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Xingó Canal will guarantee water security to 3 million people in Sergipe and Bahia

Guarantee water supply for about 3 million people in Sergipe and Bahia through the construction of the Xingó Canal. The first step of this objective was taken this Friday (23), in Aracaju (SE), with the signature, by the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, of the service order for the executive project of Lot I of Phase I of the enterprise , which comprises the first 50 kilometers of the work. The Federal Government's investment in this stage will be R $ 5.9 million.
“Once completed, this work will allow water security for the state of Sergipe for the next 50, 60 years. It is a relevant action, which counts on the decisive participation of the state bench in the allocation of the necessary resources to leave the paper ”, highlighted Minister Rogério Marinho. "A project of this magnitude needs to have a planning, an executive project, and this first stage is now beginning."
The Xingó Canal will be executed by the São Francisco and Parnaíba Valleys Development Company (Codevasf), an institution linked to the Ministry of Regional Development (MDR), and will serve to guarantee water security in Paulo Afonso and Santa Brígida, in Bahia, and in Canindé do São Francisco, Poço Redondo, Porto da Folha, Monte Alegre de Sergipe and Nossa Senhora da Glória, in Sergipe. The water will be captured in the reservoir of the Hydroelectric Plant of Paulo Afonso IV and can be used for human supply, agricultural and agro-industrial activities.
The executive project should be delivered within 440 days and will cover the first stretch of the Xingó channel, 50 kilometers long, which will serve the municipalities of Paulo Afonso and Santa Brígida, in Bahia, and Canindé do São Francisco, in Sergipe.
The infrastructure of lot 1 of phase 1 will have a tunnel, 12 segments of channels, six aqueducts, six spills with bottom discharge and 19 water outlets. A gallery, 10 bridges, eight walkways, 50 kilometers of service roads and 55 drainage drains will also be built.
Other steps
The Xingó Canal as a whole will be about 300 kilometers long and will be divided into four phases. Phases II, III and IV will reach the municipalities of Porto da Folha, Monte Alegre de Sergipe and Nossa Senhora da Glória. For human supply, water will be offered to the municipalities of Paulo Afonso and Santa Brígida in Bahia, as well as reinforcement to the supply network of the state of Sergipe.
In addition to expanding the supply of water for human consumption, the channel will promote economic development associated with productive activities in areas such as agriculture and agribusiness. The channel should benefit, for example, the Santa Brígida / Paulo Afonso Irrigation Projects, Manoel Dionísio, California and Jacaré-Curituba, in addition to dozens of settlement projects located in the area of ??influence.
“The backbone of Sergipe's development will only occur when the people are confident that they will have water in their taps, which is life, which reduces pressure on the health system, reduces child mortality, promotes the installation of industries and encourages the development of industries. commerce, among many other benefits. May water be this factor of human, social and economic development through this action by the Brazilian State, ”said Marinho.
With information from the Ministry of Regional Development.




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