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Our Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte develops a specific project in the law market: initially offering legal services preferably in socially relevant areas, it came to develop a greater focus on a range of legal services.

Our Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Attorneys pays special attention to modern means of communication for obtaining and exchanging information and for contacts with customers.

The languages spoken by our Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte are Portuguese, English, Spanish and French, with clients in Norway, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Angola, Bali, Dubai, Thailand, Australia, France, Brazil, England, Germany, Ireland, Caribbean and USA.

Our Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte are dimensioned throughout the national territory.


When managing the administration of an organization, it is important to notice a few legitimate methodologies, a considerable lot of them identified with Corporate Law. This is a principal territory for business routineness and development, so it is significant for the chief to comprehend what is the issue here and the principles accommodated in the enactment. To guarantee consistence with all guidelines, it is prescribed to enlist Business Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte with practical experience in Corporate Law.

The issue is that numerous business people don't comprehend the job and significance of this exhortation and decide not to have this expert help. As this is a fundamental subject for the best organization of any business, our Business Attorneys in Nata Rio Grande do Norte has arranged this substance to explain what Business Law is, the way lawful counsel works nearby and the advantages of this help. If you are looking for Business Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Real Estate Lawyer - Legal Advice for Administrators, Real Estate Agents, Builders, Incorporators, Investors and Individual. our Real Estate Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, active in the real estate sector since 2003. For 30 years solving problems in matters of ownership, property, rental and condominiums. Our Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Real Estate Lawyers see law as an instrument of justice and as a matter of principle, our Real Estate Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte do not practice mass advocacy. For more information on our ethical values ​​and principles, visit our advocacy profile page.

Real Estate Law is the name given to the field of Private Law that regulates the relations of ownership, possession, use and enjoyment of real estate and respective accessories. As a consequence, the activity of the real estate lawyer in Natal Rio Grande does Norte, from a contractual point of view, is extremely important for business involving private purchase and sale commitments, definitive public deeds, donations, restrictive property clauses, lease agreements, neighborhood rights, tenure rights, condominium rules, municipal building rules, transfer of ownership, leases, exchanges, financing and mortgages, incorporations, among others. Such topics are governed by the most comprehensive provisions of the Brazilian Civil Code, but also by a wide body of complementary special laws, as is the case, for example, of the Tenancy Law (Law 8.245 / 91) and the Condominium and Incorporations Law (Law 4.591 / 64).
Real Estate Lawyer in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte - Preventive Law and Litigation
As lawyers specializing in Real Estate Law, we work on two different fronts: preventive and litigation.
The lawyer who works in the real estate field needs a dynamic attitude and that is why we act as a positive force in all phases of the business in question. The work philosophy must be guided by conflict prevention and legal security, and it is in this spirit that we provide advice, participate in negotiations and take all necessary measures to ensure the tranquility - current and future - of the contractors in relation to the property. Our Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Real Estate Attorneys activity is focused on maintaining the spirit of cooperation, on the detailed analysis of the documentary and legal situation of the business, and on the precise elaboration of the respective contracts in the real estate area.
Judicial and Advisory Litigation in the field of Real Estate Law - Property Lawyer in Real Estate Cases
Our Real Estate Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte acts in lawsuits and provide legal assistance in private consultations involving the most diverse real estate issues, among which:
Preparation, analysis and review of any and all contracts in the field of Real Estate Business
Advice related to Purchase and Sale, Exchanges, Payment in Payment, Constitution of Mortgages, Leases and other transactions in the area of ​​Real Rights;
Assistance for Construction, Incorporation, Dismemberment, Condominium Institution and Allotments;
Real Estate Registry
Verification of ownership and existence of liens on urban and rural properties with the Notary Services of Real Estate Registries and other public bodies,
Performance for the Regularization of Real Estate with the Notary Services of Real Estate Registries and other public bodies, obtaining, rectifying and canceling registrations and annotations. If you are looking for successful Real Estate Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, please contact us.

