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According to the TSE, the absence of the voter in the first moment does not take away his right nor the obligation to vote in the second round.
By Jovem Pan 10/28/2022 7:15 am
Kevin David/A7 Press/Estadão Content - 09/25/2022
Electronic voting machine is displayed in the Electoral Justice room
Voters go to the polls next Sunday, 30, to decide a new president and governors of 12 states.
The voter who did not vote in the first round of the elections, on October 2, will be able to vote in the second round, next Sunday, October 30, even if the absence has not yet been justified. This is because each round is considered independent, the absence in one does not deprive the voter of the right and obligation to participate in the other. And any absence must be excused. If the voter misses both rounds, he will need to present two reasons separately. The information is from the Superior Electoral Court. According to the TSE, voters who requested the form of voting in transit, but did not attend the polls, also need to justify their absence. Regardless, the justification for missing the first round will need to be made by December 1st for the voter to continue with the title regularized in court. Those who do not justify the election day can use the E-Título application or the Justifica system, from the Electoral Justice. In the act, it is necessary to attach the request for justification and the documentation that proves the reason for the absence. If the absence is not justified or the justification is rejected by the TSE, the voter may pay a fine of R$ 3.51. In the event of three consecutive absences without justification and without payment of fines, the voter registration is cancelled. In this case, the citizen is prevented from issuing documents - such as identity and passport - to enter public positions, renew enrollment in educational institutions, participate in public competitions, in addition to other penalties.


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