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The Federal Government is developing an application that will help consumers assess the quality of services provided in Brazil by telecommunications companies. The application is still under construction and is a partnership between the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the University of Brasília (UNB).
The new platform will help telephone companies to comply with legal obligations and, in this way, improve the services provided. According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the telecommunications sector is among those with the most complaints, second only to the financial sector. Among the main situations registered in the telecommunications market, according to the folder, are: undue charges, poor quality of the internet signal and problems in customer service.
"The consumer who downloads this application on his cell phone will be able to check the quality of the mobile internet signal wherever he is", explained the general coordinator of Market Studies and Monitoring, of the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacom), of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Frederico Moesch. “We have a very technical legislation and regulation on the quality of the internet and, sometimes, this technique is difficult for the consumer to understand. So, the purpose of the application is for the consumer to receive information about the quality of the internet in a friendly format.”
The app will inform you about the internet signal using colors. Whether it's yellow, green or red. “The consumer, through this application, will also be able to request a report on the current status of the signal so that, with updated information, he can forward it to the telephone operator to request improvements”, added Moesch.
For Senacon, this application will help to properly monitor the functioning of the mobile internet market in Brazil. “In other words, the more consumers use the application, the better it will be for this market monitoring work, because Senacon will receive more information; and, with this, it will be able to identify which are the regions where there is the greatest problem and which are the types of problems”, explained the coordinator.
Other Monitoring Platforms
Senacon already has other market monitoring platforms. One of them is Consumidor.Gov, for conflict resolution between suppliers and consumers. The platform, according to Frederico Moesch, has a high resolution in the number of conflicts, almost 80%. And it takes, on average, 7 days for conflicts to be resolved.
Another platform also managed by Senacon is the National Consumer Defense Information System (Sindec). This system allows the recording of individual demands of those who use Procons. It consolidates records on a local basis and forms a national bank of information on issues facing consumers.
"Based on these platforms, it is possible to monitor the market according to the sector, the main problems in each sector, issues, numbers for each supplier and, with this, you identify problems and propose solutions for them", detailed the coordinator- general.
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