Personalized legal advice, aiming to safeguard our client's rights and interests, linked to family and succession relationships, always with detailed analysis of the case, presenting strategies and legal consequences to be adopted, in order to enable, with greater security and clarity, the definition in choice of the measure to be adopted.
Coexistence and dating contract;
Stable Union: deed of institution, recognition and / or dissolution;
Marriage: consultancy on property system and prenuptial agreement;
Divorce: legal or extrajudicial; consensual or litigious; asset sharing;
Maintenance: fixation, review, execution of unpaid installments and exoneration;
Child and Adolescent: custody; regulation of visits; search and seizure;
Testament: elaboration and / or legal approval of the testament;
Prohibition and trustee: institution, modification, suspension and / or revocation;
Inventory: performance in the legal and extrajudicial spheres; sharing of assets;
Essential testament: consulting, preparation and registration; our Family Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte has been focusing more and more on the fundamental points that constitute Family, Succession and Children Law, with special attention to the latter.
Family Law, the branch responsible for regulating and establishing an ideal model for family coexistence, seeks a balance between the structure, organization and protection of the family. It unfolds in three main areas:
Regulation of Parental Responsibilities;
Marriage and Divorce;
Inheritances and Successions. Our Family Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte highlights the Regulation of Parental Responsibilities, a topic that has been gaining relevance in the heart of the Portuguese community in recent years, resulting in a more active and healthy participation of both parents in the lives of children and also a greater awareness of what it says respect to situations of mistreatment.
It is in the interests of the intervening parties to have a Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Family Attorney present and trust during the process, thus ensuring that your rights and motives are heard and valued to the fullest.

Visa dependent on Brazilian life partner or Brazilian posterity
The lasting visa dependent on Brazilian posterity requires the kid to be under friendly, good and financial reliance on the outsider who is applying for the perpetual visa. In the event that the outsider doesn't have care of the kid, it will be important to assess the legal sentence effectively last, of the support activity with the guideline of visits. The outsider should likewise not have been arraigned or criminally sentenced in Brazil or abroad.
Visa of legitimate ward of a Brazilian or perpetual outsider or inhabitant in the country, by family get-together, including stable association - to the buddy of a Brazilian or lasting outsider, without differentiation of sex, advises or Immigration Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.
In family gathering measures, visas are allowed to legitimate wards of Brazilian residents or outsiders who are transitory or lasting inhabitants in the country, relatives younger than 18, or of all ages, when the failure to offer their own help is affirmed; ascendants or relatives , as long as the requirement for help is exhibited by the invested individual: sibling, grandson or incredible grandson if a vagrant, single and under 18 years of age, or of all ages, when demonstrated the powerlessness to offer their own help; and companion or accomplice, in a steady relationship, paying little mind to sex, Brazilian resident or impermanent or perpetual outsider in Brazil. This interaction is done through Conciliatory Portrayals of Brazil abroad, and examined by the Service of International concerns. The Service of Equity may allow brief or lasting perpetual quality in these cases.
Lastingness for outsiders who lose their perpetual status because of the shortfall of their country advises our Immigration Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte.
Another perpetual visa or lasting lastingness might be allowed to an outsider who has effectively dwelled in Brazil on a Permanent Visa, and has been missing from the country for in excess of two continuous years to demonstrate that he has finished or finished:
Undergrad or postgraduate college contemplates
Proficient preparing
Examination action by an element perceived by the Service of Science and Innovation.
Proficient Movement at the Assistance of the Brazilian Government
Unfamiliar Individual Financial backer
On account of changelessness visa measures for unfamiliar financial backers, there are a few necessities to be surveyed:
- At first if the financial backer will be an individual or lawful substance. In the event that you are an individual, the base venture to be made is R $ 150,000.00 (one hundred and 50,000 reais) in gainful exercises. The Public Movement Board, the body liable for dissecting and making a decision about this cycle, may, in instances of social importance, approve speculations of not as much as R $ 150,000.00 (one hundred and 50,000 reais), as indicated by the venture plan that ought to be presented.
- The Public Migration Chamber may approve the allowing of a perpetual visa for the business visionary who expects to get comfortable Brazil to put resources into beneficial action, regardless of whether the speculation sum is not as much as R $ 150,000.00.
- For this situation, our Immigration Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte advises that in the examination of the application, the social premium of the venture will be confirmed by the accompanying standards:
I - number of occupations produced in, endless supply of the Speculation Plan, which contains a yearly program of occupation creation for Brazilians;
II - estimation of the speculation and district of the country where it will be applied;
III - financial area where the speculation will happen; and
IV - commitment to expand efficiency or osmosis of innovation.
- to recharge the outsider's personality card, following three years, it will be important to demonstrate consistence with the Venture Plan introduced in the lasting financial backer visa measure.
- It will be important to introduce the trade contract gave by the bank getting the venture or Electronic Decisive Enrollment of Unfamiliar Direct Interest in Brazil - National Bank
- The outsider should be important for the organization's corporate design, however won't oversee it until the perpetual visa is allowed.
- The speculation should be settled up in the organization's offer capital.
Financial backer Visa - for a chief, chief or leader with the executives’ powers
The speculation is made by an unfamiliar legitimate substance, and the visa is proposed for an administrator, chief or leader with the executives’ controls, the base venture required is R $ 600,000.00 (600,000 reais) for every outsider assigned for this reason. Brazilian law permits the sum contributed to be not as much as R $ 150,000.00 (one hundred and 50,000 reais), gave that the organization that got the speculation produces ten new openings in the two years after the venture made, for each assigned outsider. In this interaction, the introduction of a Speculation Plan isn't needed. Notwithstanding, the unfamiliar trade contract isn't permitted, being vital the Electronic Direct Unfamiliar Interest in Brazil - National Bank. If you are looking for successful Immigration Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, please contact us.

