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Our Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa works with the objective of defending the causes of their clients with transparency and security, acting with agility, effectiveness and commitment.
Our Macapá, Amapa Lawyers act in a personalized way, with the particular study of the specific case, in order to offer the legal solution that best suits the client's reality and interests. Also, when possible, our Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa presents extrajudicial solutions that aim to be more agile and economical.
Our Macapá, Amapa Attorneys always seek updates and legal innovations, in addition to providing several communication channels so that the client has security and tranquility in our service, being able to take out debts and stay informed during the entire period of our activity.
Our Macapá, Amapa legal advisors value customer satisfaction with a clear and precise service, using the appropriate legal technique with all necessary ethics and responsibility.

Corporate Law

The job of our experts Macapá, Amapa Lawyers in corporate law is to give legitimate help with the association of designs of corporate administration, which is critical for an organization's turn of events. Each organization needs a particular corporate construction as per its market and its requirements.

In freely held organizations, significant exchanges need vital help to limit sway on the monetary market. In organizations or restricted obligation organizations, our Macapá, Amapa corporate legal advisor gives lawful help and backing in tracking down the most profitable answer for the organization.

Our Corporate Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa additionally have experts with the necessary tact to direct associations with accomplices and to interface with family
organizations, attempting to forestall clashes that ruin the organization's turn of events. Where vital, such experts offer further help in corporate disintegration procedures.

Among the fundamental offered administrations are:

Consolidations and Acquisitions

Group with broad information on M&A exchanges in organizations, all things considered. Our Corporate Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa are able to play a functioning job in arrangements, including where a gathering is found abroad. The procedure may incorporate more serious measures, for example, the exhibition of due tirelessness or valuation.

Corporate Rebuilding

The association's training includes the appraisal of the customer's shareholding structure to distinguish conceivably valuable changes to its design. In specific circumstances, a few organizations of a solitary gathering might be solidified into one for the obtaining of operational and expense benefits.

Property The executives, Family and Progressions

With a training spent significant time in keeping away from clashes and working with progression in organizations in a preventive way, property and progression the executives limit the danger of control scattering and the board issues. Progression arranging may include a corporate rebuilding, making of sheets, and execution of corporate administration rehearses.

Corporate Administration

Arrangement of lawful help with the execution of corporate administration rehearses in an organization. The strategy targets improving inward managerial cycles, elevating more prominent self-sufficiency to assigned areas, and aiding the organization's development. Great administration rehearses further increment the trust of financial backers, investors, and partners in the professional workplace.

Corporate Suit

Our Macapá, Amapa Business Lawyers participates in the protection of its customers' advantages in legal questions including the organization the board, both in progression and legacy cases and in corporate disintegrations. The group is additionally able to take part in corporate interventions if there should be an occurrence of organizations with inward contentions.

Financial and Rivalry Law

Practice had some expertise in assist organizations with trying not to participate in rehearses that may hurt free rivalry. The group safeguards against allegations of maltreatment of monetary force and development of cartel. The firm takes part in the portrayal of customers before the Brazilian Antitrust Position (Cade).

Capital Business sectors

Arrangement of lawful warning to openly held organizations in their relationship with capital business sectors. Our Macapá, Amapa Business Attorneys may mediate in significant exchanges of organizations to limit their effects on financial backers, stock trades, and other capital business sectors.


Anyone who thinks it is unnecessary to have a lawyer to carry out contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate already has the following answers in mind:

"Why would I hire a lawyer to make a purchase and sale contract, since there are models over the internet?"

"If I have a real estate agent, why spend more?"

The above phrases do not even make sense when we are talking about real estate transactions in general, not only in a real estate purchase and sale contract.

The first of all mistakes, of the most common today, that people think that just having a contract model are enough to carry out an effective real estate transaction. Who makes use of contract templates, does not know how big the ambush is entering!

A real estate transaction is much more complex, especially nowadays, which even for economic reasons in our country can cause business to be undone or even not concluded, this not only by one of the parties in the business relationship.

In addition, not every real estate transaction is required to be done through a real estate broker who, at times, can occur through direct sale, everything being negotiated between buyer and seller.

