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Ciro Gomes is the PDT candidate for the Presidency of the Republic / Credit: Reproduction of Ciro Gomes' Facebook
Due to irregularities in the accountability of the 2018 elections, Ciro Gomes' campaign (PDT) will need to return BRL 348,900. The Plenary of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), in session this Tuesday (9/8), approved with reservations the statements of expenditures with donations and public resources. The winning vote, by majority, went to Minister Alexandre de Moraes.
Among the documents questioned were campaign donations from prohibited sources, including R$644 from a foreigner residing in Brazil. Moraes understood that foreigners with a CPF can participate in donations to campaigns, as the irregularity would not be in the nationality, but in the source of funds, which cannot come from abroad.
There was also a reservation on expenses with legal fees. Most understood that legal advice can be spent on campaigns, but not representation in lawsuits and other services. In addition to these, irregularities in simple remittance invoices and insufficient proof were added to the amount.
Expenses with accommodation with own resources were not considered. Aircraft charter expenses were accepted even in the absence of a passenger list, a lack that drew criticism from Minister Ricardo Lewandowski.
The process has the number 0601227-40.2018.6.00.0000.


Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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