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December 3, 2022 - By Rinaldo de Oliveira
Cover image for 2023 Predictions Are Optimistic: Numerology, Astrology & Chinese Horoscopes
Predictions for 2023 are optimistic! It will be the year of the Moon, of passions, of the number 7, of luck, and the year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese horoscope - Photo: Shutterstock
2022 was not an easy year. He taught that living is now, not later. And the predictions for 2023 are optimistic!
2023 will be the year of the Moon, of construction, of changes, of more births, of finding new and old passions and listening to intuition. It will be the year of the number 7, of self-knowledge, of transformation. Of violet and lilac colors (of transmutation and healing) and also the year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese Horoscope, “an animal that brings luck and longevity”.
“The year brings very optimistic forecasts [...] It promises to be great for business and family relationships. Love will be in the air. Romances, encounters and reunions will be on the rise in 2023, as well as fertility”, revealed journalist and spiritualist Luísa Borges, who has been researching Astrology, Numerology, Chinese Horoscopes for 10 years and writes about the good that will happen in the following year, at the request of the Only Good News.
“It will not be an easy year. We will have to face mishaps. The new year calls for a little more introspection and a greater connection with spirituality”, recalled Luísa. Together, the powers of the Moon, the number 7 and the Rabbit bring transformative energies of renewal, love, intelligence and persistence, which give strength to change whatever it takes.
See predictions 2023, by Luísa Borges
The Future has always aroused human curiosity. Knowing what tomorrow holds is more than just speculation. It's planning, organizing and strategy.
Next year will have the Moon as regent star. The Moon is the Earth's natural satellite and its influence is present in various sectors, such as agriculture and livestock, in the tides and even in pregnancy and childbirth.
As the regent star of 2023, the Moon brings good possibilities for improvement, albeit slowly and gradually, in relation to the last two years. A construction. And it will be from 2024 that things will be more stabilized.
The new year begins on the fourth crescent moon, which brings confidence and enthusiasm.
For Astrology, the Moon represents the feminine energy of protection and support. The relationship between mother and children, as well as motherhood itself. It is very likely that next year there will be an increase in the number of births.
The influence of the Moon also predisposes to romance and passions. However, it is worth remembering that one should not lose focus. Keeping the objectives clear is one of the great challenges for the coming year.
Intuition is another characteristic brought by the Moon for the coming year. Knowing how to listen and value intuition can avoid many problems, especially with regard to high-risk ventures and financial investments.
Issues related to Nature and the climate deserve special attention across the planet.
In the field of Health, care is on account of the emotional and mental sides. While the worst of the pandemic is over, it's not yet time to relax. As our grandmothers used to say: “caution and chicken broth are always good”.
In general, in 2023 many changes will already start to happen, but their greatest effects will be felt in the following years.
We will have a year of many expectations, dreams and daydreams. The important thing is to remember to keep your eyes open and your feet on the ground.
The colors for 2023 are violet and lilac, transmutation, healing, which bring harmony, self-knowledge and are directly linked to spirituality.
The sum of the digits of 2023 (2+0+2+3=7) brings the influence of the universal number 7.
For Numerology, 7 is a magical number that holds great mysteries: 7 days of the week, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 musical notes, 7 wonders of the world.
It is considered the number of perfection.
The year that is ending (2022) has the vibration of the number six, which refers to collective issues, to common well-being.
The number seven, on the other hand, refers to individuality, not in the sense of selfishness, but of self-knowledge, so that we can externalize our best.
Directly linked to spirituality, intuition, research, reflection, analysis and the search for inner peace, the vibration of seven leads to search and transformation.
A universal year 7 also brings good influences for health, in the search for a healthier life and a balanced diet.
The search for better opportunities in the professional field is one of the focuses this year, especially for those who want to find new directions in life.
Relationships also deserve special attention, both to revive old passions and to find “soul mates”.
Chinese horoscope
Chinese New Year always starts after the first new moon of each year. Next year it will start on January 22nd and end on February 9th, 2024.


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