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During this Saturday's Hora H do Agro, 6th, topics such as Plano Safra 22/23, meat market and digital technology were addressed
By Kellen Severo 06/08/2022 13:42 - Updated 07/08/2022 13:08
Machine harvests corn on a plantation in Mato Grosso
Agribusiness also suffers from the impacts of the erosion of this relationship between Chinese and Americans, because China is Brazil's main trading partner and the United States its main competitor.
China suspended talks on various topics with the United States after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Beijing considered the representative's departure an affront. The fact stirred the dynamics between the countries, considered the most powerful in the world. The matter was debated by specialists this Saturday, 6, in the Hora H do Agro Program. “China is Taiwan's biggest trading partner and it has already restricted trade with that country. Furthermore, in terms of the economy, Chinese military exercises around the island could have a lockdown effect, which could further disrupt supply chains that are already strained by Covid-19 and the war between Russia and Ukraine.” explains the professor of international relations at FESPSP Bernardo Wahl. The expert also points out that the midterm elections in the US and the Communist Party congress, which generate the need for a show of force by Xi Jinping, are important factors for the intensification of the clash between nations.
Agribusiness also suffers from the impacts of the erosion of this relationship between Chinese and Americans. This is because China is Brazil's main trading partner and the United States is our main competitor. The president of the Brazilian Agribusiness Association (Abag), Caio Carvalho, believes that Brazil is in a position to maintain dialogue with the two countries and eventually increase exports to China if any type of sanction aimed at the Americans occurs. “We will probably be called upon to suddenly increase exports to China as a kind of retaliation against the United States. We will have to keep our heads in place, balance, to be able to stay equidistant from this problem (…) I believe that Brazil continues to be more competitive and someone desired by both sides.” Also in this edition, the program Hora H do Agro debated the beginning of the movement for the elections, in October of this year. This week, the deadline for party conventions to establish all candidates, as well as vice and alternates, ended. The journalist and commentator of Jovem Pan Cristina Graeml pointed out that the 2022 election will be the fiercest of all time in Brazil and says that there is great persecution over one of the candidates.
“The judiciary (…) there is a gigantic persecution on top of candidate Bolsonaro, on top of President Bolsonaro, on top of supporters of the president and the candidate. We see illegal inquiries opened ex officio questioned by jurists at the Attorney General's Office and ignored by the highest levels of the judiciary”. The manager of political and economic analysis at Prospectiva, Adriano Laureno, sees the third way as having little chance against Lula and Bolsonaro, the two leading candidates in polls. “Political groups and the state platforms themselves are already very well organized, especially around Lula and Bolsonaro. We see this very clearly in the MDB, where 11 of the candidates for governor have already allied themselves with Lula (…) what we are going to have for the first time in the history of Brazil is a dispute over legacies between a president and an ex-president”, he ponders. Journalist Kellen Severo also conducted an exclusive interview with the secretary of agricultural policy at the Ministry of Agriculture, Guilherme Bastos, and answered the public's doubts about the 22/23 Crop Plan. Topics such as changes in the beef market and technologies to avoid waste at the time of spraying were also addressed.
Source: Jovem Pan




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