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In order to provide an excellent legal service in the different areas of law, to enable the realization of innovative and personalized solutions, our Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina adopts the trinomial scientific knowledge, organization and results as its work philosophy.

For this reason, it invests, primarily, in its team and in its functional and technological structure, based on the systematic realization of general and sectorial training, and investments in scientific training, in addition to the creation and development of routines and exclusive software.

Our Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina has extensive facilities and a team of trained professionals, ready to provide quality legal services in different economic segments and varied legal needs.


Any and all companies need legal advice. Over time, managers need a business lawyer and legal assistance of different natures, for example:

Labor - to organize the hiring of employees and make defenses in labor lawsuits;
Tax - to help the payment of taxes be carried out correctly, and sized, in addition to guaranteeing actions for the reimbursement of amounts unduly paid, or to make defenses in lawsuits against the tax authorities;
Management - ensure legal certainty in business and investment planning;
Corporate - assists entrepreneurs to organize and solve problems in the relationships between partners and in society's obligations.
Consumer - to ensure safe consumer relationships, which minimize the risks of consumer actions and indemnities.
Contractual - to assist the company in resolving issues related to commercial contracts, financing, service provision, and any type of business.
Our Business Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina. Few are those who do not go through some bad time when they are surprised by legal problems in the company

In the eagerness to set up a business, or with the objective of saving, many entrepreneurs end up forgetting or not adopting a very important element: the legal area. Leaving to seek assistance from a corporate lawyer only when the problem is already formed can result in a huge loss for the company and a lot of headache for the administrators. Generally, attorney's fees for dealing with urgent situations are higher, and there are still costs that lawsuits can generate.

Before opening a business, be sure to find a Joinville, Santa Catarina business lawyer who is trustworthy and who can provide you with an advisory service. With less investment and prior assistance, your company will tend to carry out all stages of operation more safely, with reduced risks and costs.

Our Business Attorneys in Joinville, Santa Catarina drafts social contract that is the main document of the company, which regulates the relationship between the partners, the obligations, duties and rights, and the acts of management of the company. If well built, it preserves society from innumerable problems, and becomes a tool for conflict resolution and partner preservation.

Our Corporate Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina can assist in the discussion and elaboration of the clauses of the social contract between the partners, so that it is tailored to the needs of the partners and the company, anticipating critical points and resolving issues in advance. The lack of care with the drafting of the contract, and the adoption of ready models can cause major headaches in the future and put the good relationship and conviviality between the partners to be lost.

A social contract adapted to the company, the needs of the partners and the socioeconomic and legal reality, leads to the security and smooth functioning of the company.

Trademark misuse
Another common legal mistake is to use or register your company's trademark without having done a thorough search beforehand, or else the lack of registration of the trademark.

In some cases, your company may have created and used the brand for years, made a heavy investment in promoting the brand and in the end ended up losing the rights over it for not having registered with the INPI. It is extremely important to talk to our Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Business Lawyers about brand rights.

The trademark will only be yours after registration with the INPI. Without it, possible problems will arise, such as the lack of ownership and right over the brand, the lack of value for the market, confusion with third parties who will be able to take advantage of your brand, register it and prevent its use, in addition to the risk of even even losing all the amount that was invested in the promotion and creation of the brand.

Employee Outsourcing
In the labor area, some mistakes made by companies can become the financial ruin of society. It is natural nowadays to outsource labor, because it ends up being a cheaper way of performing the service for the contractor. Many people believe that outsourcing excludes labor risks, but this is not true. Feel free to contact our Joinville, Santa Catarina Business Lawyers to assist your Business.


Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Real Estate Lawyers advises on Real estate business consultancy and drafting of purchase and sale contracts, barter, payment action, constitution of mortgages, residential, commercial leases, for season, lending and others;
Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Real Estate Attorneys advises, drafting and reviewing deeds and contracts related to the purchase, sale and rental of real estate;
Performance with the Registry and Real Estate Notarial Services and other public bodies, in order to regularize real estate transactions and obtain, rectify or cancel registrations and annotations;
There are several situations that can involve property rights. Buying or selling property, leasing, financing your own home, relationships with neighbors, legal obstacles, problems in bad faith of consumers or companies, brokerage services, etc.

Our Real Estate Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina specialized in real estate law will also be able to provide services to companies in the industry to solve bureaucracies with public agencies through legal advice. By relying on legal advice on real estate law, it is possible to identify and resolve issues such as:

Abusive Clauses;
Possible Frauds;
Collection of Taxes and Undue Fees;
Best Negotiation Practices;
Solutions to Neighborhood Relationship Problems;
Property Registration;
Property Delay and Delivery Whether After Construction or Lease;
Problems Related to Condominium;
Problems Related to the Purchase, Sale and Lease of Urban or Rural Properties.
Please do not hesitate to contact our Joinville, Santa Catarina Real Estate Lawyers when you buy or sell a property, we are familiar with all matters related to Real Estate.


