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 In it, the minimum wage from 2023 will be R$ 1,320, with a real increase of 2.7%. The readjustment proposal came from the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and will have an additional cost of R$ 6.8 billion to public accounts. The discussion between the congressmen of the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies still guarantees the maintenance of the payment of R$ 600 to Bolsa Família beneficiaries - a campaign promise of the president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) -, with an additional R$ 150 for each family that has a child up to 6 years old. The text that guides the 2023 budget was only made possible after the enactment of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 'fura-teto' – which enables a 'break' in the spending ceiling of R$ 145 billion, in addition to allowing an investment of R$ 23 billion in case of excess collection. After questions from deputies about the reallocation of resources that would be allocated to the secret budget in other amendments, senator and rapporteur Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI) pointed out: “If the Executive wants to cancel what Congress has done, it sends a PLN here to the Congress. We want to maintain this power that the Legislature has acquired over the years, of having the prerogative to maintain the amendment presented, approved by Congress. That is, it can only be canceled with the authorization of the Legislature”.
Minimum Salary 2023 – Current value of the minimum wage in Brazil
the minimum wage is the lowest amount paid by an employer to its employee, except in cases of part-time work or apprenticeship or internship activities.
By Editorial -December 31, 2021
The value of the 2022 minimum wage was readjusted by 10.18% and decreed by President Jair Bolsonaro in an extra edition of the Official Gazette. The minimum wage in Brazil is regulated by Law No. 13,152, which provides for the minimum amount to be paid to the worker and its policy of annual raises and readjustments.
Value of the minimum wage in 2020 in Brazil
The 2022 Minimum Wage Decree Law (read here) provides in its first article that from January 2022 the readjustment percentage will be 10.18% and the minimum wage will be R$ 1,212.00:
Art. 1 From January 1, 2022, the minimum wage will be BRL 1,212.00 (one thousand, two hundred and twelve reais).
Single paragraph. As a result of the provisions of the caput of this article, the daily value of the minimum wage will correspond to R$ 40.40 (forty reais and four cents) and the hourly value of the minimum wage will correspond to R$ 5.51 (five reais and fifty cents).
With the 10.18% readjustment, the minimum wage for the year 2022 will be R$ 1212.00 per month, which is equivalent to R$ 40.40 per day and an hourly rate of R$ 5.51 calculated according to a workday of 44 hours a week, 220 hours a month.
Calculation of the 2022 minimum wage amount
To calculate the value of the 2022 minimum wage per hour, reference 220 (1212 / 220) is used, which is the total monthly hours regulated for activities remunerated at the minimum wage, or 44 hours a week, or even 8 hours a day Monday-Friday, plus 4-hour part-time on Saturday.
For the calculation of the salary per day, the simple calculation of the monthly value of the minimum wage divided by the 30 days of the month (1212 / 30) is used. This way, see how all the benefits are calculated on top of the minimum wage amount:
Monthly minimum wage amount
BRL 1212.00 (one thousand two hundred and twelve reais).


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