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AntecipaGov gains innovation and expands the number of financial institutions

Another novelty was announced, this Tuesday (20th), at AntecipaGov, the Federal Government's purchasing portal. Now, more financial institutions will be able to participate in the program and offer advance credit to companies that have contracts with the Public Administration. This is what a measure published in the Official Gazette No. 42/2021 says.
AntecipaGov, a platform developed by the Ministry of Economy, now in version 2.0, allows suppliers to use contracts with the Public Administration as collateral to make loans and financing. Companies that provide products and services to the Federal Government can request up to 70% of residual amounts to be paid in advance. That is, companies that have contracts with the Public Administration can use the values ​​as collateral to obtain credit in the market.
"The objectives of AntecipaGov are to provide economic support to the market, offering advance credits with competitive interest and increasing the attractiveness of the bidding market to the second sector", explained the Deputy Secretary of Management, of the Ministry of Economy, Renato Fenili.
Until then, only financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank could offer credit on the Federal Government platform. Now, institutions that operate in the financial market and that are regulated by bodies such as the National Monetary Council (CMN), the National Private Insurance Council (CNSP), the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) and the National Council are also able to participate Supplementary Pension Plan (CNPC).
Expanding the possibilities
With the increase in the participation of other financial institutions in the program, it is possible to expand the possibilities of fundraising by public suppliers and to encourage credit in the market, as explained by the Special Secretary for Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government, of the Ministry of Economy , Caio Mario Paes de Andrade.
“Large companies around the world have this type of practice. You make purchases and you allow your suppliers to finance themselves in a given ecosystem, that is, they themselves finance what they bought in installments ”, explained Caio de Andrade.
According to the secretary, the more companies participating in AntecipaGov, the more efficient the system will be. “The more companies around our purchasing system, our payment system, the better we are going to work to be able to do a more efficient service, so that we can buy more rationally and economically and, at the end of the day, be able to save the money placed by the population to carry out the public policy that will reach the population there at the end. ”
According to the Ministry of Economy, in 2020, R $ 109 billion were registered in approved processes, that is, in public purchases, 30% with micro and small companies. Another data reveals that, until April 14, AntecipaGov registered R $ 276 million in requests for credit advances. Of this total, not all were approved.
New features
According to the Ministry of Economy, version 2.0 of AntecipaGov will also offer greater transparency regarding the responsibilities inherent to the companies' option to carry out this type of contracting. As the risks that exist in credit operations that use contracts are the sole responsibility of the supplier and the financial agent, the portal will maintain an updated list of requests for proposals for credit operations and other information.
AntecipaGov is available to users of ComprasNet Contratos, a Federal Government tool that automates contract management processes and connects public servants responsible for the execution and inspection of contracts.


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