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On Fisherman's Day, remembered this Tuesday (29), a new 100% digital registration and re-registration system for professional fishermen was launched. It is the Computerized Fishing Activity Registration System (SisRGP 4.0), which is completely free. An important step, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, to strengthen the work of artisanal and industrial fishermen across the country.
In addition to being faster, the new system is safer, as it will allow the crossing of data, combating fraud related, for example, to closed-end insurance, which guarantees the survival of almost 1.2 million fishermen during the period that they are prevented from fish because of the need to preserve the species.
Registration in SisRGP 4.0 can be done over the internet, without having to travel to a state superintendency.
Steps for registration
Updating the professional status of fishermen will be carried out in stages. The first phase will take place from July 6th to August 31st for fishermen who live in the state of Pernambuco and who have a Professional Fisherman's License in the Deferred situation.
The second stage will take place from the 1st of October this year to the 31st of September 2022 for workers across the country with a Professional Fisherman's License in the Deferred situation, including those covered in the first stage and who have not re-registered.
The third stage will take place from October 1st of this year until there is demand; and it will be directed towards the registration throughout the national territory of fishermen with a Professional Fisherman's License in a Canceled situation and without an initial application protocol for another license. This stage will also be aimed at fishermen without a protocol, that is, individuals without a link to the General Fishing Activity Registry (RGP) and without a protocol for the initial application for a Professional Fisherman's License; and fishermen with a Professional Fisherman's License in a Suspended situation and without proof of delivery protocol of administrative appeal.
The fourth and final stage will be from November 1st of this year until September 31st, 2022; and it will be destined, for example, to individuals with an initial application protocol for a Professional Fisherman's License, duly regularized; and fisherman with a License in a Suspended or Canceled situation and with an initial application protocol for a Professional Fisherman's License, subject to the application deadlines for new applications in force at the time of suspension or cancellation.
How to access SisRGP 4.0
Fishermen can access the new system without the intermediation of associations and entities in the sector. All you have to do is access the website and create an account on gov.br, opting for one of the login options: face validation in the Meu Gov.Br application, Internet Banking or digital certificate.
After login, the fisherman must access the CREATE fisherman service. Fishermen who already have an account on gov.br must access the REAP Pescador Profissional service.
After the registration update, the fishing professional will receive a fisherman's card in digital format with QR Code.
Brazil Fishing Network
Also on Tuesday (29), the Federal Government launched, through a decree, the Rede Pesca Brasil, which will intensify the dialogue between governments and civil society involved in the fishing activity.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, this Network aims to re-establish the former fishing collegiate bodies, with innovations to reduce costs, bring greater efficiency and advise the Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fisheries in decision-making related to the sustainable management of fishery resources in Brazil. The Network will be formed by the Permanent Management Committees and by a bank of academic and fisheries scientists.
“Rede Pesca Brasil, in short, is the recreation of the Permanent Management Committees, which is a national network of universities and fisheries institutes and professors that help in the creation of national fisheries policies”, explained the secretary of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Jorge Seif Junior.


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