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Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Lawyers is ones of the main and most eminent Brazilian Lawyers, zeroed in on creating custom fitted answers for global organizations working in essential areas of the economy.

With a different group of lawyers, incorporating many legal counselors working in a coordinated design, our Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso handle both daily practice and complex multidisciplinary cases that require the planned abilities of experts with assorted subject matters. Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso attorneys are enrolled from the nation's colleges and many are experts with worldwide instruction and reasonable abilities.

Our Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso range from giving help with M&A exchanges, privatizations and friends development to addressing customers in debates, from offering counsel on charge issues and foundation ventures to managing oil and gas organizations through the difficulties intrinsic in an exceptionally directed industry, to give some examples instances of our expansive scope of work. Our fundamental objective is to distinguish needs and create custom-made arrangements, empowering protected and educated dynamic – each customer in turn.

Past our quality in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Brasília, we address customers in Brazil and universally with the help of a wide organization of key accomplices and connections all throughout the planet.

Generally significant, we realize that obligation to our customers is the foundation of our standing. For more than 20 years, we have been building connections dependent on solid qualities, sound corporate conduct, and legitimate ability that empowers us to expect and follow up on promising circumstances for our customers.


Companies are made up of people linked by a common business objective. Over time, sometimes these people's worldviews diverge, to the point of jeopardizing their own business activity. This can be solved through mediation, which can result either in the reestablishment of the bonds that have eroded, or in the friendly separation of those involved, without compromising the company's continuity. When mediation is not feasible, the most invasive procedures will remain, with the judicial system being one of them. It is possible to submit the conflict to the deliberation of a judge, who will have to decide on the points on which those involved have been unable to reach any understanding. In circumstances like this, it is important to count on the help of our Business Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso who do not contribute to the intensification of the conflict, and can transmit safe guidance, in order to preserve the company's operation to the maximum extent possible. Preparation, analysis and negotiation of various types of civil contracts and commercial, public and private, at national and international levels, including monitoring of their execution in the post-contractual phase;
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Business Attorneys advises on civil and business issues;
• Assistance necessary for the structuring, negotiation and implementation of civil and business operations Structuring and Management of the Internal Legal of companies through the allocation of lawyers in company;
•Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Business Lawyers provides compliance assessment in relation to consumer relationship rules and implementation of routines and procedures aimed at reducing contingencies;
• Conducting legal audits of companies (Due Diligence) Constitution and structuring of companies and joint ventures;
• Constitution and structuring of companies and joint ventures;
• Our Corporate Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso assists in the purchase and sale of companies, in equity interests and in the transfer of assets;
• Corporate reorganizations (mergers, acquisitions, incorporations and spin-offs);
• Assistance in structuring investments by foreign groups in the country;
• Drafting of Shareholder and Partner Agreements;
• Defending the interests of shareholders and partners in general and partner meetings;
• Advice and implementation of corporate routine of companies, including holding of meetings and meetings of the board of directors;
• Organization and updating of corporate books and documents.

• Our Real Estate Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso advises on purchase and sale of rural or urban properties;
• Structuring foreign investments in the real estate area;
• Residential and commercial real estate development;
• Allotment;
•Shopping center;
• Rental and Built to Suit;
• Condominium agreement;
• Preparation of sales contracts for the final consumer, with or without collateral or financing;
• Structuring of partnership and consortium for real estate projects;
• Our Real Estate Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso advises on preparation of construction contracts at cost or closed price;
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Real Estate Attorneys provides Legal advice on doubtful administrative procedures;
• Assistance in the registration rectification procedure before Property Registry Officers;
• Legal advice for the acquisition of rural property by foreigners;
• Assistance in the extrajudicial execution of a mortgage guarantee or fiduciary alienation;
• Regularization of properties leased to the Federal Government, including regularization at the Federal Patrimony Secretariat;
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Real Estate Attorneys Assists in the acquisition of CEPAC and in obtaining an onerous grant to increase the construction potential;
• Lawsuits involving conflicts in real estate contracts, possessory issues, construction defects, public civil actions, consumer rights and embargoes on works and leases, among others.


