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Itaguajé Land Base inaugurated

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) inaugurated, this Monday (28), the Land Base Itaguajé, in Paraná. The project is by the Secretariat for Integrated Operations (Seopi), through the National Border and Border Security Program (Vigia), one of the portfolio's strategic projects.
“Today, we deliver an important tool to fight organized crime. The integrated work of repression and prevention is essential to dismantle criminal groups”, highlighted the director of Integrated Operations, from the MJSP, Jerry Antunes de Oliveira.
The integrated base is located in the border area between Paraná and São Paulo, on the banks of the Paranapanema River. More than R$59,000 will be invested monthly by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to cover the daily costs of agents who will work in the operations at the site.
With the implementation of the base, the reinforcement will also enhance the security of at least 13 other cities close to the region. The site will also serve as a support for joint actions between the security forces operating in Paraná.
The Itaguajé Base is a joint project between the federal, state and municipal governments. The building was provided by the city of Itaguajé, which will manage the physical structure of the site.
Watch Program
Since April 2019, the National Border and Border Security Program (Vigia) has been working in the fight against organized crime and currency crimes. It is coordinated by the Secretariat for Integrated Operations (Seopi) and has integrated action between the security forces of the states.
With the objective of preventing the entry of weapons, drugs, cigarettes and smuggled products along the approximately 16 thousand kilometers of border, the program is in progress in the states of Paraná, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia , Roraima, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, in addition to the borders of Tocantins and Goiás.
Vigia's main proposal is prevention and repression, in order to strengthen the fight against crime, with a focus on criminal organizations, trafficking, corruption, smuggling, embezzlement, crimes against intellectual property, money laundering and acting in the border area and on state boundaries, using modern management and governance methodologies. The program's pillars are: integrated operations (Operation Horus), acquisition of equipment, training and operational bases with systems integration.
Paraná was the first state to receive permanent activities from the Vigia. Since May 2019, Operation Horus has caused a loss of R$ 569 million to criminal organizations in the state. Almost 120 tons of drugs were seized, more than 74 million cigarette packs, 994 vehicles and 150 stolen boats were recovered. This generated savings of over R$ 350 million to public coffers.
With information from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security


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