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Our Florianopolis Attorneys provide legal services with excellence, offering innovative solutions to obtain expressive results that guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our Florianopolis Law Firm EYESIGHT:

To be recognized for the excellence of the legal services provided in perfect union with our clients. Lawyers in Florianopolis are very dedicated to our clients, they are our lives.

Our Florianopolis Attorneys values:

Commitment, agility and effectiveness: managing the interests of our clients in a serious and quick way, guided by the best cost benefit and focused on maximum results. If you need high skills lawyer in Florianopolis, please contact us.

FLORIANOPOLIS family attorneys

Our Florianopolis Family Attorneys are very focused in assist our clients. Family Area generally causes emotional distress for the parties. Our Florianopolis Attorneys work, focuses on balance and minimizing conflicts, seeking to recognize and preserve the values ??that form the basis of family relationships:

Alimony (initial request, increase, revision);

Paternity investigation;

Stable union (recognition - dissolution);

Visiting custody and regulation;

Execution of food, interdiction; Between others.

Divorce (consensual, litigious and extrajudicial);

Our Attorneys in Florianopolis seeks to create conditions to transform a litigious DIVORCE into a friendly DIVORCE - which is the cheapest and quickest way to overcome the problems of the disruption.

The difference of a Divorce Specialist lawyer is the adoption of mediation practices for the agreement of will between the parties. To do this, you must use the instruments at your disposal, which is crucial for the speed and economy of the entire process. That’s why you need our Florianopolis Family Lawyers.

FLORIANOPOLIS Business attorneys

Corporate Law - Corporate Lawyer (or commercial law) deals with issues that are part of the routine of the company or the entrepreneur when interacting with consumers, suppliers, employees, collecting taxes and with society in general.

In these conditions, the treatment given by the corporate l and by the law when the interest of the legal entity is present is different from that commonly observed when discussing the relationships between private individuals.

Thus, the lawyer who will act in defense of the company's interests needs extensive knowledge in Corporate Law and all its aspects.

It is vitally important that the person in charge of the company's legal area keeps abreast of all hiring’s and businesses signed by the company, looking at their contracts and suggesting adjustments in the company's conduct regarding its daily practices.

The existence of business law is subject to a regime of free trade in products or services. It is worth mentioning that the regulation includes specific relationships, acts, and locations and commercial contracts.

Among the main services provided by Our Florianopolis Business Lawyers are:

Elaboration / Review w / approval / rejection of commercial contracts

Review of Active Contracts with Banks and Suppliers

Review and Elaboration of Contractual Amendments

Elaboration / Review w / approval / rejection of contracts with consumers

Collection of defaulting debtors (Administrative and Judicial)

Tax Review (analysis of taxes unduly paid / refund)

Adequacy of labor standards - issuing opinions (Collective Conventions / Workplace Safety)

Brand tracking and protection * Issuing legal opinions "on demand" *

If you need high skill Corporate Lawyer in Florianopolis, please contact us.


Buying or selling a property is a delicate operation and requires extreme care. It is very common to have mishaps in these transactions, with the risk of wasting time and money. Therefore, whether for housing, investment or rental, being able to count on a high skill Florianopolis real estate lawyer is fundamental to avoid problems.

When our Florianopolis real estate attorney essential?

- Purchase and sale contracts;

- Acquisition of real estate and real estate development;

- Advice on real estate investments, SATI fees and brokerage;

- Judicial auctions;

- Extrajudicial auctions;

- Chattel mortgage.

In addition, the Florianopolis real estate Lawyer is indispensable for the undoing of a business through termination or for other reasons, which may arise after the contract is signed. If you want to make a safe transaction please contact our Property Attorneys in Florianopolis.


More than 100 lawyers in Brazil cooperate with us. Effective advice and comprehensive support are part of our philosophy and approach to work. Our reputation and skills allow us to accelerate processes and resolve situations that can positively help our clients' goals. How can we help you?

Complete advice throughout the application and processing process for your Visa and Brazilian nationality.

Our Citizenship Attorneys in Florianopolis provide advice to define initial strategy

Our Florianopolis Visa Lawyers will analyze your personal situation to establish a clear strategy that adapts to your needs, time and objectives. We will draw up a plan so that you can obtain Brazilian Citizenship in the most viable way, according to your expectations in the short, medium and long term.

Our Florianopolis Immigration Attorneys assist with preparation, review and custody of documents.

Our services include the preparation of your nationality application and the necessary documentation to ensure that they meet each of the requirements required by law. Our Florianopolis Immigration Law Firm take care of all aspects to avoid errors that could delay your plan to obtain Temporary, Permanent visa or Nationality in Brazil

Our Florianopolis Immigration Attorneys help you with the registration and we show you how to prepare for the Visa and Nationality exams.

Presentation and follow-up of your nationality application

We represent and assist you throughout the process, answering the requirements and submitting the necessary documents. In addition, we receive electronic notifications and we manage the previous appointment for your ID and Brazilian passport.

Our Florianopolis Immigration Law Firm speed up the response to your nationality file. Through the filing of a contentious-administrative appeal of Brazilian nationality, we can help you expedite the response to your Brazilian Visa or Citizenship file.

