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Anvisa approves emergency use of Janssen vaccine

The Janssen vaccine is applied in a single 0.5ml dose 
 The Collegiate Directorate of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved, on Wednesday (31), the temporary authorization for emergency use of the Janssen COVID19 Vaccine vaccine (Ad26.COV2-S, recombinant), developed by Janssen, Johnson's pharmaceutical arm  & Johnson.
 The request for emergency use was made by the company on March 24th.  Anvisa concluded, after analyzing the studies presented, that the vaccine protects against the severe form of the disease and is effective for preventing Covid-19 in adult patients.
 The Janssen vaccine is based on adenovirus serotype 26 (Ad26) vectors.  It is indicated for people over 18 years.
 The immunizer is applied in a single dose of 0.5 ml and demonstrated, in the tests presented, 66.9% of effectiveness for mild and moderate cases and 76.7% of effectiveness for severe cases after 14 days of application.
 The shelf life is three months when stored at a temperature between 2 ° C and 8 ° C.  Once opened, the bottle can be used in up to six hours.
 World position
 With the approval of the Janssen Vaccine, Brazil stands out in second world position, with five approved vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech / Oxford-AstraZeneca / CoronaVac (Sinovac) / Janssen / covishield).
 The country occupies the position next to Argentina, Bahrain, Canada, China, Mexico and Slovakia, standing out from countries of recognized regulatory structure, such as the USA, the European Union, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, with four vaccines approved.  In Hungary, eight vaccines are approved.
 The Janssen vaccine is already authorized, on an emergency or provisional basis, in several countries, such as the United States (02/27/21), Canada (03/05/2021) and Europe (03/11/2021).  In the same vein, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the emergency use of the vaccine in all countries.
 With information from Anvisa.


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