In direct sales, the savings are certainly greater, as there will be no payment of the percentages owed in the transaction to the real estate agent, but, if there is intermediation by the professional, such amounts to be paid must be explicitly present in the signed contract.

If the realtor was intermediated, there is no doubt that the values ​​in percentage of the sale will be due, however, for economy reasons, the parties of a future contract, for some convenience, prefer not to hire a professional in the legal area, understanding that the broker alone would be enough.

It is important to stress that, a person who conducts a business without the proper legal advice, consequently, may lose the amount invested if he does not act preventively. Precisely, our Macapá, Amapa Real Estate Lawyers will assist in the proceedings, avoiding the risk of the real estate transaction.

And what are the main functions of the lawyer? How will a lawyer act?

Our Macapá, Amapa Real Estate Attorneys advises that the answer to this question above has already been said, but it is worth stressing that, without legal advice, the chances of future problems will be great.

The contracted legal professional must act for future problems to occur. It is interesting to emphasize that the referred professional must not only draw up a contract and its clauses, as well as observe points of great importance, such as:

a) Requesting court certificates to find out if the property has shares, as well as checking whether there are lawsuits against the buyer or even selling it;

b) Preparation of documents for financing, as well as drawing up a plan for financing options with the client about the property;

c) To seek information from public agencies regarding the use of the property, checking whether they have tax debts, and not forgetting whether there are labor claims and inventory, the latter two of which will be analyzed by means of certificates, as stated.

d) Finally, instruct the client as to the stage of practical execution of the contract, demonstrating to him the terms and legal implications regarding the rights and obligations established in the contract and in the legislation in force.

Our Real Estate Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa advises that Given the brief exposure, there is no doubt that, even in the face of the information age and its easy access, anyone can have access to any model of contract or even information, the lawyer in the purchase and sale contracts is essential, acting as an elementary, society must understand and value this performance, since disorders are avoided after the real estate transaction (and the interested parties may sleep peacefully). If you are buying a property, contact our Real Estate Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa.


Looking for a Family Lawyer in Macapá, Amapa?

We are a law firm in Brazil formed by specialized professionals with extensive experience in the area of ​​Family Law.

Find out more about our office and our team here.

What is Family Law?
Family Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa advises that Family law is the area of ​​law that determines and monitors the norms of family life, containing precepts that cover organization, structure and protection of the family.

It also belongs to Family Law, dealing with family relationships and the rights and obligations that arise with them. It deals with patrimonial or relational issues of people, custody rights, maintenance obligations and property rights.

The family is a sociological reality and constitutes the basis of the State, being a necessary and sacred institution widely protected. For this reason, the branch of Family Law is one, if not the most important in the area of ​​Law, having to be debated and studied throughout life.

If you need a Family Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa, get to know here you will find ethical and qualified professionals to take care of your case with responsibility and competence.


First class Immigration Lawyer in Macapá, Amapa, Permanent Visas through marriage, work grants, Brazilian citizenship - whatever your migration objectives are, any place you are in your movement venture, we are here to help. At ALVES JACOB Attorneys, we eat, breath, and rest Immigration law. This is all our firm does.

Our Macapá, Amapa Immigration legal counselors have won incalculable compliments from clients in whole country of Brazil. Yet, we are particularly pleased with our customer audits. Each survey recounts an account of how we helped make somebody's Immigration dreams materialize. Our customers will in general turn into our companions and are to us like individuals from our family.

There are no ensures with regards to migration, particularly in the current environment. Be that as it may, our citizenship Macapá, Amapa knowns for winning even the most troublesome cases and enchanting our customers with amicable, proficient assistance end route.

With regards to Immigration law, presently like never before however key to progress with migration is having a damn decent Macapá, Amapa legal counselor to help control you. At the point when you employ us, our Immigration Macapá, Amapa legal advisor will get your case through a complete framework intended to investigate and fix potential issues that you probably won't have realized you had.

Get in touch with our Immigration Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa now.

Looking for a civil Lawyer in Macapá, Amapa? Count on ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM.

Our Civil Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa are formed by ethical, qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Civil Law.

