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Through the long-term standard work we have been giving to our customers, alongside a nearby development of market advancements, we have had the option to cultivate an exceptionally experienced and very much respected land practice.

Our Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba utilized to manage an enhanced cluster of land lawful requirements, from easy to complex issues, prompting Brazilian and worldwide organizations in numerous industry areas, like essential and progressed materials, business administrations, energy, monetary and banking administrations (the executives and speculation reserves), accommodation and relaxation, mechanical products and ventures, foundation, land and innovation (broadcast communications).

Among the administrations our Attorneys in João Pessoa Paraiba give legitimate help with a wide assortment of land exchanges, for example:

• Organizing and advancement of profoundly complex undertakings, fuses, townhouses and regions.

• Organizing and advancement of shopping centers, lodging buildings, carnivals and amusement related turns of events.

• Drafting of development, worked to-suit and rent arrangements.

• Readiness of instruments identified with purchasing and selling, trades, installment in kind, constitution of home loans, trust receipt of land possessions and surface rights, among others.

• Due constancy strategies identified with assessment of corporate land possessions and practicality of land property acquisitions.

• Organizing of joint endeavors and consortiums to work in the housing market.

• Readiness of surveys and conclusions on an assorted exhibit of land subjects.

• Advancement of activities identified with securitization of land receivables, issuance of land debentures and formation of land venture reserves ("FII").

MARKET Acknowledgment

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Lawyers training have been perceived by driving distributions that position firms and attorney’s dependent on the input from customers.


Our Business Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba are recognized as one of the best law firms in Brazil, due to the quality and dedication of its lawyers in the relationship with our guests (clients).

Proof of this is that over the years, several prizes and recognitions have been attributed to the firm by different institutions.

Companion and entrepreneur of Brasília and region, Our Business Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba presents to Monthly Legal Assistance Plan for special entrepreneurs.

What is the coverage of this assistance?

This plan protects and shields all the assets, image and prestige of your company. Including 24-hour guidance, legal, administrative and risk management defenses with an emphasis on greater economic success for your business.

Most of the time, a judicial conflict can be preventively prevented through fast, correct and reliable legal guidance. When a process is unavoidable, it is essential to have a consultancy that guarantees the specialized and IMMEDIATE defense of your interests in the lawsuit.


This Master Assistance Plan is an INVESTMENT, a legal insurance that works 24h (twenty-four hours) a day, it is an armor for your company, which covers ALL the significant fees of lawsuits.

Through a fair and honest monthly payment, the legal entity, its partners and family members are EXEMPT from the payment of fees on demand, in an UNLIMITED way in all the legal processes of the BUSINESS, LABOR and CONSUMER areas where they appear as Defendants (defendants).

The costs of a lawsuit are high and include, in addition to attorney fees (up to 20% of the value of the case), costs, court fees, transportation expenses, expertise, among others, which leads many entrepreneurs to bear a high expense unexpected.

This Monthly Legal Assistance Plan BLINDED COMPANY of Our Business Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba have the benefit of your security, since you are no longer surprised by the payment of variable fees for lawsuits; in addition to being able to count on a specialized and integral consultancy for consultations, guidance and UNLIMITED tips for better management, security and SUCCESS of your business.

armored company

Extrajudicially, you and your STARTUP will also have at your disposal, a true CORPORATE SAFETY ARSENAL for:

DEFENSE WITH AGEFIS (Inspection Agency DF)
For your STARTUP:
FUNDAMENTAL partner agreement (vesting);
Review and elaboration of terms of use;
Review and preparation of business contracts and cancellations;
(Re) corporate structures;
Legal analysis of business operations;
Investment entry;
“Divestment” operation;
Privacy policies;
Trademark registration and protection;
Technical opinions;
Legislative clarifications;
Jurisprudence consultations;
Preparation of notifications; and
Legal assistance in complex negotiations;
Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Business Lawyers share a vision of putting customers first. And, we are always here for you. Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Business Attorneys will welcome you as our guest anytime, any day.

Schedule a Personal Consultation to learn about the BLINDED COMPANY Legal Assistance Plan for you, your partners and family members to be SAFE and PROTECTED against all legal contingencies.

