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Rio de Janeiro Employment attorney Alessandro Jacob is characterized in comprehensive advice, responsible as well as personalized attention, aimed at effective solutions to labor problems. We represent you from the administrative bodies (Labor Inspection) and before the Labor Courts, providing advice at all times.

São Paulo Employment attorney at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, not only manages and carries out administrative labor procedures, but also provides a consulting service, providing solutions to all the needs that arise in the socio-labor field, thanks to the knowledge and extensive experience of our team of lawyers and consultants. Given the complexity of Employment Law and Social Security Law, Legal-Labor Advice, either at the beginning, during or termination of the relationship, is increasingly important both from the point of view of the employer and from the worker .

Our Brazil Employment attorney is secialized in:
Disability proceedings.
Processes on claiming benefits for death and survivors.
Retirement benefit claim processes.
Demand for unemployment benefits.
Lawsuit processes against medical discharge.
Execution of convictions.
Resources on social security.
Dismissal proceedings.
Termination of the contract for objective reasons.
Sanctions challenge processes.
Processes for vacations.
Professional classification processes.
Processes for geographical mobility and substantial modification of working conditions.
Execution of sentences:
Monetary execution.
Execution of final dismissal sentences.
Execution of sentences before public entities.
Drafting of internal company regulations.
Drafting of company agreements.
Advice and execution of employment contracts.
Special regime for self-employed workers.
Resolution and advice of all the problems that may arise in the labor field.
Special scheme for household employees.

Resolution and advice of all the problems that may arise in the labor field.
Processes for psychological harassment at work.
Labor resources.
Replenishment resource.
Appeal of supplication.
Complaint appeal.
Appeal of supplication.
Review resource.

Our Rio de Janeiro Employment attorney is specialist in the different branches that make up the law located throughout the Brazilian geography. Among them professionals of employment law.

What is employment law?
Employment Law or Employment Law is the set of rules that regulates the relationships that arise from work activity.
On the one hand, these relationships are born from the individual employment contract signed between the employer and the worker, through which the rights and obligations that will govern the employment relationship between both are stipulated.
Labor relations are connected to those established between workers, employers, the State, and trade union and professional organizations.
Thus, Employment Law includes, in addition to Trade Union Law, Social Security Law, a direct consequence of the employment relationship. Understood as the body in charge of the protection of workers, pensions, affiliations and contributions, sick leave, disability and dependency, health, etc.

Experience and professionalism

We currently have professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which has made us position ourselves as a pillar in the field of advice. A large number of companies and workers trust ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM to be able to receive the advice they need.

If you need a lawyer specialized in Employment Law.
Our São Paulo Labor  attorney will deliver a clear answer, write to us and in less than 24 business hours we will contact you to review your case, trust your case with our good Labor Brazil attorney.
In defense of work we are characterized by comprehensive advice as well as personalized and responsible attention, always oriented to an effective solution. Employment law firm, made up of lawyers specialized in labor matters, with extensive experience in labor lawsuits, in the area of ​​dismissals, self-dismissals, honorarium contracts, occupational accidents, occupational diseases, unions, collective bargaining, and labor lawsuits in general.
Lawsuits for wrongful termination?
A dismissal can always be challenged in court. A dismissal does not end with the letter of dismissal, on the contrary, it is generally only the beginning of a judicial process where strategy and experience in trial is vital.



Do you know that actions to claim benefits for occupational accidents or diseases prescribe within five years? Do you have specialist lawyers?
Do you know the self-dismissal or indirect dismissal?
The law allows the worker to terminate the employment contract and go to court for legal compensation when it is the company that has not fulfilled the contract. This is the figure of self-dismissal or indirect dismissal. He's prepared?
Harassment, impairment or discrimination lawsuit?
Society and the laws have raised the standard of demand regarding eventual infractions of constitutional guarantees and offers judicial tools such as protection actions that have special sanctions.

Are you an employee
Are you the subject of a prosecution or harassment? Did you know that the Supreme Court tells us that those hired for fees are governed by the Labor Code?
Employment Law (also called Employment Law or Social Law) is a branch of Law whose principles are aimed at the protection of human work carried out freely, as an employee, in a dependency relationship and in exchange for a consideration. It is a heteronomous and autonomous normative system that regulates certain types of dependent work and labor relations.

We can define it as the set of legal norms stipulated to ensure the rights between workers and employers. Its objective is to ensure the worker develop as a person and integrate into society, thanks to a series of legal mandates that ensure compliance.

worker's right

Entrepreneurs and employees

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a salaried employee, our Brazil attorney specialized in Employment Law can help you. It is important to have as much information about your case as possible before making a decision.
The lack of information on the part of the worker about the labor legislation can cause his lack of protection. From the moment you have a work problem, such as a layoff or they stop paying your salary. It is highly advisable that you have a labor lawyer who is in charge of representing you to ensure your labor rights.

The labor lawyer
The image of a labor lawyer will help you not to fall into the errors that are incurred in a very common way when you face a case of labor matters. Labor processes are often accompanied by formal and material conditions that are ignored in most of the labor society. In this way, if you are not aware of the breach of these labor rights, you are losing the right to claim.
Our Rio de Janeiro labor attorney have the information and experience necessary for you to solve your case and make the most of your rights.

claim my rights

Types of claims in the workplace that we work as an expert law firm in employment law:

Dismissal: It is the decision made by the company
Finally, those in charge of ensuring the rights and obligations that arise from labor relations, as well as effective compliance with labor regulations, are the Courts of social order. At this point, Labor Procedural Law takes center stage, a tool used by our professionals to guarantee the rights and interests of all actors involved in the workplace.


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