Inheritance Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte
Over the years, the family as a legal concept has been one of the organisms that has suffered the most changes, precisely because of the natural mutability of man.
Our Probate Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte guarantees a constant and long-term follow-up to deal with issues related to multiple family relationships, the rights of minors, parental responsibilities and the provisions of last will. Paying special attention to the conduct of divorce and legal separation proceedings, the regulation of parental responsibilities, the sharing of the couple's common assets, the drafting of the respective agreements and the negotiation with a view to their review, adoption processes, inventory and its processing in the Notary and Judicial Courts. For a consultation with one of our dedicated Estate Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, please, contact us.

Particular expense guidance for people, public or unfamiliar, pointing, notwithstanding the satisfaction of the assessment commitments forced on the occupant and non-inhabitant in the country, the installment of the most reduced taxation rate (charges, commitments, expenses), utilizing our Tax Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte  mastery in the work, everything being equal assets conceded by the enactment in power to secure its resources, give a legitimate economy in the installment of assessments, just as the recuperation of resources on account of expenses unduly paid.
Our Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Tax Attorneys advises on Estimation of duty on pay got abroad or in Brazil, by inhabitants or non-occupants in the country;
Regularization of expense obligation;
Enrollment regularization of the CPF;
Solicitation for discount or remuneration of assessment overpaid or unduly paid;
Counsel on consistence with adornment charge commitments
Singular Income Tax Return
Last Declaration of Estate
Affirmation of Brazilian Capitals Abroad - BACEN
Correspondence from the Country
Authoritative Exit Statement
Estimation of capital increases on the offer of merchandise and rights;
Personal Tax Exemption for People with Serious Illness;
Estimation of the Mortgage and Donation Transmission Tax;
Authoritative Exit Planning from Brazil
Duty Planning for Individuals;
Safeguard in charge abandonments and documenting of expense claims;
Regulatory safeguard of notice of infraction, term charge notices and notice of dispatch
Exhortation on charge examination measures.
Expense LAW
Do you have any inquiries? Seek tax advice from our Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Tax Lawyers immediately.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte presents a vast experience of intervention and sponsorship in criminal and administrative offenses, accompanying his clients in the different areas of Criminal Law, both as offended and as defendants, namely in crimes against people (offense physical integrity, domestic violence, defamation, injury), against property (theft, theft, damage), against life in society (counterfeiting), drug trafficking, economic and financial crime, tax crimes (fraud, abuse of trust) , intervening in tax and social security breaches, breaches of the securities and capital markets, breaches of competition and advertising activity, labor breaches, environmental breaches and breaches of the intellectual property. If you are seeking criminal advice, please contact our Criminal Attorneys in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte immediately, we also advise and defend people involved in traffic dealer, our Criminal Lawyers in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte has a lot of experience and developed successful tactics for defense.


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