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Our Lawyers in Goiânia assists with International Law in the state of Goias, with many years of experience in the market nationwide, in addition to providing full-service legal advice to its clients.

Our Goiânia Attorneys have a specialized team to meet any business demands of all sizes, from individuals to public entities, ensuring personalized legal assistance for each case.

In the course of its history, our Attorneys in Goiânia acted in several causes of great repercussion throughout Brazil, consolidating excellence in each result.

Our Lawyers in Goiânia DIFFERENTIALS
Over the years, Our Attorneys in Goiânia have consolidated itself as a national reference in solving demands in all areas of Law, both in the administrative and judicial spheres, in addition to prospecting and formatting commercial businesses, with modern technical and legal apparatus. To assist the import and export of all types of lawful goods, involving world markets.

Our Goiânia Legal Advisors are formed by lawyers fluent in English and Spanish, and basic in French, which makes it possible to offer preventive legal advice and litigation with maximum quality, in dialogue with nationals and foreigners, through its own team or in partnerships with law firms in the United States and Europe.

Our Lawyers in Goiânia SPECIALTIES
Our Lawyers in Goiânia have full-service expertise. The firm also advises its clients strategically on prevention and litigation in highly complex cases, both in the judicial and extrajudicial fields. If you are looking for high Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.


Our Goiânia Family Attorneys have a strong presence on issues affecting Family and Succession Law, especially with regard to consensual succession planning related to the constitution / protection / sharing of family assets.

It is a space of Civil Law, in which the rules seek to regulate the transfer and division of assets as a result of death, contemplated by law or will, through judicial and extrajudicial inventories, as well as inheritance advances. Still, our Family Attorneys in Goiânia expertise includes the advance preparation of this measure, through all Family Lega services, including Marriage, Divorce, Stable Union documents, Adoption and many other Family legal services in Goiânia. By the search for conciliation (when possible) and respect between the parties, gives rise to Family Holdings for asset shielding.

In addition, demands such as judicial / extrajudicial divorce, recognition and dissolution of a stable union, alimony, custody and regulation of visits, paternity investigation, adoption, interdiction, will, sharing of assets and inventories are matters under the jurisdiction of our Family Lawyers in Goiânia, Goias.

Our Family Lawyers in Goiânia among the actions in which we operate most are:

Asset Sharing;
Anti-nuptial Pact;
Parental alienation;
Food (order, offer, review, exoneration and execution);
Divorce (consensual or litigious);
Affiliation (recognition of paternity, denial of paternity, socio-affection, etc.);
Guard, coexistence and visitation regime;
Inheritance, heirs and order of hereditary vocation;
Taxes on family and inheritance issues (ITCMD, IRPF, IRPJ, ITBI, etc.);
Interdiction (Curator of the incapacitated);
Inventory (extrajudicial and judicial);
Anti-nuptial Pact;
Permit requests;
Estate and succession planning;
Asset Sharing (formalization, cancellation, etc.);
Family Power;
Property Regime;
Civil Registry;
Provisional Guardianship (urgent, precautionary or anticipated);
Stable Union (Formalization, Recognition and Dissolution);
Between others. If you need a high skill Family Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.


Extrajudicial and judicial performance, use of compliance techniques, mastery of credit securities, drafting of business contracts according to the line of business, knowledge of the laws on judicial, extrajudicial and bankruptcy reorganization are, among others, important tools to guarantee the security of the entrepreneur's activity.

In Business Law, in addition to preventive advocacy through the drafting of contracts, opinions, consultations and lectures, our Goiânia Business Attorneys work with Consumer Protection Bodies, Regulatory Agencies, Administrative Bodies, Special Courts, State and Federal Courts, as well as in the Superior Courts.

Among the actions in which we operate most are:

Opening of business companies;
Merger of business companies;
Dissolution of business companies;
Judicial reorganization of business companies;
Execution and defense in a Credit Bond;
Business Leasing;
Industrial and Intellectual Property;
Business contracts.
If you need a high skill Business Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.


Real estate law is part of real estate law and contained in private law, segmentation of specific law and, even though it is a specific branch, it does not mean it is restricted, but must be accompanied by several areas of law such as civil, succession, public law, etc.

