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Investments in Brazil

Published on 09/04/2021 17h29 Updated on 09/04/2021 18h39
On the last day of the series of auctions in the logistics and transport sector, called Infra Week, this Friday (9), the Ministry of Infrastructure, through the National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq), auctioned five port areas. Four in the Port of Itaqui (IQI03, IQI11, IQI12 and IQI13), in Maranhão, and one in the Port of Pelotas (PEL01), in Rio Grande do Sul. next years.
"The nearly R $ 220 million that was awarded in the grant today is important, it generates employment, income, the possibility of a more efficient, more productive and stronger port sector, improving our transport infrastructure", stated the director general of Antaq , Eduardo Nery.
The five port terminals auctioned on Friday (9) add to another 20 auctioned since 2019.
Winning companies
Santos Brasil Participações won the auction for port areas IQI03, IQI11 and IQI12, in the Port of Itaqui. The IQI13 area, also in the Port of Itaqui, will be managed by the Terminal Químico de Aratu (Tequimar) company.
In the Port of Pelotas, the auctioned area, PEL01, will be managed by the company Celulose Riograndense.
infra Week - Ports. Infographic: TV Brasil
Infra Week
A total of 28 Federal Government assets were transferred to the private sector during Infra Week, a week dedicated to airport, port and railroad concessions on the B3 Stock Exchange.
Contracts signed with the private sector are expected to yield about R $ 10 billion in investments in the coming years.
The first auction, last Wednesday (7), granted the management of the private initiative 22 airports, totaling R $ 6.1 billion in investments. Terminals were auctioned in three blocks. The North Block, with the participation of airports such as Manaus (AM), Boa Vista (RR) and Tabatinga (AM); Central, which has terminals in Teresina (PI) and Petrolina (PE); and the Southern Block, which covers airports such as Curitiba (PR) and Londrina (PR).
On Thursday (8), the first section of the West East Integration Railway (FIOL) was auctioned. The winner of the event was the company Bamin (Bahia Mineração), which will be responsible, for 35 years, for the 537 km stretch that connects the cities of Ilhéus and Caetité, in Bahia. The FIOL concession will guarantee R $ 3.3 billion in investments, of which R $ 1.6 billion will be used to complete the works on the stretch, which are 80% completed.
Concession Program
According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the concession program transferred 41 assets to the private sector between 2019 and 2020, with R $ 44.3 billion in investments already contracted.
The Ministry of Infrastructure expects to reach the end of 2022 with the concession of more than 100 assets; and the contracting of R $ 260 billion in infrastructure.
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