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Alerts will begin to be issued within 60 days. User will be able to share location and receive alerts for that region, in addition to self-protection tips
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Posted on 06/30/2022 1:24 pm
Federal Government launches unprecedented service for issuing disaster alerts in partnership with WhatsApp and Robbu
Alerts will begin to be issued within 60 days - Photo: Adalberto Marques/MDR
The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), launched, in partnership with WhatsApp and the Robbu group, an unprecedented service for sending disaster alerts through the app across the country. On Wednesday (29/06), the Minister of Regional Development, Daniel Ferreira, signed the Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) to continue the development of the project, which will be available for public access within 60 days.
Currently, the Brazilian population receives disaster alerts by SMS, Telegram, Pay TV and also by Google. The expansion of this service through WhatsApp is an innovative initiative in the world that meets an important demand of the National Civil Defense.
"Having all this structure and allowing the citizen to be alerted of a danger and can, through the tool and the National Civil Defense and Protection System (Sinpdec), receive guidance on self-protection measures, which is the main methodology for preventing disaster, it was a big dream”, highlighted the national secretary for Civil Defense and Protection, Colonel Alexandre Lucas. “We will never know how many lives WhatsApp will save from now on, but you can be sure that there will be many”, he added.
To access the service, you will need to register, after providing a number, and then interact with the chatbot. Subsequently, the user will be able to share their current location or any other location of interest and, in this way, receive alerts for that region, as well as self-protection tips, better evacuation routes in the event of a disaster and even active alerts in other states. from Brazil.
Users interested in receiving WhatsApp alerts in the future can now access the official channel of the National Civil Defense and register. To do this, just send a “hi” in the application to the number 61 2034-4611 and start the interaction. Once the alerts service, integrated with the Public Alert Disclosure Interface (IDAP), is working, the user will be informed by the chatbot.
Check out the full launch event below:
With information from the Ministry of Regional Development
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