Count on our qualified knowledge of more than 24 years of experience in solving difficult problems. Success always has 99% Sweating and 1% Inspiration.

Nothing is more important to us than YOU.


From key land acquisitions and developments, to abandonments and case matters, Our Real Estate Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba gives a full supplement of experienced legitimate administrations in both business and private land matters. Our accomplished land lawyers function as a strong group of business and legitimate counselors to help our customers in creating custom-made arrangements that meet their long-haul goals.

Our customers incorporate people, organizations, private and business engineers, condo and property holder affiliations, inns, financial backers, moneylenders and borrowers, who go to our skill in dealing with multi-million-dollar advances, land improvements and acquisitions. Our customers likewise advantage from our capacity to consistently consolidate, when essential, legitimate advice separated from inside our fourteen other practice zones to give systems on the lawful repercussions of their land matter - remembering lawful direction for trust and home arranging, business progression arranging, consolidations and acquisitions, abandonments, charge suggestions and case.

To examine your Land Law matters with one of our lawful experts if it's not too much trouble, call our Real Estate Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Real Estate Attorneys have a highly specialized team with expertise in relevant operations in the real estate market, being recognized as a reference in real estate law in Brazil. We are able to provide specialized legal advice throughout the development process of the real estate business, among others:

Specialists in the creation of FAMILY HOLDING
Technical advice for Builders / Incorporators in contracts
Specialized legal services for buyers (real estate on the floor)
Administration | Execution | Collection of rental contracts
Eviction and repossession of Tenants '/ Tenants' properties


Our Family Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba always values ​​a friendly, quick and less painful solution to the family problem. If it is not possible to reach an agreement between the parties, Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Lawyers fights for the rights of our clients in the following areas:

Advice and consultancy in the area of ​​family relations;
Marriage and stable union;
Divorce and dissolution of a consensual stable union in a notary (extrajudicial) or judicial, divorce and dissolution of a stable union in litigation, with or without assets;
Nullity or annulment of marriage and declaratory action of non-marriage;
Investigation of paternity, denial of paternity, termination of paternity;
Unilateral or shared custody of the children, visitation regime (regulation of visits);
Alimony for children and spouses, maintenance actions in the fixation, exoneration, revision for minority or increase;
Execution of maintenance and pension debts with imprisonment, with seizure penalty, payroll deduction;
Parental alienation;
Guardianship, trustee, emancipation, supply of grant, subrogation, interdiction;
Extrajudicial and judicial inventories, wills, succession and sharing, petition for inheritance;
Precautionary actions, listing of assets, separation of bodies, search and seizure of minors, custody, regulation of visits and provisional food;
Rectification of civil registry (name change). Please contact our Family Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba.


In the event that you are searching for an immigration attorney in João Pessoa, Paraiba who will battle for you and your friends and family.

Call us for a free interview to address an immigration legal advisor in João Pessoa Paraiba.

The immigration laws, systems, and strategies can be amazingly difficult to explore, and people who don't talk and comprehend the English language experience specific trouble. Individuals habitually discover it to be excessively intricate and hard to endeavor to address themselves before the public authority of the Brazilin issue identifying with migration. The migration interaction is without a doubt threatening.

Numerous individuals discover it profoundly advantageous to hold a fit, able, and experienced migration proficient. The João Pessoa, Paraiba Legal advisors and multilingual staff have many years of involvement giving gifted legitimate portrayal under the watchful eye of the Migration Courts, the Leading group of Migration Offers, and the Brazilian Citizenship and Migration Administrations.

The educated and experienced João Pessoa, Paraiba legal counselors can assist you with getting legal perpetual occupant status. Our Immigration Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba additionally assist our customers with getting Permanent Visas for their relatives and family. Our Immigration Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba realize how to set up an all-around upheld Permanent Visa application to furnish you and your relatives with the most ideal odds of accomplishing an effective result as fast as could really be expected. Getting a Permanent Visa is a lot easier with our advice.

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Immigration Lawyers assist our customers with getting Brazilian Citizenship through the Naturalization interaction and set up lasting home. Getting lasting residency might be an overwhelming errand, yet we are here to offer direction. The interaction of migration and naturalization is expected to assemble a daily existence in Brazil, and Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Immigration Attorneys needs to guarantee our customers' prosperity.

