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Our Fortaleza Attorneys are high skill lawyers in Ceara. Our Attorneys in Fortaleza work focuses on complete help, acting in counteraction, just as in suit, in able lawful administrations, accentuating individual assistance, consistently guided by morals and all out proficient mystery. We look to give total answers for our clients, both for people and organizations. Our Fortaleza Attorney is capable and with a worry for steady scholastic refreshing, producing a legal counselor with a high specialized level, which has furnished us with great outcomes. If you are looking for successful Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.

Our Fortaleza Family Attorney has demonstrated a suffering record which underscores cooperation and a devotion to greatness. We can follow your marriage even actually or through force of lawyer on the off chance that you are outside Brazil. If you are looking for a successful Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us. We are a family owned and operated business. Our comprehensive practice area allows us to perform activities both in the extrajudicial sphere - with the composition and / or mediation of small family conflicts - and in the judicial sphere - through contentious or litigious demands - always guided by our Fortaleza Lawyers with the principles of transparency, fairness and transparency. confidentiality.
In a contentious manner, Our Family Lawyers in Fortaleza act through the conclusion of agreements, conciliation and mediation of conflicts, preparation of prenuptial agreements and drafts of consensual judicial and extrajudicial divorce, preparation of a coexistence contract (declaration), among others. It is important to note that, we act in both instances of the Judiciary of the federal units of Brazil, as well as, in the Superior Courts.

 Our excellent Fortaleza Family Attorneys can protect all your rights. In a litigious way, we have extensive experience in the most varied types of family law actions, in particular: Litigious divorce; Recognition / dissolution of stable union; Custody of minors; Regulation of visits; Alimony (alimony) - Fixation, Review and Exoneration; Investigation and Denial of Paternity; Affective damage; Parental alienation; Adoption; Travel authorization; Others. If you are looking for a successful Family Attorneys in Fortaleza, please contact us.

Our Fortaleza Business Attorney helps and addresses associations and law organizations from everywhere the world. we spend significant time in managing the crime suggestions buyers face in the operational periods of their business. We likewise set up organizations, readiness of arrangements and any remaining related Business legitimate administrations. Our Fortaleza Business Attorneys provides legal and business advisory services, providing excellent solutions for companies operating in the most varied market sectors.
Our performance is characterized by the ethical, objective, modern, and effective way, adopted in favor of our customers, always with the goal of solving their interests. Our Fortaleza Business Lawyers employ a methodology that minimizes risks, through preventive action to litigation, with the correct interpretation of the legal rules applicable on a case-by-case basis for our clients. If you are looking for a successful Business Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
Our Fortaleza Real Estate Attorney addresses purchasers and dealers' exchanges. We manage jail components of purchase and deal, advancement, development, home loans, abandonments, and rentals of mechanical and home genuine property (the land and the frameworks associated with it). Our partnership is proficient at overseeing genuine property subjects identified with townhouse buildings, condominiums, duplexes, single-own circles of relative's abodes (homes), business undertaking or working environment things, and distinctive private and modern possessions.
Our Fortaleza Real Estate Attorneys are specialized in the creation and delivery of legal solutions for the real estate market. Our legal solutions qualify for the value and completeness delivered to our clients. To fulfill this mission, our Fortaleza Real Estate Lawyers brings together an interdisciplinary team of professionals from the law and related fields who are dedicated to the creation and delivery of our legal solutions.
Market research, knowledge management and updating professional skills are some of the key activities of our Real Estate Attorneys in Fortaleza. All of this is done based on the fundamental values that constitute our Fortaleza Law Firm. If you are looking for successful Real Estate Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
Family law is the branch of law that defines and regulates the norms of family coexistence, focusing on the organization, structure and protection of the family and its members, looking at relationships - from marriage, child protection, family relationships, family power, property regime up to guardianships, trusteeships, supported decision-making, dissolution of relationships, such as judicial separations, divorces, stable unions, among others.
Fortaleza Divorce Attorneys are prepared to defend the family-related law such as divorce, alimony, property sharing, inventory, custody of minors, stable union, pre-nuptial contract, adoption, inheritance, and all other.
For those looking for Fortaleza Family lawyers specialized in Family Law, you will find in our Fortaleza Divorce Law Firm, the satisfaction of excellent service, speed, security and transparency. Our Divorce Law Firm legal services includes: Action, execution and exoneration of food; Parental alienation; Annulment and invalidity of marriage; Revocation of sharing; Conversion of judicial separation into divorce in cases of separation under the old law; Rights linked to the same-sex union; Succession law in the stable union; Divorce, extrajudicial or judicial, consensual or litigious; Drafting of a cohabitation agreement; Drafting of prenuptial agreement; Shared custody; Investigation of paternity, modification of the regime of assets and nullity of affiliation; Recognition and / or dissolution of a stable union; Regulation of the right of visits. If you are looking for successful Divorce Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
Our Fortaleza Visa Attorneys advises that Visas are granted at embassies or consulates for the country to be migrated. This registration certifies the applicant's authorization to enter the destination country.
