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With the action, the federal government will receive R$ 12.5 billion and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) will receive R$ 3.5 billion; action displeased the summit of the future Lula government
By Jovem Pan 11/03/2022 17:16 - Updated 11/03/2022 17:30
REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker/File Photo
Petrobras' Board of Directors approved a distribution of profits to shareholders
Petrobras released this Thursday, 3rd, a statement informing that the company's Board of Directors approved the distribution of dividends to shareholders in the amount of R$ 3.3489 for each preferred and common share in circulation in the market. The payment, according to the document obtained by the Jovem Pan reporting team, will take place in two equal installments on December 20 of this year and January 19, 2023, with the amount of R$ 1.67445 per existing share. However, those who hold the ADRs, that is, receipt of shares in the United States, will receive the amounts on December 28 and January 26. According to the oil company, “the proposed dividend is in line with the Shareholder Remuneration Policy”, since the legislation allows the payment of 60% of the difference between the operating cash flow and the investments to be made, as long as the indebtedness remains below the $65 billion threshold. “There are no investments held back by financial or budgetary constraints and the decision to use surplus resources to remunerate shareholders is presented as the most efficient for optimizing the allocation of cash”, highlighted the note. As it is an anticipation, the note informs that these earnings will be deducted from the dividends to be approved at the Annual General Meeting of 2023.


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