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Our Teresina, Piaui Lawyers comprehends your business. Since 2003 establishing his brand from Rio de Janeiro for the whole country, Alves Jacob Law Firm operates in a very specific space in the legal market. In this model of providing legal services, clients find differentiated, comprehensive service (even outside traditional hours) and high professional quality.
Our Teresina, Piaui Lawyers works elaborating and delivering through the judicial and extrajudicial performance of the contracted lawyers (petitions, opinions, consultations, among others) are developed in a dedicated, personalized and strictly grounded manner.
However, the services offered do not become inaccessible to the general public. Artisanal advocacy is opposed to mass advocacy, but it does not pose itself as elite advocacy. The suggested legal fees are proportional to those practiced in the market, however, with the enormous advantages described above.
Our Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui objectives the practice of Advocacy, comprising the representation of clients in any Judicial or Administrative patht, as well as consultancy, courses, seminars and lectures.
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Our Teresina, Piaui Business Lawyers advises on commercial law (dissolution of the company, rendering of accounts, annulment of corporate resolutions, disputes involving commercial contracts, bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy); Civil Law (real estate matters, collection in general, that is, executions, monitory actions, search and seizure, deposit actions, common actions, precautionary measures, writ of mandamus). Our Business Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui includes: Examination and discussion of corporate structures, with recommendations for changes; Development of fusion strategies; Spin-off or incorporation; Debate, including judicial, of situations resulting from general meetings; Assistance in negotiations for the purchase / sale of shareholdings; Conclusion of consortia or protocols; Shareholder agreements; Analysis and elaboration of the document referring to the succession of natural persons and organization of the succession of control of legal entities; Incorporation and changes of companies; Assistance in meetings, general assemblies and before public bodies of any degree; Other matters related to corporate contracting. For a consultation with one of our dedicated Business Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui, please, contact us.


Real estate law is one of the fastest growing branches of law in Brazil, even in difficult scenarios for the economy in general, such as during the recession that the country is still going through.
Even in the face of these difficulties, transactions involving real estate are carried out daily, and real estate law serves to guide these transactions.
Our Real Estate Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui advises that Real estate law is that branch of law that defines the rules on ownership, lease, condominium, adverse possession and property ownership.

Within real estate law the most important concepts are:
• Real estate;
• Registration;
• Promise to buy and sell;
• Option to buy and sell;
• Private instrument of purchase and sale;
• Due diligence;
• Deed.
Real estate Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui practice areas:
Real estate law can be used in several areas that go beyond just intermediating a business relationship of buying and selling a property.
Below are the main areas of practice of real estate law.
Buy and selling of properties
Real estate law area where the real estate lawyer can participate in the entire process, such as:
• In the analysis of all documentation of the property;
• Analysis of financing contracts;
• Promise to buy and sell;
• Advice to the buying and selling parties;
• Deed of purchase and sale of the property;
• Property registration.
Property registration

Even with all the legal provisions valid in Brazil, there is a large number of commercial and residential properties in an irregular situation, and real estate law, in the figure of the real estate lawyer, has the necessary mechanisms to regularize all the documentation of these properties before the competent bodies.
Condominium relations.

Our Real Estate lawyers in Teresina, Piaui can act in different ways in the condominium relations, exercising his work and applying the concepts of real estate law through consulting services, writing and alteration of internal regulations and conventions.
Our Real Estate Attorneys Teresina, Piaui can also provide advice at condominium meetings, as well as advises in cases of problems of any kind.
With the increasing number of condominiums launched daily throughout Brazil, the role of the real estate lawyer specializing in condominium relations is becoming increasingly important.
The Real Estate Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui are qualified to advise both landlord and tenant in the contractual relationship, and can act in both parts of the negotiation.
Our Teresina, Piaui lawyers can be responsible for drafting the contract, observing all the legal aspects necessary for the document to be fair and within the terms of the Law.
The lessee's representative, in turn, must analyze all the documentation provided by the lessor, so that excesses are not being committed, in order to ensure that the contractual relationship is fair for both parties.
The Teresina, Piaui real estate attorney can also provide legal advice on subsequent inquiries about clauses, collection, eviction and other actions relating to the rental of real estate.
Real estate developments
The real estate development is a fundamental part of the construction process of buildings of all types, being the initial stage of the project that aims to carry out and promote the construction of buildings that contain autonomous units.
It is in the real estate development stage that the project for the construction and promotion of a building is formalized before the law,
Every real estate development process needs to follow several requirements in order to have its records released, thus being able to proceed with the construction, prospecting and sales phase.
Real estate sales
Many customers see it as very advantageous to buy a property still on the plan, either for housing or even for investment, but sometimes the business may prove to be less interesting than imagined, for several reasons.
In such cases, it is common for the customer to want to give up the business, and this process is often nebulous and generates many doubts and uncertainties among buyers.
Making this cancellation is possible, but it is a process that requires a qualified analysis from a real estate lawyer, who can verify and make clear the predictions about withdrawal, as well as the amounts that may or may not be reimbursed to the buyer, provided for in the contract. The role of the lawyer in real estate law
Transactions involving real estate, whether in the purchase and sale, lease, condominium management or any other that may occur, normally involve considerable financial amounts, and any error can represent major losses and legal problems for those involved.
The real estate Teresina, Piaui lawyer is the professional who has the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to guide his clients on all legal issues that may be involved in a real estate transaction.

