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For Sergio Souza, if Lula becomes the new president of the Republic, he will have to listen to the bench and negotiate if he wants to approve projects of national relevance in Congress.
By Jovem Pan 10/26/2022 7:01 am
Photo: Gilmar Felix/Chamber of Deputies
Deputy Sérgio Souza (PMDB-PR)
Deputy Sérgio Souza (MDB-PR), leader of the ruralist bench in the Chamber of Deputies
The leader of the Parliamentary Agricultural Front of the Chamber of Deputies, deputy Sergio Souza (MDB-PR), is betting on the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on the 30th. da Silva (PT), the new president must listen to the demands of the ruralist caucus if he wants to approve projects of national interest.” A 77-year-old person will not change his mind halfway through. Or there was a marketing orientation to say 'we need to win the election, withdraw, change there, send a message'. But ', in any of our agendas, just look at how you vote, both in the Senate and in the Chamber, the agendas of the agro, which side or not”. Souza criticized the proposal included in the latest version of Lula's government plan to regulate agricultural production. The PT campaign reported that the text presented to the Superior Electoral Court is wrong and that it will be corrected, but the declaration did not convince the ruralists in the National Congress. “If you look at agro in a proposal that is in the left government's plan, to regulate agro, to tax agro, so there is no export, who regulates prices is the market, and some of them are commodities, there is no control even here in the country. Brazil. What is not a commodity, such as beef, for example, is regulated internally. What is happening in Argentina will happen. We have huge, small and medium-sized abandoned rural properties, and for the producer it doesn't pay to plant anymore”, he declared.
*With information from reporter Paulo Edson Fiore


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