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US Elections

In the Senate, despite being projected a tie between the parties, Democrats stand out for electing John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, in addition to having Kamala Harris's vote.
By Jovem Pan 11/09/2022 08:31
John Fetterman - Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is elected senator for the party in the most important race for control of the Senate in the Midterms.
The Midterms, midterm elections for the US legislature, could change control of the country's Congress in both houses, which today belongs to the Democrats, the party of President Joe Biden. It is common for Americans to take away government hegemony in these House or Senate elections, but Republicans aim for full control of Congress, which would increase the chances of an impeachment of Biden, as well as directing him to a change in government strategies. . Although the election was held last Tuesday, the final result may take days to be computed. According to AP News projections, Democrats and Republicans currently hold 48 seats each in the United States Senate. To have control of the Senate it is necessary to have 51 elected parliamentarians. In case the tie remains, 50 to 50, the advantage goes to the Democrats, since the vote of minerva goes to the presidency of the house, exercised by the vice president of the country, the Democrat Kamala Harris. On the other hand, Republicans stand out in the House race, with 199 seats against 172 for Democrats, also according to the international news agency. To have control of the Chamber it is necessary to win 218 seats.
Although the results take time to come out completely, some victories have already been consolidated, such as that of Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman (Democrats), for the Senate. The dispute between him and his main rival, Mehmet Oz (Republicans), was considered the most important for control of the Senate, which points to an important advance by the Democrats at this time, despite the projection of a tie. Their campaign had direct involvement from important national politicians such as Biden and Barack Obama alongside the elected, and Donald Trump supporting Oz.
The Midterms have been showing surprising strength from the Democrats in the current Biden administration, which is poorly evaluated and maintains high inflation in the country. The party has won governments in key states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — critical battlegrounds for Biden's 2020 victory over former President Trump. On the other hand, Republicans held steady in Florida, Texas and Georgia, another battleground state Biden won two years ago.


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