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Our Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas has the privilege of assisting Brazilians and non-Brazilians in the beautiful region of Alagoas. Our Maceió, Alagoas Lawyers offers serious, transparent, independent advocacy and, above all, committed to continuously meeting the needs of its clients, seeking a performance committed to clients. Our Maceió, Alagoas Attorneys have highest ethical and moral values ​​that are the basic foundations of this noble profession.

Our Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas acts responsibly and ethically in a competitive market.

The attention given to its partners and clients forms a link of quality, demonstrating that the practice of law can and should be done with ethics, loyalty, professionalism and passion. Our Maceió, Alagoas Attorneys believes that its growth depends directly on the real contentment and development of its peers (employees, partners and clients). Our Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas are at your disposal and totally dedicated to any aspect of legal processes.


Due to the different possibilities of carrying out the same commercial business, the constant and daily conclusion of contracts, from the simplest, such as the purchase and sale of office supplies, to the most complex, such as turnkey and Built to Suit contracts, at national or international level, it is essential to formalize the agreed conditions, which ensures transparency and legal certainty for contracting parties and third parties.

To meet the plurality of issues that make up a single contract, our Business Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas works with a multidisciplinary team, in order to be able to incorporate, in each contract that it works, the applicable corporate, labor, tax and commercial aspects, always with a focus on strategy and risks involved in our Clients' projects, but without abandoning principles of good faith, transparency and Compliance, thus preserving the instrument's viability and effectiveness.

Our Business Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas treat all documents with the utmost confidentiality.

Our Maceió, Alagoas Business Attorneys work begins with the preliminary negotiation, in which, through meetings, memoranda of understanding, letters of intent and preliminary agreements.
Our Business Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas advises the client throughout the negotiation, working on the preparation and review of the various types of contracts, typical and atypical.
Once the agreement is not complied with, our Maceió, Alagoas Corporate Lawyers are prepared to seek extrajudicial composition, through measures that, considering the contractual position and the client's interest, lead to performance, termination or termination of the contract.


Real estate law is the branch of law that deals with and regulates various aspects related to real estate. Our Real Estate Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas understands your needs and we want to provide a complete and comprehensive service in real estate transactions. The services approached our Real Estate Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas results in a wide range of options, always with an incisive approach and that satisfies you in the best way.
Our Maceió, Alagoas Real Estate Attorneys highlights the following areas of intervention:
• Assistance in real estate purchase and sale operations;
• Assistance in the drafting, negotiation and execution of urban and rural lease contracts;
• Condominium;
• Exchanges, establishment of usufruct, lending;
• The structuring of real estate financing;
• Home financing.
Our Real Estate Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas are at your disposal and totally dedicated to any aspect of real estate processes.