As a Goiânia Real Estate Lawyer, we have Lawyers Specialized in Contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate, advice on sale, purchase of real estate, exchange, lease, Delay in the delivery of property acquired at the plant, collection of undue fees, return and termination of contract (Termination), claims for property defects, property regularization - see Inventory Lawyer for inventory and asset sharing.

Goiânia Real Estate Lawyer - Consult about Advice on Sale and Purchase of Real Estate, Preparation and Review of Sale Contracts, Exchange, Residential and Commercial Lease, Acquisition of Auction Properties, Problems with Builders and Real Estate Agents, Return of the Property on the Plant, Brokerage, Fee Sati, Problems with condominium, etc.

Specialist Real Estate Lawyer in Goiânia
Our Real Estate lawyers in Goiânia specializing in real estate law work towards the fastest and least costly solution related to the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, leasing, preparation and contractual analysis, real estate legal advice, repossession actions, eviction, condominium advice and collection of property. dues in condominium arrears.

Specialist Attorney in Real Estate Law
Our branch is called Real Estate Law, which comes from Private Law, which regulates the relationships of individuals and legal entities with the ownership, possession, use and enjoyment of real estate and respective accessories.

We have experienced and qualified Goiânia Real Estate Attorneys to answer all questions related to the sale and purchase and regularization of properties.

Inventory and Sharing of real estate, furniture and inheritances;
Legal and economic advice in the negotiation of real estate and brokerage values, analysis of risks of buying and selling real estate, Undue Collection of ITBI, INCC, IPTU, Purchase of Real Estate by Foreigners in Brazil;

Our Real Estate Legal Advisors claims for compensation in cases of Delay in the delivery or delivery of properties not in accordance with the descriptive memorial, Embargo of works, Material indemnity and for moral damages for defects or non-fulfillment of contract, civil liability against builders, developers, real estate agents, brokers, engineers and architects;

Legal Assistance in the purchase, sale and exchange of new, used properties, in Auction, Construction, Incorporation, Break-up, Condominium Institution and Allotments;
Commercial and residential Rental Lease Actions and Eviction Actions for non-payment, rental execution, rent revision and renewal, payment consignment, preemptive right in relation to the lessee, right to improvements, lease guarantees and related issues the rental for season and accommodation as Airbnb;
Our Property Lawyers in Goiânia provide services related to Repossession, Expropriation, Lease and Eviction and Usucapion actions.
Right of Ownership and Property proposing actions of Expropriations, Reintegration, emission and maintenance of possession, prohibitory prohibition and easement.  Regularization of real estate, land and real estate registration, analysis of ownership and existence of liens on urban and rural properties with the Notary Services of Real Estate Registries;

Goiânia Specialist Lawyer in Property Regularization
The regularization of properties is not always easy, due to so many issues related to the bureaucracy of the agencies or the needs. If you need a high skill Real Estate Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.


Our Goiânia Immigration Attorneys have several years of experience representing the person before immigration bodies, with the aim of obtaining temporary or permanent residency visas.

Our Immigration Attorneys in Goiânia deliver advice and representation to students, professionals, non-professionals, investors, renters and retired, who require visas related to these categories, providing advice on complying with the migratory rules and practical solutions that ensure the expedition of entry and permanence of non-Brazilians defending rights before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

Our Immigration Lawyers in Goiânia help immigrants in all cases related to their entry and legal stay in Brazil.

Likewise, we defend the rights of foreigners who are found in Brazil and have been denied the right to remain in national territory, sanctioning them with voluntary abandonment of the country or expulsion.

Our Citizenship Attorneys in Goiânia assume a commitment to full attention; with agility and consistency in the processes, always keeping informed to our customers.

 Our services are effective, personalized and economically accessible to customers.

Some of our services include:

Advising companies and individuals on the best migratory strategies coordinated with business and finance;

Processing of Work Permits;

Visas for Professional, Visas for Investors;

Obtaining Brazilian Nationality Both Via Residency and Other Modalities;

Regularization of Illegal foreigners;

 The effectiveness and agility in legal migratory processes is another compromise. Back us up with years of experience and responsible management.