Our Fortaleza Visa Lawyers give the forceful portrayal you need to safeguard your privileges in these circumstances. With the amount of disarray and intricacy encompassing movement lawful rules and the discretionary manner by which choices are made, you can have confidence in our Fortaleza immigration lawyer to furnish you with the master training you need to make positive that you and your friends and family are secured.
Our Fortaleza Immigration Lawyers advise that: The Foreigner Statute lists the seven modalities of Brazilian visas to foreigners: 1) Transit visa - valid for up to 10 non-extendable days, granted to foreigners who have to enter national territory to reach their country of destination; 2) Tourist visa - granted to foreigners who come to the country for recreational or visiting purposes, valid for up to 5 years, allowing stays of up to 90 days, extendable for another 90 days, totaling a maximum of up to 180 days in each period 12 months. As stated above thru our Fortaleza Immigration Law Firm, it is often waived in the case of reciprocity in the country of origin of the tourist; 3) Visa is temporary - it will be granted to the foreigner who intends to come to Brazil on a cultural trip or on a study mission; on a business trip; as an artist or sportsman; as a student; as a scientist, teacher, technician or professional of another category, under a contract regime or at the service of the Brazilian government; as a correspondent for a foreign newspaper, magazine, radio, television or news agency; or as a minister of religious confession or a member of an institute of consecrated life and a congregation or religious order. The length of stay for temporary visas may vary from up to 90 days to 1 year, or depending on the duration of the employment or mission contract. In the event that the temporary visa is linked to paid work, the requirements of the National Immigration Council and the Ministry of Labor must be fulfilled. 4) Permanent visa - which can be granted to foreigners who intend to settle permanently in Brazil.
Our Immigration Lawyers in Fortaleza Permanent visas aim, primarily, to provide specialized labor to the various sectors of the national economy, aiming at the National Development Policy in all aspects and, in particular, to increase productivity, assimilation of technology and fundraising. for specific sectors. The most frequent cases of granting permanent visas are for: executive, investors, retirees, researchers; and for married or relatives of Brazilians. In the case of executives, CNI Normative Resolution 62/04 requires that the company that wishes to obtain visas for its foreign executives invest at least US $ 200,000.00 for each visa; or, US $ 50,000.00 committing to generate at least 10 jobs in up to 2 years. In the case of individual foreign investors, according to CNI Normative Resolution, they must invest at least R $ 500,000.00 in the country. In both cases (executives and investors), the appraisal of requests will analyze social interest, the generation of jobs and income in Brazil, increase in national productivity, technology transfer, among other aspects. It is one of the most interesting visas for those who want to immigrate to Brazil legally. In addition to the hypotheses discussed above, there are three other visa possibilities, official and diplomatic. Such assumptions are special and less frequent, which is why we do not disagree with this article since they are not of interest to our clients. In short, all foreigners who intend to stay in Brazil for more than 90 days must register with national authorities within 30 days of entering the country. The transformation from one visa to another will only be allowed in exceptional cases, and from temporary to permanent, the rest being forbidden. There is still another exceptional hypothesis of permission to stay in the national territory for foreigners is the condition of political asylum, a person persecuted for their political opinions, racial situation, or religious beliefs in their country of origin can be protected in Brazil. The possibility of asylum is provided for in Article 4 of the Federal Constitution of 1988, which places political asylum as one of the pillars that govern Brazil's international relations. There is no specific law to deal with asylum cases, which is a prerogative of the Executive Branch, through the Ministry of Justice, and assessed directly by the Presidency of the Republic. If you are looking for successful Immigration Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
our Fortaleza Citizenship Attorney is appraised as a boss in the order for giving unnecessary quality, phenomenally sure lawful portrayal on migration issues, which risk the privileges of customers and their esteemed ones to live and work in Brazil.
Our elite player team leads with the guide of Fortaleza Citizenship Attorney that thinks of it as an unmistakable honor to help you, too in no time and get your circumstance settled. Due to the occasions that she has viably dealt with as lawyer, he knows about how the public and neighborhood movement association's capacity, their eccentricities and how to get ready winning cases. In addition to the assumptions described above to the foreigner, in addition to the permission to remain in the national territory, it is also possible to acquire Brazilian nationality through naturalization.