Our Maceió, Alagoas Family Lawyers provides personalized legal advice, aiming to safeguard our client's rights and interests, linked to family and succession relationships, always with detailed analysis of the case, presenting strategies and legal consequences to be adopted, in order to enable, with greater security and clarity, the definition in choice of the measure to be adopted.
Coexistence and dating contract;
Stable Union: deed of institution, recognition and / or dissolution;
Marriage: advice on property regime and prenuptial agreement;
Divorce: judicial or extrajudicial; consensual or litigious; asset sharing;
Maintenance: fixation, review, execution of unpaid installments and exoneration;
Child and Adolescent: custody; regulation of visits; search and seizure;
Testament: preparation and / or judicial approval of the will;
Prohibition and trustee: institution, modification, suspension and / or revocation;
Inventory: performance in the judicial and extrajudicial spheres; sharing of assets;
Vital testament: consulting, drafting and registration. If you looking for Family Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Expert Migration Legal counselor - Movement to Brazil - Kinds of Visas, Naturalization and Political Refuge
Law No. 13,445/2017, known as the Movement Law, urges migration to Brazil and is directed by Declaration 9,199/17. Correspondingly to the Government Constitution of 1988, in its craft. 12, manages Brazilian ethnicity. Outsiders are, by rejection, every one of the individuals who don't meet the models for characterizing nationals.
Nonetheless, any outsider can legitimately enter Brazilian domain, given that the lawful prerequisites are met.
If you looking for Immigration Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas, don’t hesitate to contact us.
It is essential to feature that albeit the outsider, despite the fact that he has a lasting visa, doesn't obtain political rights in Brazil, his visit produces for the country the obligation to ensure his central rights, regardless of whether just on the way, like the rights: to life, actual trustworthiness, among others.
To enter Brazilian region, the outsider should have a visa, which thus has seven modalities, besides in instances of vacationer visa if there is correspondence in apportioning similar sort of visa to Brazilians in the nation of this traveler.
Moreover, notwithstanding visas, another significant lawful organization with respect to outsiders in Brazil is naturalization, which is the subsidiary type of getting Brazilian citizenship.
The Outsider Resolution records the seven modalities of Brazilian visas to outsiders:
Travel visa - substantial for up to 10 non-extendable days, conceded to outsiders who need to enter a public area to arrive at their nation of objective;
Traveler visa - conceded to outsiders who go to the country for sporting or visiting purposes, legitimate for as long as 5 years, permitting stays of as long as 90 days, extendable for an additional 90 days, adding up to a limit of as long as 180 days in every year time span months. As expressed above, it is regularly postponed on account of correspondence in the nation of inception of the traveler;
Visa is impermanent - it will be conceded to the outsider who plans to come to Brazil on a social excursion or on an examination mission; on a work excursion; as a craftsman or athlete; as an understudy; as a researcher, educator, expert or expert of another class, under an agreement system or at the assistance of the Brazilian government; as a reporter for an unfamiliar paper, magazine, radio, TV or news office; or as a clergyman of strict admission or an individual from a foundation of sanctified life and of an assemblage or strict request. The length of stay for impermanent visas may shift from as long as 90 days as long as 2 years, or relying upon the term of the work or mission contract.
If the transitory visa is connected to paid work, the prerequisites of the Public Migration Board and the Service of Work should be satisfied.
Perpetual visa - which can be conceded to outsiders who expect to settle forever in Brazil. Lasting visas point, principally, to give specific work to the different areas of the public economy, focusing on the Public Improvement Strategy in all viewpoints and, specifically, to expand efficiency, absorption of innovation and gathering pledges. for explicit areas. The most continuous instances of allowing perpetual visas are for: leader, financial backers, retired people, analysts; and for wedded or family members of Brazilians. On account of heads, CNI Regulating Goal 13 requires the organization that desires to get visas for its unfamiliar chiefs to contribute in any event R $ 500,000.00 for each visa; or, from R $ 150,000.00 to R $ 500,000.00 in the event that it is an imaginative action. On account of individual unfamiliar financial backers, as indicated by CNI Standardizing Goal 11, they should put at any rate R $ 600,000.00 in the country without producing occupations or R $ 150,000.00 with the age of at any rate 10 positions. In the two cases (chiefs and financial backers), the examination of solicitations will dissect social interest, the age of occupations and pay in Brazil, expansion in public efficiency, innovation move, among different viewpoints. It is perhaps the most fascinating visas for the individuals who need to move to Brazil legitimately.
Notwithstanding the speculations talked about above, there are three other visa prospects, official and discretionary, our Maceió, Alagoas Immigration Attorneys advises.
Such presumptions are unique and less continuous, which is the reason our Immigration Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas won't harp on this article since they are not important to our clients.
To put it plainly, all outsiders who mean to remain in Brazil for over 90 days should enroll with public specialists inside 30 days of entering the country. The change starting with one visa then onto the next might be permitted in outstanding cases, and from brief to lasting, the rest being prohibited.
There is as yet another extraordinary speculation of authorization to remain in the public domain for outsiders. If you need help, please contact our Maceió, Alagoas Immigration Lawyers.
Our Maceió, Alagoas Estate Lawyers are able to observe details and comply with legal requirements in an inventory that would certainly go unnoticed by a layman, which could thus compromise the correct sharing of assets.
It is not just a matter of gathering documents, so there is a legal determination for our Probate Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas to conduct the procedure.
After the death of the author of the inheritance, the inventory must be started within 2 (two) months.
01) What is the inventory?
When a person dies, all of his assets built on life (rights, assets and debts), legally become one thing: the ESPÓLIO, which is immediately transferred to his successors. The inventory is the necessary procedure to settle the debts of the deceased, if any, in addition to formalizing the division and transfer of the inheritance to the successors. This process can be judicial or extrajudicial (carried out in a notary public - when there is no will, minor or incapable heirs and all are in agreement). Regardless of the type of inventory, whether judicial or extrajudicial, the presence and legal advice of a lawyer is required. Please contact our Maceió, Alagoas Probate Lawyers to assistance.
Specialized tax advice for individuals, national or foreign, aiming, in addition to the fulfillment of the tax obligations imposed on the resident and non-resident in the country, the payment of the lowest tax burden (taxes, contributions, fees), using our expertise in the employment of all employees. resources admitted by the legislation in force to protect its assets, provide a lawful economy in the payment of taxes, as well as the recovery of assets in the case of taxes unduly paid.
Our Tax Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas Services:
Calculation of tax on income received abroad or in Brazil, by residents or non-residents in the country;
Regularization of tax debt;
Registration regularization of the CPF;
Request for refund or compensation of tax overpaid or unduly paid;
Advice on compliance with accessory tax obligations
Individual Income Tax Return
Final Declaration of Estate
Declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad - BACEN
Communication from the Country
Definitive Exit Statement
Calculation of capital gains on the sale of goods and rights;
Income Tax Exemption for People with Serious Illness;
Calculation of the Mortgage and Donation Transmission Tax;
Definitive Exit Planning from Brazil
Our Tax Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas advises on Tax Planning for Individuals;
Defense in tax foreclosures and filing of tax lawsuits;
Administrative defense of notice of infraction, term tax notice and notification of launch
Our Tax Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas advises on tax inspection processes.
Do you have any questions? Contact our Maceió, Alagoas Tax Lawyers, immediately.
If you are going through a situation that could punish / condemn you (regardless of your origin) and you need help from a Maceió, Alagoas Criminal Lawyers, do not hesitate to contact us!
Our Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas are specialized in all law cases.
Our Criminal Attorneys in Maceió, Alagoas detects and take stock of the risks and their needs to prepare you with the most appropriate strategy.
Our Maceió, Alagoas Criminal Legal Advisors dedicates full assistance and monitoring in the provision of this legal service, focusing on:
Assistance to the accused in the trial sessions;
Strategic planning for the defense of crimes;
Review of sentencing sentences;
Preparation of compensation claims;
Guarantee of a fair trial, which can only be achieved with the presence of a lawyer.
The victim's position must be taken care of through a judicial representative taking the victim's position as an assistant;
Do not hesitate to contact us in this special area of the Office. If you are seeking criminal advice, please contact our Criminal Lawyers in Maceió, Alagoas immediately.

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