersecurity processes.
The monitoring of contractual execution will be carried out by the contract inspection team, made up of employees from the areas of technology, administration and benefits and citizen relations.
With information from the National Institute of Social Security - INSS
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