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Amazon Fund: Denmark announces donation of R$110 million
Danish contribution will help finance projects and initiatives to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable development
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Published on 08/30/2023 3:08 pm Updated on 08/30/2023 3:09 pm
Amazon Fund: Denmark announces donation of R$110 million
Minister Marina Silva receives Danish Minister of Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen
The government of Denmark announced the donation of 150 million Danish crowns (around R$110 million) to the Amazon Fund. The announcement was made on Tuesday (29/8), after a meeting between Minister Marina Silva (Environment) and the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen.
The contribution, according to the minister, will help finance projects and initiatives to reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity, improve the lives of local communities and promote sustainable development, in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Amazon Fund Steering Committee (COFA ).
"The resource will help finance efforts to reduce deforestation, with the objective of achieving zero deforestation by 2030. Furthermore, the funds will be used to promote sustainable development in the Amazon Region", highlighted the minister on social media.
The resumption of inspection actions under the current administration has already resulted in a 42.5% drop in the area under deforestation alerts in the Legal Amazon from January to July compared to the same period in 2022, according to data from Inpe's Deter-B system.
AMAZON FUND - Created in 2008, the Amazon Fund was resumed in January after four years of interruption, following a decision by the previous government, which abolished the Guidance Committee (COFA). Around R$3.9 billion donated by Norway and Germany remained unused during this period.
Since January, there have been announcements of new donations totaling more than R$3.4 billion. Germany committed to a contribution of R$190 million, while the United Kingdom announced R$500 million for the fund. The United States promised R$2.5 billion, the European Union announced R$100 million and Switzerland, R$30 million.
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