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Program launched to boost the digitalization of TV in the country Ordinance was also signed to guarantee FM radio transmission on cell phones

Currently, most of the country has digital signal coverage on TVs, but there are places that still rely only on analog. To conclude the digitalization of TV in Brazil, Digitaliza Brasil was launched on Tuesday (4) by the Ministry of Communications.
“We have a digital sign that is already in more than two thousand cities, reaching 156 million people, about 75% of the population. The goal now is to end analog broadcasts. The shutdown will take place on December 31, 2023 ”, said the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, during an event in which he signed the ordinance that creates Digitaliza Brasil.
The initiative makes the second phase of the transition from analogue to digital television viable. The focus now is on advancing digitization, especially in smaller municipalities. The idea is to allow quick and unbureaucratic grants to be made available to intermediate municipalities, cities with at least one digital channel whose digitization will be done with private resources.
It will also allow the Federal Government to support about 1.6 thousand municipalities with financial resources that transmit only analog signals. According to the Ministry of Communications, these resources involve, for example, the distribution of up to four million reception kits for the population of the Federal Government's assistance programs.
FM on mobile
Another ordinance signed by Minister Fábio Faria, also on Tuesday (4), creates the policy for enabling the FM chip for cell phones. “Almost 90% of cell phones in Brazil have the radio, but they are not turned on. This does not generate any cost for companies. ”
He explained: “The ordinance ensures that cell phones capable of receiving FM are not blocked in functionality. Only companies making this call will we be able to bring information about Covid-19 and several important issues for Brazilians. ”
The Secretary of Radio Broadcasting, of the Ministry of Communications, Maximiliano Martinhão, affirmed that radio is a medium close to the population, which informs, entertains and provides quality services.
"Ensuring the reception of FM on smartphones that already have this built-in function combines Brazil with initiatives already carried out in other countries, protects consumer rights and fulfills the constitutional duty of the right to information for the Brazilian population," he said.
Immersive sound
Have you ever imagined watching a football game on TV and hearing only your team's fans? Or a show, that you missed, and having the experience of being close to the stage? This is the immersion and personalization of audio that is possible to experience through the technology of “immersive sound”, which adopts the technical standards E-AC-3, MPEG-H and AC-4. Technology was one of the highlights at Communications Week.
The immersive sound condenses on a single device (on the soundbar, on the cell phone, on the computer or on the television itself) effects that were only possible with the 5.1 system - that set of five to six audio boxes, known as home theater, whose purpose is reproduce the cinema environment, with the sound being perceived from several directions.
In Brazil, content compatible with immersive sound is made available by most streaming platforms (which allows you to watch videos or listen to music without having to download) and by some broadcasters.
According to Martinhão, the expectation is that during the 2021 Olympics, transmissions will be made with this technology: “With immersive sound, we get the experience of feeling where the sound is coming from, hearing it from different directions and it’s not more necessary to have these boxes spatially distributed. Today there are televisions on the market that already come with this possibility and the sound of the TV itself gives you that immersive feeling ”.
With information from the Ministry of Communications


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