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During the program 'Direto ao Ponto', Sebastião Coelho revealed the reason for having anticipated his retirement, talked about elections and the STF
By Jovem Pan 09/26/2022 23:01
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Sebastião Coelho, retired judge and former vice president of TRE-DF participated in this Monday's Direct to the Point program
This Monday, the 26th, the judge and former vice president of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of the Federal District, Sebastião Coelho, participated in the Direct to the Point program to talk about the STF and the 2022 elections. At the beginning of the conversation, Coelho explained why he advanced his retirement by two years. “I am absolutely disappointed with the Supreme Court, myself and 80% of the judges and judges in Brazil. A large majority are disgusted [as well as disappointed]. Judges are no longer respected as they used to be, because the common citizen sees the 30-something judge with the perspective that he is equal to the STF and we are not. The lower court judge is concerned about citizenship and does not completely agree with the Superior Court. Could I speak as a judge this? No, because he is in the regulations and would be punished. My permanence in the judiciary would be one of suffering, I would not work with the joy that I have always worked,” he said. Asked if it is possible to have a change in this scenario in the future, the judge replied. “I would not abandon my career to have a voice in vain. I could apply and leave. The STF, which is the guardian of the Constitution, has become the factor of legal uncertainty. It is often said that the STF is made up of 11 courts, each minister is his own court. In the past, when we delivered a decision, we put the Court's jurisprudence calmly, but today we no longer know what the country's jurisprudence is, each case has a resolution. It is necessary to tell the ministers that they are not pleasing the legal community, the judges and the citizens”, he added.




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