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Largest list of beneficiaries in history released There are 5,560 in Olympic sports and 1,637 in Paralympic sports, in an annual investment of R $ 97.6 million

It is the largest number of beneficiaries of Olympic and Paralympic modalities that the Federal Government's initiative has already achieved in a single list. The estimated annual investment to serve the 7,197 athletes is R $ 97.6 million. In addition to them, there are 274 contemplated by the category Podium, the highest in the program, which has a separate notice. Thus, the grand total is 7,471 athletes directly sponsored, guaranteed by a budget forecast by the Special Secretariat for Sport of R $ 145 million.
“It is a list that we are proud to announce. On the eve of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and shortly after the Federal Government guaranteed the vaccination of the entire Brazilian delegation that goes to Tokyo, we released this list with an unprecedented number of recipients at Bolsa Atleta. This reinforces and reflects the value that the Ministry of Citizenship attaches to the practice of sports and to the idols of our sport ”, said the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma.
In all, 7,529 applications were received, of which 95.6% were approved. Within this group of recipients, there are 4,121 men (57.3%) and 3,076 women (42.7%). In another section, 5,560 are Olympic athletes (77.3%) and 1,637 are Paralympic athletes (22.7%). Most (70.8%) are individual sports, with 5,095 athletes, while 2,102 participate in team sports (29.2%). In the division by categories, Nacional has the largest number of beneficiaries: 4,859 (67.5%). Then there are the categories International (1,200), Student (456), Olympic / Paralympic (366) and Base (316).
The numbers are even more expressive when compared retrospectively. In the first list, still in 2005, 975 athletes were included, a reality that has expanded over the years. In 2012, 5,050 beneficiaries were benefited. Two years later, Bolsa Atleta reached 6,704 athletes, the highest number ever recorded. Now, a new record has been broken.
"We innovated and made a new registration system for Bolsa Atleta. This new system is completely online. The athletes themselves put their results. Thus, we stopped receiving thousands of physical documents from the Ministry that were sent by the Post Office," he explained. the National High Performance Secretary (SNEAR), Bruno Souza. "The new system enabled, in record time, the largest number of registered athletes that will be contemplated."
Athletics is the sport with the largest number of beneficiaries: 1,025, including Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Following are swimming (555), taekwondo (346), handball (342) and basketball (335). All recipients must sign the Term of Adhesion through the new virtual system by June 11 (watch the video below to clear all doubts).


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