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Instituted in August, emergency benefits end this month
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Published on 12/10/2022 - 07:45 By Agência Brasil - Brasília
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Self-employed freight and taxi drivers across the country receive today (10) the sixth and final installment of Truck Driver and Taxi Driver aid, in the amount of R$ 1,000. Payment of the December installment was initially scheduled for the 17th, but was brought forward by a week, as announced in October.
Truck drivers who made the self-declaration by November 28 will be able to receive the sixth installment. As for taxi drivers, it was up to the municipalities to send, by the beginning of August, the registration of licensees active by May 31st.
The money will be deposited in digital social savings accounts and can be transferred through the Caixa Tem application, which allows purchases in registered virtual stores, payment of domestic bills and transfers to any bank account.
Created by amendment to the Constitution that decreed a state of emergency due to high fuel prices, Truck Driver and Taxi Driver aid will be paid until December. The amendment increased social benefits and instituted emergency aid until the end of the year.
In Auxílio Taxista, the registration of self-employed professionals was the sole responsibility of municipalities, which sent data to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. It was enough for the permit holder to have his registration regularized at the city hall (or at the government of the Federal District, in the case of the federal capital) until May 31.
In the Truck Driver Assistance, the government prepared a portal for the driver to request the benefit. From August to the end of November, self-employed cargo transporters (TAC) were able to make a Self-Declaration of the Registration Term to receive the BEm Caminhoneiro-TAC. Those who sent the information by November 28 will have access to the benefit, but will only be able to receive the sixth installment.
Used to make the self-declaration, the Portal Emprega Brasil today only allows the consultation of the situation of the Truck Driver and Taxi Driver.
who has the right
Self-employed freight transporters registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTR-C) of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) up to May 31 of this year are entitled to the benefit. Professionals must have a valid CPF and National Driver's License (CNH), among other requirements.
Also called Emergency Truck Driver Benefit (BEm-Caminhoneiro), the aid is paid to each self-employed haulier, regardless of the number of vehicles they own. The BEm-Caminhoneiro payment was revised every month. In each batch of payment, ANTT forwarded to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security the list of self-employed cargo transporters that were in the “active” status in the RNTR-C.
Taxi driver assistance
Taxi drivers registered with city halls, holders of concessions or permits issued by May 31 are entitled to the benefit. No action was required on the part of the taxi drivers. In case of doubt, the driver had to contact the city hall to verify the municipal registration. The provision of information was entirely up to the municipalities or the Government of the Federal District.
Editing: Nadia Franco
Truck Driver Assistance Taxi driver assistance emergency benefits
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