If you are looking for successful Real Estate Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui, please contact us.

The legal discussion that contains legal norms that contemplate the organization, structuring and protection of the family. This involves the relationships between its members, and as a result, the obligations and rights arising from family life, whether through bonds of affection or blood. As examples of this, it is possible to mention the dissolution of relationships, sharing of assets, stable union and custody of children.

Our Family Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui preserves the true essence of defending the rights of its constituents, while remaining faithful to the close, open and strictly personal relationship with its clients.

Family law is the branch of law that contains legal rules related to the structure, organization and protection of the family. Branch that deals with family relationships and the obligations and rights arising from those relationships, that is, it is the branch of law that regulates and establishes the norms of family coexistence.

Among the principles of Family Law, our Teresina, Piaui Family Lawyers find family solidarity, plurality of families, constitutional protection of homo-affective, single-parent, reconstructed families, equality between men and women, family planning and parental responsibility.

Our Teresina, Piaui Family Attorneys act decisively in proposing and monitoring family law actions such as marriage, stable union, same-sex union, single-parent family, among others, adopting specific segmented procedures to ensure the efficiency and agility that characterize the services provided by the office. If you are looking for successful Real Estate Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui, please contact us.


Our Immigration Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui realizes that individuals come to Brazil during distressing and alarming occasions in their lives. You place a lot of trust in your lawyer which is the reason our group is focused on serving you with respectability and sympathy.

Our firm gives a place of refuge to you to inform us concerning your circumstance. Regardless of whether you are worried about your immigration status or a settler who has been blamed for a wrongdoing, our Teresina, Piaui Immigration Lawyers can assist. Our Immigration in Teresina, Piaui Attorneys promises to stay energetic and steady in our customer backing. We help families and people going through troublesome immigration measures discover alleviation through our administrations. Our Immigration Attorneys inTeresina, Piaui have more than 20 years of involvement and a group loaded with information in the accompanying sorts of migration administrations:

•           Brazilian Citizenship and Naturalization 

•           Spouse and Child Visa

•           And other migration administrations accessible
Our Immigration Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui put forth an attempt to consider new ideas and create bleeding edge systems.

Se habla Español.

•           Integrity

Our uprightness is the way in to an effective Lawyer Customer relationship. We are focused on continually serving your wellbeing with uprightness and regard.

•           Honesty

Our Citizenship Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui comprehend that customers need to trust in their lawyer. We endeavor to procure your trust by being straightforward and legitimate with our lawful exhortation and proposed arrangements.

•           Commitment

Our obligation to our customers won't ever falter. We endeavor to consistently give our customers proficient administrations and the best lawful arrangements accessible.

•           Mission

We are here to help worker families live the Pursuit of happiness. We do this by offering serious Expenses and Installments Plans intended to assist you with managing the cost of our administrations.


It is a space of Civil Law, in which the rules seek to regulate the transfer and division of assets as a result of death, contemplated by law or will, through judicial and extrajudicial inventories, as well as inheritance advances. Our Probate Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui includes the advance preparation of this measure, through succession planning, which seeks to formalize the forecast of the destination of assets, before the death occurs.

