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Cover image for Meat is cheaper in Brazil. Filet mignon has the biggest price drop
Red meat is cheaper in Brazil. The price of filet mignon fell 17%. - Photo: Reproduction/Pixabay.
Prepare the steak parmigiana! Meat had an average price drop of 9.65% in the first eight months of the year and became cheaper throughout Brazil! Filet mignon was the item that showed the highest drop rate, almost 17%.
Rump steak had a reduction of 13.46% and sirloin 11.77%. They close the top 3 of prices with the biggest drop. Chickens and pigs also had a decrease in value caused by the good harvest of grains such as soybeans and corn.
The numbers are in inflation data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). “Beef and chicken are related to the supply issue. The availability of meat on the internet market is higher, which has contributed to the drop in recent months”, said IPCA/INPC, André Almeida.
Back to the table
Regular rains favor pasture regions and help to confirm the fall of the product. Spending on cattle feed fell and consequently, so did meat.
Thus, meat, which in recent years has decreased on Brazilians' plates, appears on the table again!
In August, the drop was 1.9%, contributing to the index of 9.65% for the year.
All cuts in the IBGE research subgroup showed a reduction. The top 10 were: filet mignon (-16.95%); rump (-13.46%); ribeye (-11.77%); beef shoulder (-10.50%); liver (-10.15%); rib (-10.15%); fillet cover (-9.70%); chuck (-9.46%); picanha (-9.14%) and duckling (-8.82%).
Fish rose
Despite meat becoming cheaper in Brazil, fish accumulated an increase of 3.12% in the country. Mullet (11.68%), crab (7.28%) and tilapia (6.99%) had the biggest increases.
According to analysts, the expectation for 2023 is that prices will continue to reduce and compensate for the long period of food inflation recorded since 2020.
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Drop in food and drinks
The food and beverage group showed a decline for the third consecutive month.
Largely due to the decline in food prices at home (-1.26%).
Potatoes had a drastic drop, -12.92%. Foods such as carioca beans (-8.27%), tomatoes (-7.91%) and long-life milk (-3.35%) also showed positive results.
Food away from home saw a small change, going from 0.21% to 0.22%. The high consumption of snacks and meals caused the price to rise.
Among the cuts with the biggest decline, filet mignon. (Brazil Agency).
Among the cuts of meat with the biggest decline is filet mignon. – Photo: Agência Brasil
With information from IBGE and Jornal de Brasília.


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