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To preserve the history and memories of Brazilian cities, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) supports the large-scale rehabilitation of historic areas and architectural heritage. Or model-pilot will be developed in Recife (PE).
The capital of Pernambuco, or bank will support, I added R $ 2.75 million, a model to be made by Porto Digital for the recovery of the historic center and bairros in Recife. Or resource vem da Linha BNDES Fundo Cultural.
In expectation and promotion of the potential of historical heritage as a vector of economic and social development in various regions, in agreement with the Manager of Urban Development, Culture and Tourism of BNDES, Fabrício Brollo. Second, there is also the intention of attracting investment from private initiative for action.
“Together with Porto Digital, we set up a project to set up a pilot-model for the revitalization of historic centers. This project will raise information about you, your state of conservation, property, potential for economic use, and think, with the conjunction of these information, new ways to support, revitalize, finance the necessary work so that these are preserved ”, he explained. Fabrício Brollo.
Model can be expanded
According to the BNDES manager, the results of the project must be ready by the end of 2022. As of today, the BNDES will be able to promote the adaptation of the Digital Port model in different locations. And options are not missing. O Brazil has 88 urban complexes protected throughout the country where the rehabilitation model can be applied and replicated, in accordance with the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan).
“The collected results will be disclosed and shared with all Brazilian preferences. We hope that, as this work, or country possa not only recover and preserve its historical centers, its buildings in our memory, but also bring to the preferences new ways of thinking and working serious assets ", stressed Fabrício Brollo.
Porto Digital
O Porto Digital has been revitalizing historical areas and degraded heritage sites in the Recife technology park area and attracting technology companies. The local president, Pierre Lucena, affirmed that the prospects for the new project are promising.
“O Porto Digital and BNDES hope to find an economic model that faces how these requirements are also seen for a private investor and, more than that, take this project for other captains of Brazil and resignificance of other historical centers and also of central areas of city ​​that requires urban requalification ”, he affirmed.
O Porto Digital is two main technology parks installed in the historic center of Recife and bairros vizinhos, which has two purposes to promote the requalification of urban space.
BNDES Cultural Fund
Modality that offers non-reimbursable support for the preservation of cultural heritage and incentives for the production of culture, including material and material heritage projects, memory collections and cultural institutions recognized as bearers of Brazilian cultural identity.


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