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The work of a Rio de Janeiro digital attorney or specialist will be, as in other legal disciplines, to provide advice and legal representation to their private clients or companies when a conflict arises with their rights derived from legal, commercial or personal operations in which they have been used new technologies. In some cases, the conflicts that may arise may be the same as when technology is not used - for example, when making an online purchase, the customer has the right to withdraw and return the product, just as it happens when purchasing it in a physical store. - but new technologies have also created new scenarios in which a specific regulatory response is required.

Some of the most frequent conflicts that a São Paulo digital attorney will face will be:
- Violation of the rights to honor, privacy or image on the internet
- Problems related to the development, commercialization, distribution and use of software
- Intellectual property conflicts on the Internet
- Problems with the domains of the web pages and 'hosting'
- Corporate disputes for the use of brands and unfair competition online
- Commission of computer crimes and risks derived from cybersecurity.

The digital lawyer: a profile with great future projection
Internet and new technologies have transformed our reality, from communication to business. The rules, as a reflection of society, have had to evolve to solve conflicts and protect the rights of citizens in this new scenario. And to guarantee that protection of the rights of citizens and companies, lawyers also have to specialize in new technologies and digital relationships.
New technologies have had a transversal impact on the entire legal system and affect personal, professional and business relationships. Thus, we find specific regulations in the different legal branches, from Criminal Law —with crimes with their own characteristics that previously did not exist, such as online identity theft or cyberbullying—; even Labor Law, with regulations that apply to teleworking conditions or the use of tools such as computers and work telephones; or electronic commerce itself and its impact on commercial regulations on contracts.

What does an expert lawyer in new technologies do?
Digital Law is not a differentiated branch with a specific code such as Criminal or Civil, but rather covers a wide range of issues and is regulated in a transversal way in several legal branches. By affecting citizens, companies, administrations and the different relationships that arise between these parties, the use of new technologies can generate conflicts in various areas such as the right to honor, privacy, self-image, contracting between companies and the sale to the final consumer, or industrial and intellectual property, among others.

The Internet was born more than two decades ago and, since then, it has not stopped evolving, promoting the development of new technologies at the level we know today. The following steps in turn pose new opportunities for both individuals and companies, while being a challenge for legislators, who must ensure that the legal system has an adequate response to conflicts and violations of rights that may arise.

Therefore, in an increasingly digitized environment, the specialization of a lawyer in new technologies is a bet with a future. Our Brazil digital attorney is here to help.
n recent years, digital law attorneys have become increasingly necessary. The Internet has revolutionized all areas of society promoting all kinds of communications through it. All these changes affect any type of relationship, whether personal or business, and which are subject to specific regulation.

Digital Law is broad in nature that covers both data protection and electronic commerce. In addition to domain names, computer crimes and internet contracting, without forgetting the Cybersecurity policies against illicit attacks.

Do you know the importance of having lawyers specialized in digital law in these cases?
The evolution of technology and the Internet has caused a real revolution in the legal field. It has generated the rapid growth of new conflicts that are generated in the digital world, where the traditional rules and norms do not seem sufficient to guarantee a peaceful coexistence. Our Rio de Janeiro startup attorney is very qualified to protect you in your jorney in Brazil.

Our São Paulo startup attorney is specialized in digital, technological and privacy law. In addition to the Internet, new media and technologies and issues related to software law. We offer comprehensive legal advice regarding both information and communication technology law.

Our Brazil startup attorney understand that it is impossible to offer a standardized global solution for digital business. Since solutions tailored to the reality of the client, their needs and continuous management of possible legal risks of non-compliance are necessary. For this reason, we offer personalized answers to each client in relation to legal needs aimed at guaranteeing legal security in the digital and technological environment.

For this we carry out advice regarding:
Adaptation to the regulations on the Protection of Personal Data. To the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) and the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD).
Drafting of legal texts.
Agreements, contracts, registration and protection of software, cloud computing.
Advice on electronic contracting.
Advice on online marketing, as well as digital advertising.
Legal assistance related to online reputation.
Advice to Fintech companies and startups.
Advice for contests, raffles and online gaming.
Legal service for Influencers related to matters such as Personal Data Protection, contracts with third parties, Intellectual and Industrial Property rights or management of security breaches.
Be digital. New technologies have transformed our professional and personal lives. Both technology-based companies and those that are starting to use new technologies must adapt to a legal panorama that affects areas as diverse as internet law (LSSICE), data protection (LOPD - RGPD) and rights of the users or the intellectual rights of software or digital works.
Areas of activity as digital lawyers
The frenetic pace with which digital law evolves is causing constant legislative changes, which makes it essential to have the legal advice of lawyers who understand the digital environment and new technologies.
Brazil Digital Lawyer
Advice and defense regarding online reputation
Consumer protection, right to privacy, intimacy and right to be forgotten.
Advice and representation against infringements on digital platforms
Recovery and resolution of conflicts with domain names.
Data protection | GDPR
Adequacy and Advice for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), the new LOPD.
Audits and adaptation of platforms, communications and digital advertisements to comply with data protection in technological environments.
Legal texts Web
Analysis and adaptation of corporate web pages and electronic businesses to ensure that they comply with the LSSICE and the RGPD. Drafting of all kinds of legal texts on the web.
Electronic Commerce
Expert digital lawyers in electronic commerce. Specific legal advice for e-commerce platforms. Drafting of web legal texts including contracting conditions and return policies.
Technology contracts
Expert lawyers in the drafting of all types of contracts in the new technology environment. Resolution of conflicts related to technology contracts.

Intellectual protection in the digital environment
Protection and defense of intellectual property and copyrights of the contents and materials of your digital media
Drafting and review of contracts for the use of images in digital media.
Registration of trademarks and digital works.
Advice to prevent the infringement of the copyright of third parties.


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