Family law makes up an important part of civil law, covering the most intimate relationships that exist between people. Perhaps no other branch of law is undergoing transformations as profound as this one, as indicated, for example, by the recognition of the legal effects of socio-affectivity, which can gain the same status as traditional blood ties. For some years now, for example, the judiciary has, in certain circumstances, allowed someone to have two fathers or two mothers in the civil registry, something unthinkable not long ago. The family is also formed through civil ties (in the case of adoption) or through bonds of a “contractual” nature, as is the case between spouses and partners. Family law requires a specific profile of the professionals who work in it. More than any other, it is a field of affections, the raw material of mediation works.
Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Family Attorneys advises on Divorce. The phrase “Nobody marries to get divorced” is known. Likewise, common sense is the idea that divorce is a stormy phase in people's lives. But in fact, it doesn't have to be that way. Obviously, no divorce will be pleasant, but it does not have to represent a "torment". Difficult crossings can become less traumatic when you have a good “guide”. As divorce forces those involved to deal with emotional issues, it is important to be able to count on professionals who, in addition to taking care of the technical aspects, also know how to deal with the personal aspects present. Divorce is a procedure that puts an end to marriage. Normally, issues involving the division of assets, alimony and living with children must be dealt with and resolved. This can be done through legal action, but it is increasingly common to adopt extrajudicial procedures. Whenever possible, the latter are preferable, as they are faster, cheaper and less stressful for the parties.
Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Family Lawyers advises on Foods. People often refer to “food” by the name “alimony”. From a practical point of view, we can take these terms as synonyms. Alimony is normally due by separate parents in relation to minor children, but not only. It also exists in other circumstances. How much should a child support amount be? Faced with this question, many people already have an automatic answer: "Thirty percent". In fact, the law does not speak of values, but of “criteria” for calculating the value of the pension: on the one hand, the “financial capacity” of the one who pays it must be respected, and on the other hand, the “need” Of the person who will receive the pension. In specific situations, the pension may also be fixed in favor of the ex-husband or the ex-wife. The law no longer makes a gender distinction. All of this requires a delicate balance, which is why it is important to count on the help of good professionals. Our Family Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso are very familiar with this task.
Our Family Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso advises on Guardianship. As a rule, minors must be represented to exercise certain acts of life. A child, for example, cannot travel alone and, when traveling, must be in the company of his parents or of those who have been authorized by them to guide the child to his destination. Parents, therefore, are the natural representatives of their youngest children. A problem arises when the minor cannot count on his parents. In such situations, who can represent you? It must be someone appointed by a judge, who will be called a guardian. A guardian may be appointed by the minor's own parents, by means of a will. Even so, due to the importance of the act, before producing full effects, the fulfillment of this testamentary provision will have to be submitted to judicial control. The constitution of guardianship and its exercise is a complex act, being ideal to count on the help of a professional of the area.
In Brazil, when we turn 18 years old, we reach the so-called “civil majority”. This means that, when we reach that age, we no longer need authorization from our parents to travel, marry, buy and sell goods, etc. However, some people, although of legal age, may have health problems that may compromise its full manifestation of will. These problems can be temporary or permanent. When permanent (example: people with neurological damage caused by accidents or degenerative diseases), someone needs to represent them in the decision-making process. This representation is made by a person appointed by a judge. This appointment depends on a lawsuit, called "interdiction action", in which the judge will appoint who represents that person: the so-called "curator". It is a very delicate procedure and carries responsibilities for the curator himself. For this reason, it requires the hiring of a professional who will guide you in this respect. If you need assistance of high skill Family Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso, please let us know.


The world today is cosmopolitan. The innovations in the labor market and in education, the search for a better quality of life and even the escape from wars and social and political persecutions make the number of foreigners who migrate to our country grow every day.

It happens that such people must have this stay, even when it is expected to be permanent, duly regularized.

Therefore, there may be bureaucratic and legal needs and procedures regarding:
• Temporary and permanent visas, whether for housing, studies, work or even tourism, as well as for a stable union and marriage;
• Asylum, even if political;
• Naturalization;
•           Between others.

Our Immigration Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso can assist you in such procedures, both in consulting, as well as administrative and judicial.

If you are looking for successful Immigration Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso, please contact us.
Os imigrantes que vem ao Brasil gozam de proteção, sendo-lhes garantidos diversos deitos.

Succession Law is the branch of Civil Law that deals with the destination of a person's assets, after his death. Upon death, existing assets are passed on to that person's heirs. If the deceased had debts, they need to be paid, but this payment must be made using the assets left by him. This means that the deceased's heirs only actually receive the “balance” of the estate left by the deceased. Common doubt: And if the debts are greater than this equity, will the heirs have to answer for them? No. Nobody inherits debts. The analysis of all this is done in a procedure that is called “inventory” and, at times, involves quite complex issues, requiring the help of professionals in the area.

