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'Let's go to the last consequences', said President of the Republic after minister rejected action on electoral propaganda on radios
By Jovem Pan 10/26/2022 21:01 - Updated 10/26/2022 21:06
Jair Bolsonaro
Bolsonaro spoke about the case of the civil servant who was exonerated for ‘repeated practices of moral harassment’, according to the TSE
President and reelection candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PL) criticized the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Minister Alexandre de Moraes, on Wednesday night, 26, in addition to claiming that he was harmed by fraud in radio insertions. The current president also promised to appeal against the decision of the Electoral Court. Moraes rejected, this evening, the request of the president's campaign to investigate an alleged fraud in the insertions of the electoral propaganda of the country's president on radios. in the Fake News survey, which he himself conducts. There in the piece, in a preliminary way, the party has to answer for having used the party fund to hire an auditing company”, he began during a press conference. “For sure, our legal department should file an appeal since it went to the STF. For our part we will. We are going to enforce within the four lines what our audit found. It interferes with the amount of votes,” he added.
In the 13-page decision, the president of the TSE states that the Bolsonaro campaign’s request is “generic” and that the fraud accusation has “no proof”. In the order, the magistrate highlights that the survey by Audiency Brasil Tecnologia used a flawed methodology, "which does not offer the necessary conditions of security for the conclusions pointed out by the authors". “This is not a way of doing politics. All this we have noticed is not from now. In certain places I thought it was going well, but we saw that we lost. Certainly the insertions of radios made the difference. There is no other factor that we can take into account at this time. The president of the TSE received the evidence in a timely manner that he asked us to do. We are surprised that Moraes reversed the process. To say that we spend money from the party fund with companies to audit. As far as it depends on me, the third audit will be contracted to verify if the insertions were potentialized for the other side. On our side it appeared almost zero. This unbalances the democratic process,” he says.
On Tuesday night, the 25th, Bolsonaro's campaign delivered a report with details of the complaint that radio stations stopped showing inserts of the country's president's electoral propaganda. The request for details was made by Moraes, who determined that the coalition of the PL candidate should present “serious evidence and/or documents”. “We came to the conclusion, in a technical way, that there was a very large imbalance between insertions of the PL and the PT, for much more of the PT”, explained Bolsonaro. Even on Tuesday, the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, said that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) had at least 154,000 more insertions than the president. In the document presented to the Electoral Court, the campaign sent a link to the TSE, in which it lists the radio stations and the times of insertion. “We presented compelling evidence within the deadline,” Bolsonaro said.


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