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Names such as Alfredo Scaff and Amanda Klein criticized the format and time of the meeting between the presidential candidates and made bets on the impacts they should cause in the election next Sunday.
By Jovem Pan 9/30/2022 9:55 AM - Updated 9/30/2022 10:00 AM
Reproduction / Young Pan News
commentators speak of the debate
Amanda Klein comments on presidential debate held on TV Globo last Thursday, 29
Jornal da Manhã, from Jovem Pan News, invited this Friday, 30, six commentators to talk about the last presidential debate, held on Thursday night, 29, on TV Globo, with the participation of seven presidential candidates. from the Planalto: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Ciro Gomes (PDT), Simone Tebet (MDB), Soraya Thronicke (União), Luiz Felipe d'Avila (Novo) and Father Kelmon (PTB) ) . The commentators Alfredo Scaff, Marco Antônio Costa, Marcelo Suano, Alessandro Negão, Roberto Mota and Amanda Klein participated in the analysis. Most of them criticized the format of the debate and time, reaching almost 2 am, which would make access difficult for the Brazilian population as a whole. They also talked about the possible impacts of this debate for next Sunday's election and about the presidential candidates' performance at the event.
Scaff said he believes he will not influence the outcome of the elections, which should remain similar to what polls already indicate. “What we found is that, perhaps, it does not change the scenario much. Some people would say it this way: it means that the present scenario already indicates that there will be either a second round, with a large majority of President Lula, or already in the first round. I, particularly, think that the research could be revised, even for the methodologies that were adopted. However, what is most important, from my perspective, is not whether or not the polls are true, but whether they induce electoral behavior. That's the key point (…) in particular, I think this debate hasn't brought anything very positive,” he said.
Some commentators agreed with Scaff's criticism of TV Globo about the time and format of the debate. Amanda Klein, in turn, also pointed out the problem of the presidential candidates being put on national television at such a late time, but she focused her comment mainly on the possible results. “Perhaps this debate will mainly contribute to taking the election to the second round. Each character in this debate worked on an objective, and I tend to say that the two that did the best were the two female candidates, Simone Tebet and Soraya. Simone has performed very well in all the debates she has participated in. And this time was not different. She maintained a firm, serene position, always with blunt answers, in a purposeful tone. And she doesn't cower when confronted by men, like when she was called by President Jair Bolsonaro to talk about Celso Daniel, and she called him a coward, saying that the question should be asked to President Lula, that she would not be used as a coward. stairs. Soraya Thronicke also has good moments, although she is less firm and purposeful than Simone Tebet, she, on the other hand, manages to come out with good answers like the moment she said 'candidate priest', and it ends up going viral and turns meme,” Klein began.
She also cited other exponents of the debate: “she IS a folkloric figure, bordering on the ridiculous, she is a false priest, an imposter. In fact, he was unmasked by two candidates (…) D’Ávila did a double with President Bolsonaro (…) Ciro Gomes usually does well in debates. He is a figure who has very good, fluent rhetoric, but this time he started nervously, in a first confrontation with former President Lula. Ciro only recovered by the third block of the debate, so he had a more muted performance compared to his own performance in previous debates. While Lula and Bolsonaro, who, after all, are the two main characters in this debate, because they are the two best placed in the polls, Lula played for a draw, he managed to score some goals, answer some questions, he left nothing unturned. answers, and President Bolsonaro played to win, but he couldn't win. He needs to take this round into the second round anyway. And maybe it will, but less because of Bolsonaro's performance, who at first was nervous, spoke words out of the microphone, and more because of the actions of the other third-way candidates, especially women, who must have acted to consolidate votes, don't disperse them. Lula needed those votes to go to him”, opined the commentator.


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