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ABC + promotes the integrated approach to the landscape as a conceptual framework.

When launching the new ABC +, the minister stressed that the mantra of Brazilian agriculture must be “conservation and productivity” and reaffirmed the role of agriculture in mitigating emissions and adapting to the effects of global warming. “More than that, we also reiterate the importance of ABC + in promoting economic growth, after all, rural producers adhere to low-carbon practices because they bring efficiency and income, reconciling conservation and productivity.”
The biggest challenge in the next decade, according to the minister, will be to disseminate the ABC + productive practices to small rural producers and family farmers, bringing sustainability to the entire country.
“We are today laying the foundations for us, as an agro-environmental power, to continue combining food and nutritional security with environmental conservation. It is necessary, however, that this double contribution be recognized by our international partners with the end of protectionism in agricultural trade and the implementation of mechanisms that reward our producers for the environmental services we provide to the world ”, defended the Minister of Agriculture.
Public consultation
In July, a public consultation will be held so that society can contribute to the goals to be achieved by ABC + 2020/2030.
ABC + Plan
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, ABC + wants to promote the recovery and conservation of soil, water and biodiversity quality, valuing local specificities and regional cultures. It will also seek a strong governance structure, divided into three instances: input of execution information, monitoring and evaluation of results and monitoring of actions and constant adjustments.
The policy also provides for supporting public managers in the formulation of state action plans and joint actions with civil society organizations, financial and research institutions, seeking greater productivity and increased income.
Greenhouse gases
The Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, recalled that today Brazil is responsible for the emission of only 3% of greenhouse gases in the world.
“In relation to developed countries, this is very little, but we have to make our contribution to this global problem that is being discussed by all developed countries; and Brazil wants to be inserted and will be inserted in this very important global agenda ”, concluded the minister.


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