Appeal for reinstatement in case of refusal

Denial of Brazilian nationality is not the end of your possibilities. Our Lawyers in Florianopolis can help you present a letter where arguments are presented against the denial of your Brazilian Visa or Nationality.

FLORIANOPOLIS Estate attorneys      

Our Florianopolis Estate Attorneys are experts in successions and inheritances.

Why count on Our Estate Attorneys in Florianopolis to process your inheritance?

Our Florianopolis Successions Attorneys help people as you since 1997, in difficult and delicate moments like this, to process an inheritance.

From the beginning, our Probate Attorneys in Florianopolis will assign you a series of professionals who will constantly watch over your interests, both legal and personal, so that you feel the warmth and surroundings you need in these moments.

Our Inheritance Attorney in Florianopolis’s main task is to make this process as easy as possible, so we will take care of the whole process, designing a measure and working to achieve the best results, contemplating all possible alternatives in order to find that it is most beneficial, but according to whether it is managed in a different way, it can vary the result.

If you are looking for a specialist Florianopolis Law Firm in the inheritance, you will find the best lawyers in the inheritances and successions of Florianopolis and whole state of Santa Catarina, here at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM.

Did a family member die in the last testament? Do you want to testament but you don't know how to do it? Do you want to claim an inheritance? Contact our law enforcement buffets and resubmit your dudes today.

In the continuation you will find a series of articles elaborated by the Successions Florianopolis Lawyers with which to solve your main doubts about inheritances and successions. However, if it was not enough, you can contact us via the contact number that appears at the top of this page. If you are looking for Florianopolis expert lawyers in inheritance and succession, trust ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, the best lawyers in inheritance and succession from Florianopolis and Santa Catarina area.


ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is integrated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the application of the tax law in different sectors of activity. We offer strategic and innovative tax solutions, both nationally and internationally, to companies with activities in Brazil.

Our Florianopolis Tax services include tax assessments in the field of cross-border transactions. We advise you during all stages and in all your investment models in Brazil: constitution - guidance on the type of company most suitable for developing your business activity-, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), dissolution and liquidation of companies, inspection on the part of the tax authorities, due diligence procedures, indirect taxes or transfer fees.

Our Florianopolis tax advisory services include, among others:

At the local level, we provide advice on tax management, planning and settlement of taxes. Our services include planning and advising on the succession of taxes, Our Florianopolis Tax Attorneys offer the best legal support and the most efficient tax planning.

In addition, our Tax Attorneys in Florianopolis services include client representation before the competent tax authorities in the case of claims and claims of interest, claims of interest and fines, and tax inspections.


In advising large international structures, we apply the latest legislative developments in Brazil tax matters, as well everything in order to always offer the most up-to-date and beneficial service to our customers.


We provide full assistance to our clients in all inquiries related to Transfer Fees:

Preparation of previous valuation appraisals (APAs)

Revision and transfer of transfer policies

Preparation of relevant documentation and defense before the Tax Agency.

We offer our know-how and experience in global indirect tax assessments: special and customs taxes, etc.

Students of our services:

Taxation of legal persons Taxation of physical persons

Labor, administrative, tax and accounting management of national and foreign companies.

Advice and representation in inspection procedures and administrative litigation.

Tax on real estate leases

International tax planning and taxes on income from residents and non-residents

Tax on Income from Physical Persons (IRPF)

Fiscal planning of inheritances

FLORIANOPOLIS Criminal Lawyers 

Our Florianopolis Penal Law Firm, born in 1997, specializing in the provision of legal services to both individuals and companies, nationally and internationally,

Since its inception, this dispatch and its specialized team of Florianopolis Criminal Lawyers Penal Lawyers has successfully defended scientific cases before the courts of justice of the whole country of Brazil, having participated in matters of great importance, and also developing an important link with the academic world. Our Dispatch of Abogados experts in Criminal Law is regularly consulted by journalists and other professionals on topical topics, carrying out content and analysis contributions in Television, Radio, Periodicals and Specialized Magazines worldwide. Following this link will have access to the most recent appearances of professional teachers on Television, Radio and Press. Our Florianopolis specialists in Criminal Law dispatches with specialized professionals who have a broader national and international experience in Criminal Law and that is what it is. able to offer a solution to all legal problems, queries and consultations that could plant the client quickly, economically and effectively.

Seriousness, professionalism and experience with the three values ??that we take care of and that give us the confidence of our clients, providing efficient management in all types of legal procedures.

The whole team of lawyers from ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM Penal Lawyers, shares a work philosophy and service for the first level client, oriented to the defense of his Libertad, his Honor and his Patrimony.

For each client and case, a “Florianopolis Responsible Penal Lawyer” is assigned to order the studio and personalized follow-up from the client, directly and continuously communicating between this attorney and our client, providing the latter with extensive and up-to-date information of the managements that will be carried out in the subject in charge.

Our Criminal Attorneys in Florianopolis pose the best human and technical means. The Dispatch is endowed with all the latest material and technological means, necessary for the development of its activity. Our Florianopolis Criminal Lawyers believe that new technologies play a key role in maintaining permanent contact with our customers and we also assist you 24 hours a day, all with the primary objective of responding to your needs and protecting your legitimate interests.



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