Legal advisors for Migration in João Pessoa, Paraiba.

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Immigration Lawyers gives proficient legitimate portrayal to our customers.

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Immigration Attorneys address our customers who look for immigration benefits, like Refuge, traveler visas, transitory secured status, and visa augmentation applications.

The immigration laws are confounded and can make individuals feel debilitate, overpowered, and befuddled. Our immigration legal counselors in João Pessoa can help. We can offer you a free discussion where we listen near your inquiries and concerns and offer you our lawful guidance about how to accomplish the most ideal outcome. We generally treat the people who come to us for legitimate direction with deference, nobility, and affectability. We care profoundly about you, and we passionately address our customers with enthusiasm and polished skill. We furnish our customers with tenacious promotion and hold their hands at all times. We are a migration law office staffed by a group of handy experts.

Moderate expenses and installment plans. Individuals who need a migration legal advisor merit the absolute best quality portrayal, paying little heed to their financial status. our law workplaces offer solid and sensible charges and installment plans.


Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Civil Attorneys are specialized in issues related to contractual and non-contractual civil liability (moral and material damages), strict liability of the State and state companies for damages caused to the community and the environment.
Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Civil Lawyer’s expertise in corporate litigation, bankruptcies and judicial recoveries.
Our Civil Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba assists in the organization of Civil Associations and Foundations.
Our Civil Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba Consultancy in the prevention, recovery or obtaining of indemnities for breach of contracts, losses (property and non-property) resulting from abusive practices or abuses in the exercise of rights, violations of personal privacy, improper and unauthorized exploitation of the image, brand or bank personal data.
Our Civil Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba acts with preparation of civil contracts, Homologation and execution of foreign judgments, Rectification and annulment of civil registration.

Our Tax Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba that works in the Tax area are essential for offices that want to serve companies and corporations. That is why, through Our        Tax Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba finds a deep understanding of the legal and tax solutions available on the market, using the developed methodology and know-how, thus generating quality assurance in the service provided. Our association model follows the rules established in Provision 112/2006 of the OAB, through an Association Agreement between Law Firms.
Our experience and technology in favor of your advocacy
Our Tax Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba acts in alliance with other offices developing solutions for its clients, such as:
(I) Management of Tax Liabilities, to act in tax litigation.
(ii) Recovery of Tax Credits, for cash generation.
(iii) Patrimonial Protection, for the organization of assets and rights.
(iv) Management of Procedural Guarantees, to support defenses.
(v) Tax Debt Review, to analyze errors and inconsistencies.
(vi) Expert Reports, for settlement of tax theses.

Our Criminal Attorneys in João Pessoa, Paraiba are responsible for the regulation and application of penalties when a crime occurs. In order to protect order and social peace, the Brazilian Penal Code is followed for the defense of victims and offenders.

Our Criminal Lawyers in João Pessoa, Paraiba are specialized in criminal law who work in several cases, such as:

tax evasion crimes: according to Law 8,137 / 90, this crime consists of falsely declaring or omitting taxes to the authorities;
● bankruptcy crimes: criminal law attorney also acts in cases of crimes provided for in Law No. 11,101 / 2005, which regulates judicial, extrajudicial and bankruptcy recovery of the entrepreneur;
● white collar crimes: related to fraud, use of privileged information, among other activities practiced by businessmen and politicians:
● crimes against trademarks and patents: committed by individuals who manufacture products that are the subject of a patent, without authorization. People who sell these goods with patent infringement are also responsible for the crime

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Criminal Attorneys also work in cases of press crimes, against the National Financial System, Economic Order, Money Laundering.

Our João Pessoa, Paraiba Criminal Lawyers objects of transmitting in its practice the values ​​we believe in law: ethics, sobriety, discretion and personalization in dealing with clients. We are a firm specialized in criminal law and have professionals with the necessary forensic and academic experience, which means that we are always up-to-date and ready to face the most diverse demands of individuals and legal entities from the initial stages of investigation to the performance of our services. Superior Courts of the Federal Capital. As stated, personalized treatment is an essential value of the office; in the same way, the search for sobriety in the performance to maintain the discretion that so much benefits our represented.



Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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