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Business Leaders Group (Lide) brought together professionals from the Health sector and national and international medical personalities to propose solutions to the country
By Jovem Pan 10/18/2022 7:19 am
Reproduction / Young Pan News
Lide event brought together health authorities to gather proposals and solutions for the sector in Brazil
This Monday, 17th, professionals from the Health sector, specialists and personalities of national and international medicine gathered for a seminar of the Business Leaders Group (Lide). The theme was public health and vaccines. The event was attended by the Secretary of Health of the State of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, the president of the Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas and the Secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of the State, David Uip. The three formed the contingency committee to face the pandemic in the largest state in Brazil. Gorinchteyn declared that São Paulo reached all the goals in terms of vaccination against Covid-19, with 96% of the population having taken at least two doses: “We are proud today, proud of having a successful case of the largest vaccination. Achieving all the goals and strategies of the World Health Organization and also of the Ministry of Health itself”. Luana Araújo, an infectious disease specialist from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, also participated in the Lide seminar, who spoke about the importance of integration between public and private health services.
“In the lives of all of us there is no separation. This integration is umbilical. People here were vaccinated in the public service, but many of you must have health insurance and go after it when necessary. When they need to buy medication, or make some other type of access, this connection is part of our lives. So, it is impossible for us to continue ignoring, in terms of public policies, that this integration exists and needs to be fostered in order to meet people's needs,” said Luana. The event was attended by the former governor and advisor of Lide, João Doria (PSDB), who spoke at a second panel on the roles of public and private initiative in Brazilian Health: “There are people in Brazil who value life, value the vaccine, are against denialism, in favor of existence, in favor of protecting the human being and, above all, who defend Health. This is the best role that Lide can play, in the debate and in the exaltation of good health practices in Brazil”.


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