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In an interview with Jovem Pan, Lincoln Portela (PL-MG) also spoke about the possibility of advancing proposals with the new configuration of the Chamber and Senate
By Jovem Pan 10/14/2022 09:29 am
Paulo Sérgio/Chamber of Deputies
Lincoln Portela
Portela highlighted the importance of a Congress aligned with the president
The voting of the first round of the 2022 elections defined the composition of Congress for the next four years. In addition to the 513 federal deputies, who will remain in the House until 2026, 27 senators were elected who will remain in office for eight years. The result was seen as positive by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and his supporters, as his party will have the largest seats in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. In addition, several politicians from other parties that support Bolsonaro were also elected. With that, if Lula (PT) wins, Bolsonaro will have the support of the majority of Congress. In an interview with Jornal da Manhã, from Jovem Pan, re-elected deputy Lincoln Portela (PL-MG) analyzed the new configuration of Congress, saying that alignment with the president, in the event of Bolsonaro’s victory, could speed up the approval process. of reforms. “Alignment is essential for discussions to be quick and for us to make progress in the matters. It is very bad when we have a government that controls the House or Senate through some arguments or actions in which this ends up bringing a certain physiologism. It is important that we have a government aligned with the Chamber of Deputies and it is clear that the opposition has its role, those who think differently must be heard. That is true democracy. It does not come with the cry, but with democracy. […] If we are aligned with the current president of the Republic, we will certainly have greater speed in reforms and important projects for Brazil”, said Portela.
At another time, the congressman commented on the possibility of advancing the reforms in this new configuration of Congress, highlighting the care with certain sectors and guaranteed that the Chamber will have important guidelines in education and health. “I even find the question of political reform interesting. Every year we talk about political reform and it ends up being sliced. We did not stop to carry out political reform as a whole. In other words, every two years, every four years, we see mini political reforms. This is not good. The time is right for us to stop and do nothing in a welded way, but let us have a very coherent political reform. Regarding administrative reform, it must be carried out with special care, especially in the area of ??public security, which has a certain challenge in relation to administrative reform. Tax reform needs to continue. So, for sure, we will have a better Chamber, with important agendas also in the area of ??education and health”, he concluded.


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