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best restaurants in São Paulo

By Jovem Pan 11/01/2022 11:49 am
Reproduction/Young Pan News/Jornal da Manhã
Jovem Pan representative, Carlos Aros presents the award
Jovem Pan representative, Carlos Aros presents the award
Go Where magazine and Jovem Pan awarded prizes to the best gastronomy in São Paulo. Editor Norberto Busto, from Go Where, highlights the recovery of one of the symbols of the capital of São Paulo. “This is proof that the market is recovering in a strong way”, he comments. The best fish and seafood restaurant is Coco Bambu. The vice president of the Jovem Pan group, Marcelo Carvalho, presented the award to director Ronald Aguiar. “We managed to beat the pandemic and, soon after the pandemic, we opened 17 more operations. Today, in Brazil, together, we have 70 units spread across 17 states, and we continue to grow. This year there are still three more units coming”, reveals Aguiar. Dasian, by Mara Santalla, is the best Asian restaurant in São Paulo. “We are from the 348 meat group, and precisely, we need to follow the evolution of our gastronomy, and Asian cuisine has grown a lot all over the world”, he says.
The most beloved chef is José Alencar, from Santo Colomba, who highlights the inflation of food in the lives of Brazilians: “Prices have gone up a lot, and you can't keep up with those prices. My case is even more complicated, I only use top quality product. As I have an audience that has been following me for over 40 years, they arrive at Santo Colomba, they know what I have in my kitchen. Rarely does anyone say it's expensive. But it's complicated to order a meat that increases 100% and you can't increase the plate 100%, for example”, he says.
The best Japanese went to Toro Sushi, by Fernando Alvarez. “The two years of the pandemic were very crazy, but, thank God, we survived, with creativity, with the story of taking our essence to our customers' homes. But now the feedback from customers, this is fantastic and irreplaceable,” he says. Fazenda Churrascaria, by Gabriel Carvalho, is the best in à la carte meats. “We started the project 15 days after the lockdown started. So, it was a very challenging project, in which we had to put a lot of energy, a lot of work. But even with the pandemic period, it opens and closes, a lot of difficulty in understanding what was happening in the market, we managed to keep the house alive and doing great ”, he said. The best of Italian cuisine is Vicolo Nostro, by Cristiano Panizza, which reinforces the tradition of generations in the restaurants. “It has already passed, today it is the second generation, my mother spent 15 years at the restaurant. Today, I run the kitchen and administrative area. Italian cuisine from northern Italy, more or less from Tuscany, Piedmont. Today, at 25 years old, we have, of course, food from all regions, but the focus would still be on food from northern Italy”, he says.


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