Our Teresina, Piaui Succession Lawyers takes care of the transfer of assets, rights and obligations as a result of death. The legislation governing inheritance law in the country is complex. Our Teresina, Piaui Estate Attorneys also advises right of succession for homosexuals, the right of succession of the cohabiting person in a stable union, or even the right of succession in the regimes of mandatory separation of assets or consensual separation of assets, our Teresina, Piaui Succession Attorneys will obtain an answer that however judicious and technically correct, it will be insufficient to bring legal certainty or certainty to ordinary people. This is because the law does not have sufficient and necessary clarity capable of bringing to the interpreter the certainty of its application. The term succession in a generic way means the legal act by which a person replaces another in his rights and obligations, which may be a consequence of both a relationship between living people and the death of someone. The Law, therefore, admits two forms of succession: inter vivo and causa mortis. Succession cannot be confused with inheritance. The first is the act of someone substituting someone else's rights and obligations, due to death, while inheritance is the set of rights and obligations that are transmitted, by virtue of death, to a person or several people, who survived the decease.
Therefore, if you feel that your right is being harmed, please contact us, make an appointment and our Teresina, Piaui Succession lawyer will carefully analyze your case and guide you in the best possible way, thus guaranteeing your rights and preventing abuse.

Our Tax Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui advises on procedural and legal guidance; Preparation and elaboration of collective and individual actions aiming at the declaration of unconstitutionality, impugnation, return of Federal, State and Municipal taxes and contributions; Elaboration of actions and minutes; Follow-up in 1st and 2nd instances and Superior Courts; Distribution and follow-up of court orders. News of amendments to tax legislation; Reduced information on amendments to tax legislation; our Teresina, Piaui Tax Lawyers Detail information on amending acts of the tax legislation; Our Tax Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui Guides on financial and economic aspects arising from the fiscal / tax part; Legal guidance on legislative, regulatory and fiscal acts; Procedural guidance for the tax side; Preparation of formal consultations with tax authorities; Direct or indirect assistance in tax assessments; Our Teresina, Piaui Tax Attorneys Guide and / or elaborate defenses of infraction notices (administrative part).
CRIMINAL LAWYERS IN TERESINA, PIAUI                                                               

For our Criminal Lawyers in Teresina, Piaui, protecting the accused is a noble way of protecting the integrity of our criminal justice system and preserving the meaning and value of our constitution. For this reason, our Criminal Attorneys in Teresina, Piaui puts their heart and soul into every case, and fights tirelessly for each of our clients, no matter how blatant the accusations or intimidating in the process. In that spirit, our Teresina, Piaui Criminal Lawyers carefully evaluates all cases and explores and litigates all possible defenses. Our Teresina, Piaui Criminal Attorneys strategy - which leads to favorable resolutions - is to educate the prosecutor about the nuances and complexities involved in a case, as well as any and all weaknesses in the prosecution's description. 
Being able to start working at the Police Station, it is up to the lawyer, with the client, to outline the best strategy since the beginning of the process.
In the appellate phase, it is up to the criminal lawyer to take to the Superior Courts the theses presented by the defendant in the first degree, both to absolve him and to fight for the reduction of the penalty applied. Here, much of the experience of the criminal lawyer is required, who needs time to be able to produce an appeal that is likely to be known and provided. In addition, it is possible for the lawyer to go to the Court and talk to the judges who will participate in the judgment of the appeal, being able to address all the peculiarities of the specific case.
The role of the criminal lawyer in the execution of the sentence is extremely important, especially so that there is no abuse by the State In our day to day, we follow absurd situations, where we see people serving time even though it is over. It is common to see defendants having already fulfilled all the requirements to progress in the regime, however, given the slowness of the Judiciary and the lack of full monitoring by an experienced criminal lawyer, they end up being forgotten and serving time beyond what they should. of arrest in the act, provisional release, relaxation / revocation of preventive detention and habeas corpus. Everyone knows habeas corpus, but it is not the only request for freedom that can be made by the criminal lawyer in the pursuit of his client's freedom. Each case is different. Usual, the client or family member arrives at the office after reading an article on the internet or after having talked to an acquaintance who has gone through a similar situation. It is necessary that there is transparency and honesty on the part of the criminal lawyer with the situation brought up, mainly so as not to create a false expectation to the client.


Bail is a right that the accused has, with a payment being made for him to be released and to be able to await his trial and sentence in freedom. The amount to be paid as bail varies according to each individual and the crime for which he is being accused.


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