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President Rodrigo Pacheco signed a project agreement that will have an impact of R$ 1 billion over the next three years; measure partially recomposes the losses in maturities with the inflation accumulated in the last six years
By Jovem Pan 12/20/2022 3:39 pm
Edilson Rodrigues/Agência Senado - 09/02/2022
federal Senate
Text approved by the senators provides for a readjustment of almost 20% to the employees of the House
The Plenary of the Federal Senate voted and approved this Tuesday, 20, a project that provides for a 19.25% readjustment in the salaries of the House's servants in the next three years. Implemented in stages, bill 2,930/2022 aims to correct part of the salary losses due to inflation accumulated since 2016, which reached 25%, and was approved after an agreement tailored by the President of the House, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco ( PSD-MG). Initially proposed by the Senate Steering Committee, the text now goes to vote in the House. “I believe that this may be a reasonable path, which meets the demand of civil servants not to have such a long term. And it responds to the Chamber of Deputies not to have a budgetary impact within two years. So, the average term of three years serves all sides,” said the Senate representative. Not included in the agenda of the deliberative session, the text was included during the parliamentary meeting and forecasts a fiscal impact of BRL 1 billion over the next three years. “The readjustment is at a level close to those proposed by other categories, such as the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which grants an 18% readjustment to servers of the Judiciary. The readjustment will be supported by funds from the Federal Senate budget. It informs that the last wage recomposition [of the Senate employees], also of a partial nature, took place in June 2016 – more than six years ago, therefore. Still according to the justification, since the last installment of this readjustment, inflation rates have already reached 25%”, justified the rapporteur Fernando Bezerra Coelho (MDB-PE).
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