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 F-1, M-1, J-1 visa FOR STUDENTS

The F-1 visa is used for full-time students at an accredited university or college, which awards a higher degree.

The M-1 visa is used for vocational studies. The studies are short and technical, and do not offer a university degree, only certificates. If you want to continue more advanced studies you must change to an F1 status.

The J-1 visa is used for exchange students. The idea is to promote learning in education, arts and sciences. It can also be used by students with or without a sponsor, and must be full-time students.

Going to study in the United States is a life-changing experience for any student.

Every year thousands of foreign students seek this opportunity. Some sometimes even manage to develop such successful careers that they get permanent job offers in American companies and work their way to become immigrants.

Advantages F-1 Visa Program

The Academic Year Program requires an F1 Visa, its regulations offer advantages such as:

Program more oriented to academic training.

Lets choose school.

Choose a sport.

Allows you to return to home country during Christmas holidays.

At the time of enrollment, the student already knows the school they are going to attend.

The F-1 Visa is for several years, with which the student could continue his studies at the same High School if he attends private school.

Stay with a host family, Host Family, or also Boarding School, boarding school.

The minimum age is 14 years, so it is perfect for those students who want to do 3rd ESO in the United States or who want to study 4th ESO, but are not 15 years old before their arrival in the USA.

The Academic Year Program is more flexible in terms of the student's record and level of English.

For students, only the F-1 visa is important and it is valid for those who are enrolled in an English school or university and have a workload of more than 18 hours per week. Other visas vary according to the need and purpose of the traveler.

Remembering that the validity and length of stay in the United States with the F-1 Visa is linked to the course and institution where the student is enrolled. So there are visas with one, two, three, four years. Everything will depend on the planning that the student has done and the period he will be associated with the school.


How much time did you see us as a student?

Or seen as a tourist allows you to stay for at least 6 months within the country, just a dress as a student will allow you to sign for the entire duration of the course and a little more so that you travel and discover the entire region (it is your course, subject or period of 10 months and the granting of a seen of 12 months, 10 for the course and 2 for you ...

How long does F-1 Visa last?

4 years

Student (F-1) Visa is valid for how long?

Either time that the consular officer grants to your non-Consulate interview, but or seen to be valid for at least 4 years.


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