Inventory Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso. When someone dies and leaves assets, an “inventory” is needed. The law provides for a period of 60 days to provide for its opening, and there is also a deadline for its completion. What does that mean? Nothing more than a procedure in which it is clear: (a) property left by the deceased; (b) possible existence of debts; (c) who the heirs are; (d) calculation of the inheritance tax, etc. Costs vary according to the complexity of the procedure, but usually follow a proportion of the equity value. The property left by the deceased can only be transferred to his heirs at the end of the inventory processing. Until this is done, these assets remain in the name of the deceased.
There are several ways to take an inventory: (a) through legal action; (b) by means of a public deed, made at a notary public; (Each modality has its own characteristics in terms of complexity, duration, cost. Our Probate Lawyers in s in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso will know how to indicate the most suitable for each case.
If there is more than one heir, the estate of the deceased needs to be divided among them. This division is called “sharing”. Among other things, the inventory procedure serves to carry out the sharing.
If you need Testament Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso, we advise that Testament is someone's way of expressing their will after death. Basically, there are three types, the safest one being made in a notary public. Contrary to what many people think, the testament is not just about disposing of assets. It is possible to use it to appoint a guardian for minor children, or even to recognize a child who has not been registered. However, it is even more common to use it to interfere with the destination of assets.
The will only takes effect after the testator's death and, until that happens, it can be changed or revoked by him.
Common question: Can I test my assets for whomever I want? It depends. Under Brazilian law, if you, for example, have children, you are required to reserve 50% of your assets for them. But you can have the rest for the benefit of whomever you wish.
Our Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso have experience in Succession Law, is structured to offer a personalized legal service focused on meeting your interests.
Get in touch and make an appointment. We will be pleased to serve you.

Issues Related to Succession Law
• Judicial Inventory
• Extrajudicial Inventory (in Notary's Office)
• ITCMD statement
• Consulting and Elaboration of Wills
• Follow-up on Wills
• Composition between Heirs
• List of goods
• Succession Planning
• Donations
• Sharing and sharing of goods
• Inheritance Release Permits
Differential from our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Lawyers:
- Experience in conducting judicial and extrajudicial inventories;
- Office with its own headquarters and structure set up to serve you with comfort and security;
- Uncomplicated communication, with access and permanent communication of the status of your process;
- Succession Planning;
- Interlocution in the Negotiation between Heirs;
- Litigation Advocacy;
- Administrative Law.

As with people, in the day-to-day of the companies’ unusual situations can also present themselves. Some are simpler, others are more complex, which, due to the repercussions they may assume, require confrontation and the search for a quick solution. No matter how well-prepared business managers are, they should not underestimate the contribution that can come from good Cuiabá , Mato Grosso legal professionals. Its performance not only helps to enrich the debates, but also to build more consistent solutions. In addition, every company needs to avoid being lost in dissent, as this can bring high additional costs or even lead to ruin.
In addition, quality legal advice is one of the pillars of good financial management, as it prevents the establishment of poorly structured contracts, unable to respond to a scenario of non-compliance. Not to mention the tax part, our Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso will know how to assess the legality of the taxes required by the public administration, or the opportunity to recover amounts unduly paid by the company.

Our Tax law Attorneys in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso advice. The payment of taxes is the way in which we provide resources to the State, allowing it to return them in the form of transportation, health, security, education, etc. services. taxes, the State will do so in disagreement with the Federal Constitution or other laws in force, not to mention charges originating from errors, for example. When this happens, the taxpayer has legal tools to defend his interests. The procedures for this can be administrative or judicial, and the debates involve very technical concepts. The look of a good professional is important to avoid embarking on “fads”. History is full of taxes whose legality came to be questioned, filling those who fought them in the courts with hope, in the end, to be defeated in higher courts, with a serious impact on the cash flow of their companies.
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Tax Lawyers advises on Tax planning;
• Survey of tax contingencies in the acquisition of companies;
• Assistance in structuring new businesses in order to optimize the tax burden;
• Assistance in the fulfillment of tax, principal and ancillary obligations;
• Implementation and evaluation of the company's tax routines;
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Attorneys assist Defense in administrative tax proceedings and tax foreclosures;
• Sponsorship of actions for annulment of tax debts or non-payment of taxes.
Seek tax advice from our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Tax Lawyers immediately.


In the field of criminal law, the activities of our Criminal Lawyers in Cuiabá , Mato Grosso are based on the mission and values we cultivate, with a view to promoting an advocacy that allows the defense of the human person and the inspection of the regular exercise of the punitive power of the state, our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Criminal Lawyers highlights the following activities:

• Accompaniment in the act;
• Monitoring at the police station;
• Custody Hearing;
• Defense in Police Investigation and Criminal Action;
• Request for revocation or relaxation of imprisonment;
• Habeas Corpus enforcement;
• Request for Provisional Freedom;
• Request for Regime Progression;
• Transference request;
• Criminal review;
• Resources in General;
• Request for the initiation of a criminal complaint;
• Our Cuiabá , Mato Grosso Criminal Lawyers assists with Maria da Penha Law and Protective Measures.



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