Find out more about our office and our team here.

What is Civil Law?
Civil law is a branch of law that takes care of the set of rules regulating the rights and obligations with respect to people.

In addition, it makes reference to other aspects, such as: rights and obligations of these and assets and their relationships (as members of society)

It establishes, in its general part, the right of persons, property and legal facts.

In the special part, it deals with the law of obligations, of companies, of things, of families and of succession, our Macapá, Amapa civil attorneys advises:

Collection Actions
Indemnity Actions
Lease Agreements
Real rights
Disputes between individuals
Obligations in General
Advice on Corporate Stability
Marriage (Property Regime and Prenuptial Pact)
Inventory and Listing

If you need Macapá, Amapa civil Lawyers, please contact us.

The high taxation rate is one of the primary issues blocking the development of organizations in Brazil and understanding and organizing a duty arranging is a movement that requires some investment and exertion by such organizations. Therefore, our Tax Lawyers attorneys in Macapá, Amapa works in essential wanting to streamline the expense responsibility coming from exchanges completed by our customers.
Our Tax Lawyers in Macapá, Amapa have a wide involvement with the space of duties required on organizations. Our Macapá, Amapa Tax Lawyers have reference experts in the field of duty enactment, who are continually refreshed and qualified to act as per new laws as of their distribution date.
Coming up next are among the offered administrations:

Authoritative Assessment Prosecution
Taking part in managerial guards in a few sorts of duty measures. Such protections are given in the government, state, and metropolitan settings, occurring before bodies like the Brazilian Managerial Gathering of Duty Offers (CARF), Brazilian Administrative Inside Income, and the Brazilian Office of the Overall Advice for the Bureaucratic Depository. The regulatory prosecutions place gives follow-up and support all through the cycle stages.
Legal Expense Suit
Our Macapá, Amapa legal advisors participates in the portrayal of customers in legal procedures inside the assessment scope. The experience procured through its 20 years of involvement permits the firm a wide information in charge instances of a few economy areas. Besides, we lead the preliminary work of directing customers on their direct under the steady gaze of the courts.
Unrivaled Courts
Particular attorneys participating in procedures under the steady gaze of unrivaled courts, for example, the Predominant Work Court (TST), Government High Court (STF), Prevalent Discretionary Court (TSE), and Predominant Courtroom (STJ). Essentially, the firm has a unit in Brasília, which permits the immediate portrayal before important legal bodies.
Expense Appraisal
Appraisal of the organization's activity and documentation targeting discovering openings for charge advancement. Expense evaluation is an inside and out investigation to distinguish which duties were unduly paid and which ones were not paid, staying away from consistence dangers to the customer.
Expense Survey and Arranging
The audit and arranging of expense installment are valuable work comparable to burden appraisal, incorporating the organizing of keen designs for the installment of charges, evaluation of credits and liabilities, and assessment enhancement, with additional thought of corporate, authoritative, and monetary issue.
State and Government Expenses
Particular counsel on state and government charges required on the organization's activity. After understanding the necessities and distinguishing openings for the customer, charge attorneys recognize techniques to boost results.


Do you need a Criminal Lawyer in Macapá, Amapa? Count on ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM.

Find here Ethical and professional Macapá, Amapa Criminal Lawyers who will help you in solving your problems.

Our Criminal Attorneys in Macapá, Amapa are qualified professionals with extensive experience in the area of ​​Criminal Law.

What is Criminal Law?
Criminal law, also known as criminal law, is a branch of public law. It has the purpose of reprimanding the crime and preserving society.

Criminal law aims to protect fundamental legal assets (any value recognized by law).

For example: In the case of thefts, there is an offense against the “asset” legal asset. In coercion, a violation of individual freedom. In homicide, there is damage to the “human life” legal value.

Criminal law affirms a person's rights to the punitive power of the state. Although there are doubts about the guarantor function, it must be taken into account when formulating penal rules. Thus, it is possible to prevent the police state from commenting and placing itself above the rule of law.

Talk to our Macapá, Amapa Criminal Attorneys. Clarify your doubts on the subject by speaking with us.


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