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By Jovem Pan 10/19/2022 15:50 - Updated 10/19/2022 15:57
Disclosure / Young Pan
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The communication group has been, since Monday, 17, under censorship instituted by the Superior Electoral Court, not being able to talk about the facts surrounding the conviction of PT candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
Jovem Pan, with 80 years of history in Brazilian life and journalism, has always been guided by the defense of freedom of expression and of the press, promoting the free debate of ideas between its contractors and guests in all the radio, TV and on its internet platforms. The basic principles of the Democratic State of Law have always guided us in our struggle and in our contribution, as a vehicle of communication, to the construction and maintenance of the sacred Brazilian democracy, on which we do not hesitate, we do not give up and we will remain in the ready defense — including obedience to the decisions of the courts of justice. What causes astonishment, concern and is a reason for great indignation is that precisely those who should be one of the most solid pillars of the defense of democracy are today working to weaken it and they do this through the relativization of the concepts of freedom of the press and expression, promoting the restriction of the free circulation of journalistic content, ideas and opinions, as emphasized by the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters.
The Superior Electoral Court (TSE), contrary to the democratic principle of freedom of the press, the express provision in the Constitution of the impossibility of censorship and free press activity, as well as the decision of the Federal Supreme Court in the judgment of ADPF 130, which, equally prohibits any form of censorship and obstacle to journalistic activity, determined that some facts are not dealt with by Jovem Pan and its professionals, either in an informative or critical way. There is no other way of looking at the issue: Jovem Pan has been, since Monday, the 17th, under censorship instituted by the Superior Electoral Court. We cannot, in our programming — on radio, TV and digital platforms — talk about the facts surrounding the conviction of PT candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Regardless of the context, the Court's determination is for these matters not to be addressed in the broadcaster's journalistic programming. Censorship.


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