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Posted on 06/14/2022 15:05
Ceremony celebrates offering of shares for Eletrobras capitalization
Bell Ringing Ceremony to celebrate the offering of shares for the capitalization of Eletrobras - Photo: Alan Santos/PR
This Tuesday (14/06), at the B3 Stock Exchange, in São Paulo, the Energy Campaign ceremony took place to celebrate the offer of Touch of Actions for the Capitalization of Eletrobras, a leading company in the generation and transmission of electric energy. in the country .
Law No. 14,182, of July 12, 2021, authorized the privatization of Eletrobras through an increase in its share capital, with a public offering of common shares. The Federal Government will not exercise its right to purchase new shares, so its participation in the company's capital stock will be diluted with the capitalization.
The objective is that sustainable capacity with capitalization, the company attracts new resources, rehabilitating investment investment to cooperate with the expansion of the electric sector, according to the electric sector of the economy.
The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, in addition to ministers, representing the ministries involved with capitalization, such as Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida; of Economy, Paulo Guedes; and the president of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Gustavo Montezano.
The president of Eletrobras, Rodrigo Limp, highlights gains that will come with the capitalization. “Eletrobras followed a quality focus for the country's socioeconomic development, investing, generating jobs and proving the quality of sustainable electricity. investments in renewable energy, revitalization of hydrographic basins that translate into benefits for energy consumers and also attractiveness of investments for the country”, said Rodrigo Limp.
On Thursday (06/09), Eletrobras.6 important announcements (new papers) is 6275.34. The secondary offering (existing securities) will be for 69,801,516 BNDESPar shares. The price per share was fixed at R$42.
The Ministry of Economy prepared answers to some frequently asked questions about Eletrobras capitalization. Check out:
Will the government sell Eletrobras?
Eletrobras will issue new shares to capitalize. The Federal Government will not exercise its right to purchase new shares, and thus it will have its participation in the company's capital stock diluted with the capitalization. With capitalization in the proposed model, União remains a partner in a valued and more profitable company.
Why capitalize Eletrobras?
Once capitalized, once Trobras can regain its investment capacity, since it has been investing less than necessary, it can project its market share and reach its margins in relation to its competitors. Despite being the largest company in the sector in Brazil, it currently does not participate in auctions for new ventures due to lack of resources. Eletrobras' return to auctions will increase competition, reinforce competition, benefit the sector and, consequently, citizens.
Privatization of the box will contribute to the construction of new resources for a company, and to the recovery of investment capacity over time. With this, Eletrobras will have greater capacity to cooperate with the sustainable expansion of the electric sector, through new electric energy generation and transmission projects.
Does Eletrobras' privatization benefit the electric energy sector?
The privatization will increase the company's efficiency and the company will be able to invest more. As, Eletrobras does not meet the investment demands. In addition, the reduction of the sector with water resource savings and energy savings for the Brazilian energy sector, motivating the creation of an attractive environment for investors, revitalization of water resources and structural reduction of path generation costs.
Will Eletrobras invest in the country's regional development?
The company will invest resources for the revitalization of watersheds and navigability, which are the watersheds of the São Francisco, Madeira, Tocantins and Parnaíba rivers, in the Furnas reservoir and in the river navigability of Furnas. In addition, investments for energy efficiency in the Northern region of Brazil.
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