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covid 19

Medicine combines two antivirals that together block an enzyme needed for the coronavirus to replicate; drug can only be sold by prescription and only adults can use it
By Jovem Pan 11/21/2022 3:13 pm
paxlovid covid
Paxlovid must be marketed only by prescription; its use is restricted to the adult population
The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved this Monday, 21, the sale of Paxlovid in pharmacies across the country. The drug manufactured by Pfizer aims to fight Covid-19 through the union of two antivirals: nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. Combined, the drug produces a blocking action on an enzyme essential for the coronavirus to replicate and reproduce in the infected body. According to the organ, the pills can be sold both in pharmacies and given in private hospitals that are on Brazilian soil. To be obtained in pharmacies, however, a medical prescription – or prescription – must be presented to the pharmacist. Paxlovid's leaflet will come with indications and recommendations in Portuguese from Portugal, in addition to Spanish. Anvisa also stressed that its use is restricted to adults for treatment of people who do not require supplemental oxygen and may be at increased risk of progression to severe Covid. The tablets are already updated and combat the actions of the Omicron variant. For greater effectiveness of the medicine, it will be necessary to take two pills orally, twice a day, for five days. Meiruze Freitas, reporting director of Anvisa, pointed out that the best strategy to fight the disease is to avoid avoiding infection, but recalled that the release of the medicine will help in the treatment of the disease. "Early diagnosis and outpatient treatment, when necessary, are important to prevent disease progression to severe cases," he said.


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