If you want to migrate to Brazil, you will find yourself in another country or  you need a high skill Immigration Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.

Our Goiânia Estate Attorneys work in the area of Succession Law, with extremely qualified and specialized professionals, to provide services with the best quality. So, we do:
• Legal Family Property (Law 8.009 / 90), Conventional Family Property (Civil Code) and Single-Family Property;
• Quick inventories at the Registry Office (Law 11.441 / 2007) that makes it possible to carry out inventories, shares, consensual separation and consensual divorce through administrative means.
• Inventories in Litigious Form through the Judiciary;
• Guidance and succession planning aiming at the preservation and perpetuation of family heritage and family businesses;
• Succession Law in the Stable Union;
• Preparation of Wills, Donations;
• Family Scriptures;
• Sale of Goods to Successors;
• Cancellation of Sharing;
• Annulment and revocation of wills;
• Preparation of wills and monitoring of inventories and lists;
• Cancellation of Donations made with fraud.
• Among other related actions; 
Our Goiânia Estate Attorneys have the mission of keeping itself constantly updated in the Probate legal field, in order to offer the exact solution for each specific case, acting in the prevention and protection of individual and collective rights of individuals and companies. If you need a high skill Estate Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.


The Brazilian tax burden is one of the highest on the planet. It encompasses a complex legislation that is constantly changing, requires daily updating by the specialist in the legal-tax area. In this segment, our Goiânia Tax Attorneys are extremely specialized and dedicated working on several fronts in Tax Law, such as:

• Preventive Consulting and Tax Planning: organizes tax planning to legally structure business activity in order to fit it into the lowest tax burden. Another focus of this segment is on the management of tax risks with the aim of reducing or avoiding assessments.

• Administrative and Judicial Tax Litigation: representation in proceedings initiated whenever the taxpayer is charged, administratively or judicially, for amounts that involve federal, state or municipal taxes.

• Fiscal Regularity: The client is advised in cases involving procedures for obtaining certificates, special regimes, removal of administrative restrictions, preparation of consultations with the tax administration in all spheres of government.

• Opinions on Financial Statements: Legal and accounting advice for equity, economic and financial valuation of the company; adjustment and reclassification of financial statements, statement of economic and financial results through financial and profitability indices, as well as the evolution or involution of accounts through vertical and horizontal analysis.

• Among other related measures; If you want to join a high skill Tax Lawyer in Goiânia, please contact us.

Choosing a lawyer is not an easy task, especially in cases where the person needs a professional to defend him from a crime. Therefore, hiring a qualified and experienced Goiânia Criminal Lawyer is essential to ensure the success of your defense. Look for an office that can guarantee this.

When consulting with a Goiânia Criminal Attorney, it is important that clients assess from the first meeting whether the professional is qualified.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Goiânia are specialists with extensive experience in the field, and provide all the support for clients to have peace of mind at this time, and for the defense to be a success.

What is criminal law?
One of the most well-known and difficult to act areas is Criminal Law, which represents the State's punitive power against individuals and companies that commit crimes. It is based on the laws that are present in the Federal Constitution, the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The role of criminal lawyers is to defend those accused of crimes, as everyone has this right under the Federal Constitution. In addition, they can also defend the interests of victims.

This is an area that deals with sensitive topics such as:

sexual accusations
violent crimes
drug trafficking
For this reason, the Goiânia criminal defense Attorney must have complete control over the laws, as well as emotional intelligence to know how to deal with clients in the best possible way. Our Criminal Attorneys in Goiânia have all these qualities.

It is important that when starting the search for a good Goiânia criminal lawyer you know what the attorney's qualifications are, that he has a well-organized website and that you feel comfortable having a frank conversation with the professional.

Therefore, in our office you will have all the support so that your problems are resolved efficiently by an attentive and qualified team.

To find out more information about the services we offer, schedule your appointment right now.

We are specialists with extensive experience in criminal law. If you need a high skill Criminal Lawyers in Goiânia, please contact us.



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