The naturalization modalities are:
1) Original - for nationals of Portuguese-speaking countries;
2) Extraordinary - for the foreigner who lives permanently in the country for 15 years;
3) Special - for married or parents of Brazilians; provisional (or early settlement), for children under 5 years of age who come to live in the country and ratify the option within 2 years after the age of majority. Once the Brazilian nationality is obtained, it will only be lost by judicial sentence or if another nationality is acquired, in cases in which it is not possible to accumulate both nationalities. If you are looking for successful Immigration Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
Estate arranging is a fundamental advance for everybody. Despite the intricacy of your Estate or probate, the property you have worked so testing to collect should go to the people who merit them.
With the help of our Fortaleza Estate lawyers, each man or lady needs to support an extensive home diagram that addresses their desires and the issues of their families.
Furnished with testamentary archives, comprehensive of a will and an assortment of certainty choices, your domain can be really focused on as indicated by your objectives, leaving your family liberated from vulnerability and the ability to zero in on mending. In spite of the fact that it is a troublesome exchange to have, it is an enormous. Our High skill Fortaleza Estate lawyer ought to outfit ameliorating environmental factors in which to do as such. Our Fortaleza Estate Attorneys offers instructed and merciful guide to the individuals who are prepared to make this stride. Our Fortaleza Probate Firm is additionally set up to help the individuals who have an interest in a domain and those picked to lift out the deceased benefactor's desires. For a meeting with one of our devoted Estate Lawyers in Fortaleza, contact us.
Tax Law is the segment of financial law that defines how citizens will be charged, taxes and other related obligations, to generate revenue for the State (tax authorities). Its counterpart is fiscal or budgetary law, which is the set of legal rules aimed at regulating the financing of State activities. Tax law are linked, through financial law, to public law. We are Fortaleza Tax Attorneys and furthermore conceded to rehearse in the front Brazilian Tax specialists.
With regards to government and public Taxation in Fortaleza, our Fortaleza Tax Law Firm offers you the most elevated agreeable transporter and help in settling your expense debates and managing your genuine assessment matters.
Our Fortaleza Tax Attorneys, one of ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, exhorts Fortaleza organizations about charge alleviation, encourages them with charge arranging, causes them manage lower back charge issues and questions, and guarantees they're right addressed when again charge matters need on the spot charge goal. Our Assessment Attorneys work to disentangle all Brazilian Interior Income Administration (Brazilian IRS), we help with Money charge matters right away and effectively, and endeavors to assist his customers with getting the results they need. If you are looking for successful Tax Lawyers in Fortaleza, please contact us.
Fortaleza Criminal Attorney gives our clients the excellent achievable delineation to shield them from any sort of allegations. Our own Fortaleza Criminal Attorneys are broadly recognized criminal preliminary experts and have arisen as the most separated criminal assurance law office. We have the capacities and ride to supply clients with fiery and magnificent protection in Brazilian courts.
To better understand, our Criminal Attorneys in Fortaleza, deal with the changes of the new Drug Law 11.343 / 2006, which brought many new features, among which we highlight the emergence of new nuclear verbs of the type, so that the law classifies eighteen verbs as a crime of trafficking, better saying it is an alternative mixed type, in which the practice of more than one conduct does not imply a contest of crimes, but a single crime.
Our Criminal Lawyers in Fortaleza advises that the aforementioned law also led to a new policy on drugs, which began to humanize the legal treatment given to drug users, by easing and adapting the penalties associated with the conduct of use, in order to impose a sanction aimed at re-educating and re-socializing the user. In addition, it presented the increase in penalties for conduct characterized as illicit drug trafficking. The aforementioned law also highlighted organized crime, whose criminals have been organized to better exploit drug trafficking, which today is considered a transnational crime. The objective of the new drug law is clear, which is to have greater coverage in their typification, in addition to differentiating the micro-trafficker from the macro-trafficker, allowing them to have sentences individually.
In its article 35, the Drug Law characterized the Crime of Association to Trafficking, associating two or more people in order to practice, repeatedly or not, any of the crimes provided for in arts. 33, caput and § 1, and 34 of Law 11.343 / 06.
As for the participation “Mule” he is nothing more than a drug carrier in an unusual way and that appears suddenly and without prior adjustment, and the vast majority of people who end up doing this type of transport are of low income or who they are going through financial problems, as well as those that middle class who, through sheer greed, enter this environment, thus becoming a social problem as well. If you are looking for successful Fortaleza Criminal Lawyers, please contact us.

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