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Record harvest is expected to harvest 273.8 million tons of grains Increased planted area and soybean and corn production contribute to the result

The Brazilian production of grains should surpass, for the first time in history, 270 million tons. The 7th Crop Survey 2020/21, released on Thursday (8), by the National Supply Company (Conab), shows that grain production is estimated at 273.8 million tons, an increase of 6.5% over the past harvest.
“The growth of this harvest was expressive, 6.5% or 16.8 million tons in relation to the previous harvest. Where does it come from? As a first point, we had an increase of 3.9% in the cultivated area ”, explained the director of Agricultural Policy and Information at Conab, Sergio De Zen.
With the growth of 3.9% in the total planting area of ​​the Crop 2020/2021, the forecast is to reach 68.5 million hectares. This total has 20 million hectares that come from second and third crops and winter crops, which will occupy the post-harvest of soybeans and maize first crop.
Conab raised its grain production estimate by 1.5 million tons compared to the 6th survey, released last month.
Featured grains
Soy and corn make an important contribution to the growth estimate for the 2020/2021 harvest. “These two grains account for the vast majority of Brazilian production in annual crops. Why does it happen? Unlike rice, beans, which are final products, soy and corn are present in other types of food that arrive at the table of the Brazilian and worldwide consumer ”, detailed Sergio De Zen.
Brazil is the world's largest producer of soybeans. In this harvest, the product should again reach a record production volume estimated at 135.5 million tons. This represents an increase of 8.6% in relation to the previous harvest.
The forecast for corn is to reach 109 million tons with a 6.2% growth over past production. Brazil produces maize in three harvests a year. According to Conab, there will be 24.5 million in the first crop, 82.6 million in the second and 1.8 million in the third crop.
Other cultures
Soy and corn lead the Brazilian grain production, followed by rice, wheat, beans and cotton (plume).
Considering the three bean crops, a 2% growth in production is expected, reaching 3.3 million tons. Conab's estimate is that rice production will have a reduction of 0.8% in comparison with the previous harvest, totaling 11.1 million tons.
The planting of wheat should be intensified as of next month and already signals a production of 6.4 million tons. For cotton, the production estimate is 6.1 million tons of the seed product, corresponding to 2.5 million tons of plume.
Conab's forecast is that soybean exports will reach a record volume in the historical series. The estimate is for the sale of 85.6 million tons to the foreign market, an increase of 3% in relation to the previous harvest. The result may be achieved due to the still heated international demand.
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