Succession Law is the branch of law that regulates the transfer of someone's assets, after his death, to the heir, by virtue of the law or will.

Although the law provides rules on how a person's succession will occur, that person's will is not always represented by the content of the legal text, and its modification through a will.

In Brazil, unlike other countries, we do not have the habit of talking about death and planning for such a situation, which is a mistake, leading the family to go through major problems related to Succession Law.

Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Family Lawyers have extensive experience in Succession Law, Family Law with excellence in counseling for parental alienation, shared custody, divorces with a strong focus on child custody and family life.

Practice Areas of Succession Law Lawyer

Law and Succession Planning

Parental Alienation Lawyers, Shared Guard, Family and Succession Direct and Shared Guard. We seek to solve our clients' problems with minimal emotional cost, collaborating for the reconstruction of the family.
Our Family Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina has extensive knowledge to act in the most diverse cases in family law.


Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Immigration Lawyers will probably guarantee that you and your family can easily advance through the family-based migration measure with assurances and strong direction concerning ongoing changes in immigration law. For people, we give help work visas, family petitions, marriage and life partner visas, financial backer visas, refuge, removal protection and citizenship. To accomplish your migration objectives, Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Immigration Attorneys use the most recent case the board innovation and online applications to permit our customers the chance to get to data concerning the situation with their case whenever, anyplace on the planet. As needs be, Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Immigration Lawyers are regularly ready to smooth out the immigration interaction and keep up our obligation to offer incredible support to our customers.

Business Based Migration

Our Immigration Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina fills in as advice to the two managers and representatives in getting ready and handling work based confirmations and approvals for work through both non-worker impermanent work visas just as business based lasting residency for experts.


 The sign of our prosperity is our obligation to give our venture visa customers the quality helps every one of our customers appropriately anticipates. In the course of the most recent decade, our Immigration Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina has documented many fruitful applications for Immigration.


We help individuals all through Brazil apply Citizenship. Contingent upon the conditions, naturalization can be a very confounded interaction that may require the consideration of an accomplished Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina migration legal advisor. Our Joinville, Santa Catarina immigration lawyers much of the time help people with the naturalization cycle from the beginning just as those that have been denied a solicitation for citizenship to bid the choice of the Immigration officials. 

Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Immigration Lawyers give answers for your migration law needs. We focus our training on all types of immigration law. We've encountered numerous long periods of achievement in any event, when fronted with the absolute most complex migration cases. We're effectively available, and we keep our customers constantly informed on the status concerning their cases. We comprehend migration law and strategy, and we utilize the best methodology on each customer's objective. Our relationship begins with a straightforward call. Try not to stand by any more. Call our Joinville, Santa Catarina Immigration Attorneys now.


If you think that the large number of options makes the life of those who want to work in the area difficult, imagine that of those who need to hire a lawyer and are faced with this large number of different professionals. With so many options, it is normal and even expected that there will be some doubt and confusion as to which type of lawyer is best able to help us in times of need. The answer to such a question varies, changing according to the need of the person seeking legal assistance, with a large portion of the problems, however, being the responsibility of a civil lawyer.

As its name suggests, a civil lawyer is a professional who specializes in civil law, and is therefore responsible for regulating the relationship between people who are in a balanced situation with regard to civil position, acting in a consultative manner, preventive action and in the solution of diverse conflicts. This type of lawyer will work to defend the right of people and / or companies that need legal assistance, either to prevent or solve a problem.

It is customary to seek the assistance of a civil lawyer in several types of different situations, with this type of professional being indicated to resolve issues such as formulating contracts for the purchase, sale and assignment of properties, resolving inheritance barriers, or helping consumers to obtain a good indemnity with a company that has wronged you, for example. Other examples of activities that can be performed by our Joinville, Santa Catarina Civil lawyers are:

a) Collection Actions;
b) Eviction Actions;
c) Adoption & Guardianship;
d) Purchase & Sale Agreement;
e) Moral Damage;
f) Indemnities;
g) Negotiation of Precatories;
h) Credit recovery;
I) Renegotiation of Contracts;
j) Wills and Inventories.

In order for someone to act as a civil lawyer, they must, first of all, have graduated in law and obtained their license by taking the OAB exam. When starting to work, the professional must adhere to a strict code of ethics and base his actions on the Civil Code, 2002, the main legislation when the subject is the regulation of relations between people of a physical and legal order.

