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Senator spoke of liberalism ‘a la Brasileira’ and defended the fight against corruption, conservatism and anti-petism as her main banners
By Jovem Pan 09/19/2022 14:52
Reproduction / Young Pan News
Soraya Thronicke
Soraya Thronicke is a senator and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by União Brasil
Senator Soraya Thronicke, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for União Brasil, participated in the Pânico program, by Jovem Pan, this Monday, 19th. voting intentions, the senator said she did not know what to expect from the first round of the 2022 elections. “I went into overtime and two or three weeks we scored and we are at 2%. I have no idea what will come”, began the parliamentarian, elected in 2018 by Mato Grosso do Sul with almost 400,000 votes and known as “Bolsonaro’s senator”. Despite the undeniable support for the current president's candidacy, Soraya says she is "more and more disappointed" with the backstage of politics and with personalities she supported and said that, if elected, she would do "everything" different from the current government, starting with the technical staff. in ministries. “One of the promises that was not kept. He promised he would be absolutely technical, but he put Pazuello in Saúde.”
“Another thing, liberal market economy was a feeble attempt. The economy could be much better, even with the pandemic and the war. We have reached double-digit inflation that other countries have not reached, we need tax reform, more transparency, the Federal Police did not have the autonomy to work, the fight against corruption has stopped”, enumerated Soraya Thronicke, whose main focus is her government to impose a single tax. Recovering an old defense of her deputy, economist Marcus Cintra, the presidential candidate defends the replacement of 11 federal taxes with a rate of 1.26% on financial transactions and reinforces: “The idea is simple, but revolutionary”. “We will not increase tax. We will redistribute the weight of this tax burden only and only 11 federal taxes, we will replace and 100% of the population will pay”, she explained, defending a liberalism “a la Brasileira”.
“Our tax system is very different from all others. You can't get a model, fit it and 'look how beautiful'. I cannot buy the liberal model from another country, play in Brazil and think it will work”, reinforced the parliamentarian, whose main banners are the fight against corruption, institutional conservatism, economic liberalism and anti-petism. Asking about possible support in the second round of the elections, if she is not elected, Soraya Thronicke denied interest in speaking with former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), although she recognizes that conversations between União Brasil and the PT may take place. “He can come and talk to the party, not me. This is democracy here. The parties talk to each other. I, Soraya, don't want to talk to him, honestly. I won’t talk,” she ended.


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