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Brazilian satellite is placed in orbit.Published on 22/03/2021 20h29

The 1.72 kilogram equipment was placed in nominal orbit after takeoff from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Brazilian equipment is now in low terrestrial orbit (LEO) to, among other objectives, study and monitor in real time the disturbances observed in the terrestrial magnetosphere, the intensity of the geomagnetic field and the precipitation of energetic particles over the Brazilian territory. The launch was scheduled for Saturday (20), but an anomaly was detected in the Fregat module, one of the top stages of the Soyuz vehicle responsible for inserting the payload into orbit, in the final minutes before launch, when the last ones are made. equipment checks. It was decided, therefore, to postpone so that the systems would undergo a new revision. NanoSatC-Br2 The launch of nanosatellite is part of the project for the development of space missions with a scientific, technological and educational focus. Standard CubeSat satellites are cheaper, more accessible and faster to develop standardized platforms. Applications in Brazil have been mainly focused on research and training of human and operational resources, and NanosatC-Br2 will position Brazil ahead in the discussion on important research issues related to Geospace, Aeronomy, Spatial and Engineering Geophysics and Space Technologies. NanoSatC-Br2 is the second Brazilian university scientific nanosatellite, proposed under the NanoSatC-Br Program. The program is aimed at the integration and training of university professors, undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and technologists in space research projects and related areas, such as the development of engineering, space technologies, computer and space sciences, promoting the preparation of a new generation of professionals, researchers and promoters of knowledge on the subject.



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