If you believe that you need a civil lawyer but are still not sure that this will be the ideal solution to your problems, do not be afraid to seek professional help by contacting a suitable law firm, who will give you a sincere opinion. regarding the best solution for your situation without worrying if it will bring you fees or not. with Our Lawyers in Joinville, Santa Catarina are extremely qualified professionals, who work in the main areas of law and who will be able to give you all the support you need to find out, once and for all, whether or not you need a civil lawyer - and, if a civil lawyer is not the best solution for you, don't worry, our eclectic team of professionals will refer you to the best type of lawyer possible. If you need Civil Attorneys in Joinville, Santa Catarina, please contact us.

Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Tax Attorney are specialists in Tax Law, with experience in cases involving national and international companies.
Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Tax Lawyers have expertise in adopting tax strategies, estate planning, tax credit recovery, tax auditing, litigation and tax consultancy.
Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Tax Attorneys are experienced and have worked at large tax law firms in the country, we are ready to receive our customers and provide the best Tax and Fiscal advice.


Tax Consulting
Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Tax Attorneys provides deep analysis of tax opportunities with an emphasis on reducing the tax burden, filing of lawsuits and interposition of defenses in tax discussions at the administrative and judicial levels.
Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Tax Attorney advises on Income Tax Declaration – IRPF. Analysis of IRPF deductible expenses, and submission of the declaration, with the necessary information to the Federal Revenue Service.
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Tax Planning
Development of tax strategies to provide a better use of resources spent on paying taxes.
know more
Recovery of Tax Credits
Analysis and request for restitution and / or compensation of taxes unduly charged by the Public Administration
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Taxation of Bitcoin and other Crypto
Analysis of transactions involving bitcoin and other crypto, as well as the declaration of assets in the Income Tax.

It is very common for people to confuse the role of a criminal defense lawyer, and end up evaluating his performance as beneficial to crime. The truth, however, is that the performance of a criminal defense lawyer is an essential role for the correct functioning of the judiciary, preventing injustices from occurring.

Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Criminal Attorneys believes that acting ethically and competently in all our cases is a fundamental value in law, as it allows us to seek the best result for clients, without compromising the validity of this decision.

Understand what a criminal defense lawyer can do for your client, what the limits are, and how you can identify a wrong action by an office, avoiding professionals who leave your range of action, in case it is necessary to hire the service:

Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Criminal Lawyers communicates with the customer, whenever necessary. Part of the attorney's basic prerogatives is the possibility of unrestricted communication with his client. This means that no matter where he is imprisoned, or the punishment he is suffering at any given time, a lawyer and client can meet within the place of detention to be able to talk about their legal situation.

There is a common confusion in this type of situation, about which Our Criminal Lawyers in Joinville have heard several reports. Sometimes family and friends think that criminal defense lawyers are "stealing" the visiting hours available, and end up creating a completely unnecessary conflict.

The performance of the lawyer does not depend on visiting hours, and does not interfere with family visits. Communicating with the client is not considered a visit, but an exercise of the necessary rights for the progress of justice.

Professional secrecy
This is another topic on criminal defense that recurrently appears among the questions referred here to our Criminal Attorneys in Joinville, Santa Catarina: how does professional secrecy work?

It is a protection for the client and the lawyer, as it ensures that both can freely discuss all aspects of criminal defense, without the fear that this information will become publicly known in the future.

Protection of professional secrecy is part of Human Rights. Not only can a lawyer not tell what was discussed in confidence with his client, but the court cannot question the lawyer about the information discussed with this client.

Prohibition of the transmission of messages and information that favor illegality

Another very common mistake is to think that the criminal defense attorney becomes a proxy for all the activities of the person being accused. The professional's performance must be full with regard to the defense of the individual, but it cannot go beyond this area.

A good lawyer cannot get involved in any illegal activities, even if it is just to convey a message, or to favor that certain evidence be modified.

Prohibition to transport illicit instruments to the client
Another question that has recently sparked controversy about criminal defense lawyers is the issue of transporting instruments - such as cell phones - to jailed clients. This is not only prohibited, but makes the lawyer part of a crime, leaving his professional practice.

The difference between a good lawyer and a lawyer without ethical limits.

A good lawyer does everything the law allows. A lawyer without ethical limits ceases to act within his profession, becoming a criminal. Our Joinville, Santa Catarina Criminal Attorneys understand that it is always advantageous for the client to have a good lawyer, who respects him and respects his profession.

By opting for a lawyer without ethical limits, a client puts the very outcome of his case at risk. In addition, he opts for someone who simply does not have a professional attitude, possibly able to carry out other illegal actions that harm those he should defend.

Therefore, our recommendation is always to seek lawyers who act in accordance with the ethical principles expected of the profession for a criminal defense. Any promises of benefits in a performance outside this standard cannot be guaranteed, and it still puts your client's freedom at risk.



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